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Living in the age of technology comes with a great number of perks that our ancestors couldn’t use. Just remember playing Age of Empires and seeing how the people lived in those ages. They didn’t know about the people who were living on an island next to theirs unless they sent a scout to search the area. Today, using the internet, you can see what a total stranger is doing on the other side of the world.


Of course, human civilization is keen on adapting to any kind of situation. We have quickly accepted the internet and the industrial revolution as the things that are the best for humanity. Today, everyone is using the internet and we know how to get the best out of it. More so when it comes to the entertainment industry.


We all love going to the cinema to watch a movie or to a DVD store and purchase our favorite video game. However, if you do everything by the book, it can prove to be extremely pricey at times. No one can have that much money to buy everything that they want. Of course, we are speaking of middle-class people.


What can they do when a video game is out and they want to play it but they don’t want to pay $50.00 to buy it? Well, they can torrent download it. Everyone who knows the internet is familiar with the piracy that is going on. You can download everything that you want for free and no one can tell you to do otherwise.


Is Torrenting Legal?

Well, the people who are downloading stuff for free on the internet are not called “pirates” for nothing. Pirates were thugs and lowlifes who roamed the seas in search of wealthy ships to plunder. Therefore, they robbed and killed people for money. The internet pirates are nowhere near as gory and brutal as that.


As a matter of fact, torrenting is not a prohibited action in most parts of the world. You are free to visit any torrent site and download any entertainment issue that you want – music, movies, video games, etc. Still, this is definitely not good for the industry. Imagine if everyone paid for the things they want instead of downloading them for free. That would be a prosperous life for the entertainment industry.


Today, many people visit the best torrent search engines to find the next movie to watch, TV series to enjoy, or video game to play. This is a familiar action and it is simply frowned upon. Still, the internet police are always searching for ways to find these sites and lock them down. Luckily, they haven’t been successful as much.


Do I Need A VPN To Download Torrents?

As you already know, a VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It serves one purpose – to hide what you are doing on the internet. It does so by hiding your IP address and connecting you to an outside server. So, you can be sitting in Prague, Czech Republic, and be connected to the server in Los Angeles, USA. Therefore, no one will track your internet actions to your IP address.


As we have pointed out, torrenting is not really a crime. Yes, there were cases where people had to pay incredible amounts of money because they downloaded so many movies or video games, but that is a really rare occasion. Still, if you feel sweating in your pants from this thought, getting a VPN is probably a good idea.


There are loads of VPN services to be found. Most of them need you to pay for their services and to become a premium member, but you can find a handful of free ones that will help you out. Once you get a good VPN connection, you can start exploring one of the best torrent metasearch engines out there – CrudeThought. Let’s see what is so special about it.


Is CrudeThought Really The Best Metasearch Engine On The Planet?

CrudeThought is a torrent site, or better said, it is a torrent metasearch engine. It has a bold statement on its header – “Best Torrent Metasearch Engine On The Planet To Download Movies, Games, Software”.


When a website says this about itself, it raises a lot of questions. For example, where is the proof to support that claim? There are numerous torrent sites and torrent metasearch engines out there. What makes CrudeThought the best one?


Well, for the time we spent on this site, it does a pretty good job of finding you the best content. Like on any other torrent-oriented site, you can search for movies, TV series, video games, and any other media unit that you think of. You will get a list of torrents that you can download. Usually, you see the list of the torrent files you can download and you can choose which one to use.


Of course, there is a fine line between real torrent sites like ThePirateBay and torrent metasearch engines. Let’s see what the difference is.


What Is A Torrent Metasearch Engine?

Well, CrudeThought explains this with a very simple explanation: “we do not store any files”. It is written on the homepage of this site and it should explain what this site is about. It is a shortcut to the best torrents on other torrent sites. But also, there is a fine line here because you can actually download torrents from CrudeThought as well. Therefore, what is the real difference?


Metasearch engines gather data from other search engines and create their own lists of references. Therefore, if you search for a torrent file on this site, you will get all the outside results from other torrent sites. This is pretty useful because you would have to search every other site individually. On CrudeThought, you get all the torrent site searches in one.


For example, you can search for the newest Hitman game. You will see the list of results, I got five torrent files to choose from. Now, from the looks of it, the list doesn’t tell you where the torrent file is coming from until you click on it. Some of them were from ThePirateBay, others from 1337x, and some from Torrentz. Therefore, all the torrent sites were searched and you got the results right there on CrudeThought.


Can I See The Number of Seeders And Leechers On CrudeThought?

Using the torrent sites is really diverse and they have created their own terminology. For example, if you are an already experienced torrent file downloader, you know the terms like seeder and leecher. But, if you are new to this game, you might need some explanations.


A seeder is any computer that has the entire file already downloaded and stored on the network. A leecher is a computer that is still downloading the file but is actively there in the network. In order to get the fastest download speed, you should always choose the torrent files with the biggest numbers in these two stats.


On CrudeThought, when you initiate the search, you cannot see the number of seeders and leechers at once. You can only see the file size and the date of its addition to the search engine. However, when you click on the desired link, you will see where it is coming from and the number of seeders and leechers on the side. Therefore, it is easy to pick the best ones for the fastest download speed.


Can I Search Different Categories On This Site?

Most torrent sites are famous because they offer a fantastic number of torrent files for the newest (and oldest) movies, video games, and TV series. Still, they are popular among internet pirates because they can usually offer different categories of files. If you visit ThePirateBay, you will be able to search videos, music, games, comics, audiobooks, and many other categories with a single click of a mouse. Also, there are usually top lists of the best torrents in each category.


With CrudeThought, unfortunately, there are no options like that. All you can do is type in what you want to download and just see where it can be found. There are no categories, no top lists, and nothing other than a single search bar on the homepage. That is why a site like this is called a metasearch engine. It does the search for you.


Final Thoughts On CrudeThought

Isn’t it just lovely when someone else does all the work for you? Like in college when you get a group task and there is always that one kid that does the entire task by himself. Well, this is the same deal with CrudeThought, one of the best torrent metasearch engines you will find around. It will do all the dirty work for you by searching all the renowned torrenting sites for the content you need.


You will get to download the best and your most favorite games, movies, TV series, and software just by searching for it on CrudeThought. You don’t need to create an account and it is completely free, just like on any other torrent site out there. With one click of a button, you will get all the best torrent files from the best sites like ThePirateBay or 1337x. Enjoy this site and get entertained for free!

Likes & Hates:
All torrent sites in one
Search-generated content
Tons of movies, games, and software to download
Links to the best torrent sites like ThePirateBay
The number of seeders and leechers is available
Fast download speed
Entertainment for free
No categories
No top-lists of the best torrents