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What is your favorite video game? Perhaps you play mostly sports games, like Madden, NBA 2K, or FIFA games. Maybe you are more into RPGs like Kingdom Come, Atlas, or Valkyrie Chronicles. Or maybe you just like a good old-fashioned action game, such as Far Cry, Devil May Cry, or anything from the Tom Clancy series. No matter what kind of game you prefer to play, you need a gaming torrent site that will cater to your preferences.

This is the number one thing to consider when weighing your gaming torrent site options. I only list the best of the best gaming torrent sites here; however, that doesn’t mean that every single site on this list is going to be the best site for you. The sites listed here are, no doubt, all great. Some, though, are better for horror games. Others are better for first-person shooters. Others, still, specialize in Xbox and PlayStation games as opposed to PC games.

Based on the kind of gamer that you are, as you read through each of my reviews of the best video game torrent sites, the genres available and the gaming systems that are catered to are probably going to be the most crucial aspects to take into account. If you only play Xbox, for instance, there is a good chance that Cracked Torrent may not be the video game torrent site for you.

Cracked Torrent: a must-have for PC gamers – However, if you like to play PC games, there is going to be so much for you to love on this gaming torrent site. Not only does Cracked Torrent offers thousands upon thousands of the best and most popular games (as well as some of the more obscure ones too), this site makes your life as a lover of gaming torrents as easy as possible. As the name of the site suggests, all of the gaming torrents on this site come pre cracked.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, if you have ever downloaded a video game torrent or a software torrent in the past, then you may be familiar with the concept of “cracking.” Essentially, when it comes to expensive software and games, there is a process that must be followed so as to gain access to the download once you have it. It is the software and gaming industry’s way of trying to prevent their products from being pirated. That is why each copy of each game and software comes with an activation code and a serial code.

Why is it so valuable to have a cracked torrent? – Cracking is the process of bypassing these measures, of generating unique serial codes that will work to activate the software or video game in question. On some gaming torrent sites, the burden is put upon the downloader’s shoulders. The best gaming torrent sites, of course, will make sure that their torrents come complete with instructions and small standalone apps that help guide you along the cracking process. However, it can be a rather daunting process – especially for those of us who are not quite as technically savvy as others.

Which is why it is so refreshing to come across a site like Cracked Torrent, where all of the torrents come cracked and ready to play. This way, all you have to do is install the torrent, install the game, and get ready for hours of fun. Even though I am fairly proficient when it comes to cracking and activating torrented software and games, it is definitely far from the most enjoyable part of downloading a video game torrent.

Simplicity is key – The best gaming torrent sites, in my opinion, make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Cracked Torrent does just that, which is why it 100% deserves its spot on my list of the best gaming torrent sites on the web.

Simplifying the torrenting process, though, is not the only feature of Cracked Torrent that puts it at the top of my list of gaming torrent sites. It also offers an unparalleled torrent site design, some very helpful features, and a solid community of fellow users and moderators. When it comes time to download PC game torrents, Cracked Torrent is a site that everyone should know about.


As I just mentioned, the design of Cracked Torrent is exemplary. Those of you who have a lot of torrenting experience may be well aware of the fact that torrent sites (particularly, for some reason, private torrent trackers) are very hit or miss when it comes to site design.

It seems as if it is hard for site designers to think outside of the traditional table style torrent search presentation. You know the one – think The Pirate Bay – where you just have a list of torrents with all relevant data presented beside it in a table. It’s a classic look, sure, and it is effective (efficient), but I think that we can all agree on one thing: it is certainly not the most aesthetically pleasing option … especially in this day and age of highly intuitive and user-friendly site design.

I like that Cracked Torrent boldly steps outside of the typical torrent site design. Honestly, the presentation of this gaming torrent site looks more like Steam than it does The Pirate Bay or a typical torrent tracker. It is sleek, modern, clean, user-friendly, responsive, immersive, and enjoyable to use – all rare commodities in the gaming torrent world.

As soon as you land on the site’s home page, this exceptional design should be abundantly clear. You will be greeted by a slim site menu bar at the very top of the page. Below that, your immersive browsing experience begins. With high-resolution thumbnails stacked on top of one another, you are immediately transported to a massive wall of gaming torrents. Hover your curser over a game of choice to see the site’s responsive design; the thumbnail tilts askew, goes opaque, and some torrent info takes over in the foreground of the thumbnail.

The site menu bar makes the site easy to navigate and browse for precisely what you are looking for as well. Your options are few, but you are given all that you need. Place your cursor over Genres to access a dropdown list, click Chat to access the Discord page, or follow up with a How it Works page if you need a little guidance. Then, of course, there is the search bar that expands to take over the entire page when you click it ( a fun little design quirk, in my opinion).

Content and Features

When you click on a game’s thumbnail, you will be brought to its torrent info page. Here, I am happy to report, you will find a ton of additional media and info on the game. Check the system requirements, read the official game description, or even choose to purchase the game from a trusted seller (if you so desire).

You will also find associated videos. More often than not, the torrent info page features the trailer for the game … sometimes it even comes with a video tutorial. It is stuff like this that elevates Cracked Torrent from being merely a gaming torrent site, to bordering on being a gaming database, market, and community as well.

The greatest feature, though, has to be the pre cracked nature of the games and software that are available here. This lets you know that the site is run by professionals, by fellow gamers who are as serious about the lifestyle as you are. This is reassuring, even though the site does not offer many of the safety nets of your usual torrent site.

Typically, a gaming torrent site like this would come with more torrent specific features. For one thing, there are no verified torrents (which might make an experienced P2P file sharer roll his eyes). There is also not a comments section for each torrent. Lastly, which is the only thing that really bugs me about Cracked Torrent is the fact that there is no torrent health info provided. No seed or leech numbers are available prior to download.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Although you likely won’t be downloading PC games to your mobile device, I am happy to report that the site is very well optimized for mobile browsing, nonetheless. Just because you won’t download directly to your phone doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to browse remotely, right? Cracked Torrent offers a great mobile site.

Suggestions that I have for Cracked Torrent

I want to see more torrent info. I need to know the health of a torrent before I download, at least. Also, comments would help so much should I ever run into issues with these pre cracked games for some reason. Discord, for me, doesn’t cut it.

Likes & Hates:
Thousands of awesome PC games and software
All games and software come pre cracked
Amazing site design
Mobile friendly
No seed or leech info
No verified torrents
No comments sections (but there is a Discord)