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When it comes time to find a new go-to torrent tracker, there are many factors that must be taken into account. Not only do you want to make sure that your default site for downloading the best free indie movie, indie TV, indie music, indie game, open-source software, indie eBooks, and indie anime torrents is easy to use, well-designed, and versatile … you also want to make sure that it is as safe and effective as can be as well. There are so many torrent trackers out there today to choose from, so, finding the perfect torrent site for you should not be as difficult as it sometimes is!

Which is precisely why I have made Torrent Sites – to help as many people as possible in their quest of finding the best torrent trackers for their every need. With so many sites on the web and such little time on our hands, going through each and every site one by one on your own may just not be an option. Who needs that stress, am I right? That is why I have taken the time to do it for you. Every torrent site worth mentioning is featured here on my ever-growing list of the best torrent sites you can hope to find. Simply read through my comprehensive reviews of every site that catches your eye and, in no time, I trust that you will be able to become a torrenting expert!

How to find the best torrent trackers – As I mentioned a moment ago, there are a few factors to take into account while evaluating just about any torrent site. And perhaps most important in that list of categories against which we are able to weigh the success of a site is safety. Let’s face it … torrenting does not exactly have a reputation for being the safest or most secure way of downloading files on the internet (even if it is, no doubt, the most effective). In fact, many people that I have spoken with over the years have told me that they avoid torrenting at all costs, due to perceived issues of cyber security threats.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand this concern. It is a valid one. However, as is often the case when you do anything online, torrenting is as safe as you make it. In other words, so long as you take the appropriate precautions, you never have to worry about torrenting leading to viruses, privacy breaches, or any other form of malevolence. These safeguarding measures take place before you ever download a torrent, and they take the form of various types of software you should acquire, as well as what sites you rely on.

Which is why it is so important that you find a credible, dependable, and safe torrent tracker to start with. It is true, some torrent sites do not take any precautionary measures whatsoever to ensure that you are able to download safely and securely. The best torrent sites, on the other hand, have at least 2 main systems in place for guaranteeing that you can download torrents in peace.

Verified torrents – The first thing that you should look for in a safe torrent site is a high density of verified torrents. When a torrent tracker offers verified torrents, that means that someone – be it a bot or a person – has gone through the contents of the torrent file in question and verified that A.) the file contains everything it says it will, and B.) none of the files in question or corrupted or contain malware. When you see a green check mark next to your torrent file’s name, you can then go ahead and download it without worries.

Comments and community – Another way that torrent trackers can help make us feel more secure when it comes to knowing what we’re downloading is to enable comments on each and every torrent file the site hosts. With a comments section, if a user does have the misfortune of downloading a torrent that contains a virus, they can alert other users of this issue. I have avoided many a corrupted torrent file thanks to the helpful community of peers on my torrent tracker of choice.

Comments, though, are also helpful beyond just safeguarding against corrupted files. This is also a great way to communicate with your fellow peers, thank your uploaders, and ask for seeds. Plus, if you are ever downloading a particularly tricky to install file, such as a large piece of open-source software for instance, the comments sections will be a godsend. Ask questions if you hit a roadblock or learn from the resolved issues that others have had. Every torrent tracker, in my opinion, should offer a comments section for each individual torrent.

01 Torrent – Now that we have gone through all of the ways to access and download torrents safely and effectively, let’s take a look at one of the newer torrent trackers on the web. I’ve noticed that there is a huge divide between the layout and usability of older torrent trackers and newer ones. The newer ones tend to look more, well, modern. And, although they may not always have large and thriving online communities like the old-school ones likely do, it can’t hurt to get in on the ground floor because one day, these new age torrent sites will grow.


01 Torrent has a sleek and minimalist design to it. Which is refreshing to see in a torrent tracker. Oftentimes, these sites tend to be overly cluttered and data heavy. But 01 Torrent relies a little more on icons, images, and negative space, which is a welcomed change.

Home page – The first thing that catches my eye when I visit 01 Torrent is the carousal of indie movie posters sliding across the top of the page. As I said, torrent sites are not often responsive like this, so this is pretty cool. Above that, though, you will find an easy to navigate site menu bar, slenderly spanning the very top of the page. Here, you can quickly browse all of the site’s content by category.

Inner pages – The torrent info pages on this site are very sparse. They offer only a thumbnail image, some very basic content info (plot summary, explanation, etc.), and the file specs. Other than that, all you will find is a list of related torrents to browse. This is very minimal compared to other sites that sometimes will offer links to reviews, trailers, IMDb ratings, comments, in-browser streaming, etc.

Content and Features

Speaking of comments, I was disappointed to see that comments are notably missing from 01 Torrent. This is unfortunate from a community perspective. However, if you are comfortable, as far as safety is concerned, with just having verified torrents, you are in luck. 01 Torrent does have plenty of verified torrents. In fact, the majority of the torrents featured on this site have been verified, so that is great news.

Other than that, though, this site is fairly straightforward. It allows you to download free indie content. But that is about all that it allows you to do.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

01 Torrent is very mobile friendly. The site is completely optimized and reformatted when you access it on your phone or tablet. So, for those of you who prefer to torrent on the go, 01 Torrent is definitely a solid choice.

What’s more, this site appears to be a rare ad-free torrent tracker!


Likes & Hates:
Neat, minimalistic site design
Verified torrents
Mobile friendly
No ads
No comments/community features