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There is a little-known site called Audiobook Bay that might just have the solution to your free indie audiobook problem. Audiobook Bay is a huge source of free indie audiobooks, from a ton of different genres. All you have to do to start enjoying their free indie books today is visit the site and begin downloading to your heart’s content!


Speaking of Audiobook Bay’s unassuming and unique nature, I think that the fact that Audiobook Bay does not look like most other torrent search engines is a definite strength. After all, torrent sites are not generally known for stellar or experiential design. Far too many torrent search engines tend to privilege data and functionality over aesthetics and an interactive user experience. So, it is refreshing to see a torrent site that at least puts a little effort into their appearance.

Home Page – Audiobook Bay has something of an online store look to it, ironically enough. When you land on the site’s home page, you will immediately be greeted by featured free indie audiobooks, cover and all. These will cascade down the center of the page, in a thin lined procession. At the top of the page, you will find a quick link site menu bar – this one is just for the larger touchstone items; there is a much more detailed way to browse the site’s catalog coming up – which is where you can access the following pages of the site: Login, Request, or Forum.

The left-hand side of the page is dedicated to a thorough and convenient means of browsing audiobooks. Check out what Audiobook Bay has to offer by Age (Children, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, and – in a twist of humor – The Undead). Next, you’ll find Category; here you can choose from things like (Post) Apocalyptic, Action, Adventure, Detective, Crime, Sci-Fi, Horror, Westerns, etc. … Audiobook Bay has a little bit of everything.

You can also browse the site by “Category Modifiers,” such as Anthology, Bestsellers, Classic, Documentary, Full Cast, Libertarian, Military, Novel, and Short Story. Scrolling down further, you can enter the site by filtering for language or Hot Search terms. Audiobook Bay could not have made browsing their huge library any easier.

Taking a quick trip to the right-hand side of the page, sandwiched between a few marginalia ads, you will find Recent indie Audiobook uploads, as well as the Most Popular files. Audiobook Bay makes it convenient for you to find what it is that you are looking for, whether it is a specific free indie title or if you want to peruse and find something new.

Audiobook Torrent Pages – Each free indie audiobook, of course, comes complete with its own informational torrent page. This is where you will download your free indie audiobook, read the synopsis, access all torrent spec and data info, and leave or read comments. This is the one part of the site’s design that I think needs the most work. Information is just a bit cluttered and text heavy. There are long strings of tracker info and hash info, for instance, that I think could have been more subtly presented. This page does, however, offer a sample, which is very helpful.

Content and Features

So, here’s the thing: Audiobook Bay is somehow both extremely versatile in its offerings and pretty myopic. They do offer a great deal of genres (as I outlined earlier), but this site is definitely skewed towards one kind of book most significantly.

Romance Abounds on Audiobook Bay – Fans of romance books will definitely find much to love here. For other readers, you may be better off continuing your search. For a better idea of the most popular offerings on Audiobook Bay, see the list below:

-Seduction of Combat

-Bad Daddy

-New York’s Finest

-Jungle Heat

That being said, erotica and romance is not the only thing that Audiobook Bay will be good for. You will also have some luck finding some paperback fantasy books, horror, adventure, etc. And if you find that you aren’t crazy about Audiobook Bay’s offerings, simply put in a request form and you might just get the free indie book you’re looking for, in due time.

Torrent Features – As far as actual torrent features are concerned, though, this site could stand to be improved. Although I appreciate the fact that Audiobook Bay does not look like a typical torrent tracker, this also comes with a few shortcomings. For instance, there is no way to view the numbers of seeders or leechers on a given audiobook torrent – which is much less than ideal for a torrent site.

This means, of course, that you won’t be able to anticipate the health of a given torrent before you begin downloading it, which will potentially leave you with extremely slow downloads; or, worse, downloads that will never finish. For all of the other torrent info supplied on Audiobook Bay, you’d think that this would be a crucial inclusion.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

I am happy to report that Audiobook Bay is extremely mobile friendly. In fact, I think that the mobile site, in a rare turn of events, might actually be better than the desktop one. Instead of stacking menus on either side of the audiobook offerings, on the mobile site, you can quickly and easily scroll through nearly full-page selections of audiobook options, uninterrupted.

Those lengthy and helpful menus have not disappeared on the mobile site either. They exist as a dropdown hamburger menu that you can collapse in the right-hand corner of the page. Each category, too, can be expanded and dismissed as you go. It is, overall, one of the most intuitive mobile experiences that I have ever seen from a torrent site such as this one.

Of course, there is no app for Audiobook Bay. I mean, a torrent search engine seldom has an app (if ever). This would always be preferable to a mobile site, sure … But with a mobile site this good, I’m not entirely sure that you’d need one.

Suggestions that I have for Audiobook Bay

In addition to maybe cleaning up some of the inner pages, decluttering them, and adding all of the necessary torrent info (seeders and leechers), my main complaint with Audiobook Bay is the fact that there is no in-site way to stream audiobooks as well. This would be ideal for those of us who may not wish to download the full free indie audiobook. I do like that they give you a sample, but it would be great if you could also listen to full free indie audiobooks on the website itself.


If you are looking for a dependable resource for free indie audiobook torrents – particularly if you love books in the Romance and Erotica genres – Audiobook Bay is a good candidate. I love how mobile-friendly the site is (start listening on your phone today), and the fact that the site has a refreshing look and feel, though it is a little hurt by its somewhat limited scope of titles, no seeder info, and lack of on-site media player. This is not necessarily the place to go for the latest bestsellers with star-studded casts, but it is definitely a reliable torrent search engine for free indie audiobooks, nonetheless.

Likes & Hates:
Plenty of free indie audiobooks
No registration required
Fresh design for a torrent site
Sample before you download
Mobile friendly
No seed/leecher info
Somewhat limited scope of free indie audiobooks
No in-browser media player