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Torrent sites, though on the shadier end, are means of content distribution used by millions of people around the world. There are plenty of people who want content on their devices, and they don’t want to spend a single dollar for it. And this easy availability of content via torrenting sites is the very reason for its popularity. Millions of visitors visit these sites each month and there are potentially dozens of torrenting sites that are amongst the world’s top 10,000 sites. Off the top of your head, you probably already know Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrent. However, there’s another site called AwesomeHD which is trying to make its way into the conversation.

Is AwesomeHD a popular torrent site?

AwesomeHD is one of the most revered torrent sites because of its exclusivity. It’s an invitation-only website which you can access only after getting the invite. In terms of sheer numbers, it might be amongst the top 1000 torrent sites in the world, however, it’s not as huge as the likes of ‘TorrentDownloads’, ‘Zooqle’, ‘Tamil Rockers’, ‘RuTracker’, ‘Rutor’, ‘TorrentWal’, ‘Etoland’, ‘Dytt8’, and ‘Fitgirl Repacks’. That’s mainly because it’s not public and not everybody can access the website unless they are willing to sign-up and hunt for code.

Is AwesomeHD safe?

Firstly, for a torrent site to be safe for browsing, it needs to have an SSL certificate, which AwesomeHD does. Secondly, you can check the Alexa ranking for the site to understand how active the website is. As per those rankings, AwesomeHD sits at 197,800 which makes it amongst the top 200,000 websites in the world, not shabby, eh? AwesomeHD has overcome all the fierce competition and has grown rapidly and in no time has become a recognized entertainment torrent site.

What should you expect from the AwesomeHD?

Exclusive Features – AwesomeHD does provide its private members with unique offerings. There’s a bonus point system that you can exchange. You can have an exclusive custom title and user class promotion using your points. While I like many things about this platform, I do want to share that with these features, comes a certain amount of risk. Why? Because AwesomeHD is notorious for banning members. And that can be problematic especially when you’re trying to be an integral part of the project.

Multiple Genres – AwesomeHD provides users a plethora of genres to choose from. The list of the genres exceeds what you’d usually find on a streaming site. These include action, adventure, animation, arthouse, biography, camp, comedy, crime, cult, experimental, exploitation, family, fantasy, film noir, martial arts, performance, philosophy, sci-fi, musical, mystery, war, silent, sport, war, and western amongst many others. You can actually choose a movie by adding the search term and tags or you can trim the results down by using genres.

Custom Requests – Requests are an integral part of a private torrent community. Herein, every member can request a title by filling up a form. In order to request a movie, you need to add Search terms, add tags, choose between ‘Movies’, ‘TV Shows’, or ‘Audio Track’. Finally, you can choose ‘Encode Status’, ‘AHD Internal Release’, ‘Remux’, and ‘Media’.

AwesomeHD in numbers

AwesomeHD has approximately 9500 users. Out of these, 9,370 are enabled users and about 35.11% of them are active every week. More than 54.87% i.e. 5,141 members are active every month. They have more than 37,000 torrents which feature over 13,500 movie titles. The total size of content available on this torrent site is 563 TB and about 72.19% of the requests are filled. As to why their downloading speed is so cool, it’s because they have over 2 million snatches, 506 leechers, and about 268,000 seeders. AwesomeHD maintains an excellent Seeder/Leecher ratio of about 530.29.

How to access AwesomeHD?

You can access AwesomeHD by searching for the term ‘AwesomeHD’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link: AwesomeHD. Remember, there are various extensions of the website and thus using the link is the easiest way of finding the website.

Before you access AwesomeHD, it’s important for you to know that protecting your IP and your device should be your priority. Most of the time when you engage in illegal content downloading, your IP can be tracked by your ISP and the local authorities. In order to avoid any trouble, it’s important that you stream anonymously when you’re accessing such platforms. That’s the reason why I recommend you use a VPN. Using a VPN will help protect your data and your identity not just from hackers but regulatory authorities as well.


Awesome HD though it has a clean design is nowhere near what Anime Kaizoku or HorribleSubs has to offer. The white and gray color combination looks weak and appears to be a decade old. Having said that, the user functionality is great and browsing and navigation are a treat across the website. There is a dense header section followed by numerous search bars and ‘Recently Added’ content.

Header – In the header section of the website, you’ll find options such as ‘Home’, ‘Collages’, ‘Forums’, ‘Top 10’, ‘Wiki’, ‘Reviews’, ‘Torrents’, ‘Requests’, ‘IRC’, ‘Rules’, and Staff. Towards the right, you’ll find additional options such as ‘Inbox’, ‘Uploads’, ‘Subscriptions’, ‘Friends’, ‘RSS Feeds’, ‘Staff inbox’, ‘Bookmarks’, ‘Comments’, and ‘AIMG’. Under these options, you’ll find numerous search bars – ‘Torrents’, ‘Person’, ‘Requests’, ‘Forums’, and ‘Users’.

Inner Pages – The inner pages are filled with content covering important details. For instance, if you want to check the 2020 Academy Award Winners Freeleech, you’ll find content related to the movies that won the Oscars this year. Using the link, you’ll be able to download each and every movie that received recognition. And that’s the beauty of it. The mods have simplified the process of finding movies by making them part of an all-inclusive blog.


AwesomeHD has no dearth of content on its platform. If you read the stats above, you know how packed this torrent website is! It has over 13,500 movie titles that account for 563 TB of data. Thus, it’s easy to suggest that there’s so much content on this website that you could spend a couple of hours of your entire life watching movies and won’t run out of titles. Not only do you get quality, but you also get it in HD resolution.

The community members involved in encoding are dedicated to their craft. Most of the content is encoded for HD (1080p BluRay) with lossless audio. AwesomeHD calls these releases as ‘Internal Releases’. Each day, you’ll find 5 new content being added to the list alongside a plethora of usual content. Quite recently many internal groups left the platform – OISTiLe, Positive, Penumbra, and SHeNTo. On the contrary, HDB joined the group.

Desktop/Mobile experience

Commendable tracker – AwesomeHD also referred to as AHD is a popular private tracker in the torrent community. It is revered for providing the best TV shows and movie content in HD quality. The quality that you get on this platform is next to none. It has excellent torrents that are specifically encoded for AHD keeping the quality in mind. The site has in-house encoders that ensure that only the best experience is delivered to its community.

Great Download speed – Not only does AwesomeHD offer a great template and an easy to navigate theme, but it also backs the form with amazing functionality. The download speed that you get on the torrent is nothing short of exceptional. On most of the torrents, you’d easily be able to hit your mx dls. That’s primarily because there are many seedboxes. By clicking on “Request Reseed’’, you can get seeders on content that wasn’t up to the mark.

Suggestions I have for AwesomeHD

I might invoke the wrath of many AwesomeHD lovers, but it’s true that this platform, albeit private, lacks the visual appeal. It isn’t the best in terms of aesthetics, and if the mods are reading this review, I’d suggest they work on the graphics because the end-result doesn’t feel like an ‘invite-only’ portal at all.


AwesomeHD is a great torrent site for users wanting to download their favorite movies and TV series in HD quality. It may not have the best aesthetics but it sure offers a smooth browsing and navigation experience. Moreover, it’s filled with an extensive content library and thus it’s highly unlikely that you’d not find the latest titles on this platform.

Likes & Hates:
Gargantuan Content Library
Amazing Download Speed
User-friendly interface
Website design is substandard