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When it comes time to find a new go-to site for free indie music torrents, finding the right one can be a rather daunting task. Think about just how many different free indie music torrent sites there are out there, not to mention the wide variety of different kinds of torrent sites that there are to choose from. How are you supposed to be able to figure out which site is best for downloading free indie music torrents? Short of visiting every single one and going about it the old-fashioned trial and error way, all you can really do is use the big-name sites that you are familiar with, right?

Wrong. I have put in hours and hours of work to put together this list of the best free indie music torrent sites so that you wouldn’t have to. The old-fashioned trial and error method? That’s the one that I used … I combed through every free indie music torrent site on the web, bringing back only the best of the best. Of these sites, the best free indie music torrent sites, I went one step further, too, and ranked and reviewed each one. I truly hope that you find this resource helpful on your never-ending search for free indie music.

That being said, it is worth nothing that just because a certain music torrent site has a higher rating than another on my list, that does not necessarily mean that it is always going to be better, 100% of the time. It is important to remember that, when it comes to downloading free indie music, the key is less about finding one site to rely on for all searches and more about becoming familiar with several sites and then strategically choosing the site that is most likely to have a fast and easy download of whatever kind of free indie content it is that you are looking for.

Searching for torrents strategically – Some free indie music torrent sites, for example, specialize in hip hop. Others cater to metal heads. Others still cast a wider net.

The best way to get an impression of whether one music site is going to be more up your alley (or if you should pocket it and keep it in mind for later when you are looking for something a little different) is to read through these reviews. I have taken the trouble to give the most objective, honest, and in-depth glimpse of each of the torrent sites here, all of which have already passed a preliminary quality test. If you bookmark this site and return to it whenever you are ready to start downloading torrents, I guarantee you will have a much higher success rate in torrenting music.

Does Music Torrent have what it takes to be your new favorite torrent site? – All that said, let us turn our attentions to the site that we will be looking at today, the sparsely and conveniently named, Music Torrent. More specifically, This one is a public torrent tracker that does not limit itself all too much as far as musical genres are concerned. However, there is certainly, I think, a certain leaning (which I will expand upon a little later). What I mean, though, is that Music Torrent does not cater to specifically just one genre, as Metal Tracker does with, well, metal.

Without further ado, let us dive in and take a look at what Music Torrent has to offer, in what cases it might be useful, and whether it deserves to be added to your list of favorite torrent sites, shall we?


There is nothing immediately impressive or offensive to me about the site design of Music Torrent. They seem to have opted for a bit of a minimalistic approach, which I can appreciate. However, I cannot tell for sure whether this sense of minimalism is the result of crafty site design, or the result of incompetence. Really, it could go either way.

That being said, I suppose I can’t count it too much against Music Torrent if I can hardly tell the difference, right? It is actually not the aesthetic that I take issue with when it comes to this site. My main gripe comes from the navigational structure; or, more aptly put, the lack thereof.

There is no easy or convenient way to browse or search torrents here. At the top of the home page, you will find a smattering of genres. You can, of course, click on any of these and then browse torrents in a very general sense, by genre. However, there are no options for further filtering torrents beyond that.

You cannot, for instance, rearrange files by release date, alphabetical order, popularity, file size, etc. It’s just whatever order the torrents happen to appear in (which I can only assume is by most recently uploaded? … it is hard to say, as it is not indicated). Music Torrent certainly doesn’t make it easy to find the album you want to download.

Maybe you’re thinking, ‘Oh, well, that’s not a big deal … you can just search for whatever indie artist or free indie album you’re looking for.’ In most cases, you would be right for thinking that. Unfortunately, when it comes to Music Torrent, you would be wrong in making that assumption. Music Torrent does not even have so much as a search bar. Can you believe that? From a design standpoint, I have no idea what the people behind this one had in mind.

Content and Features

As you would assume, Music Torrent is a sizeable resource of free indie music torrents. There is no signup, login, or registration required. It is a public torrent tracker that does not cost a cent to use, nor does it come with any limitations to number of downloads, uploads, etc. In that regard, Music Torrent is one of the more straightforward and uncomplicated free indie music torrent trackers on the web. That, I can certainly appreciate.

As far as types of music featured here, it is a pretty eclectic mix. You’ll find rock, hip hop, metal, pop, EDM, reggaeton, classical, hardcore, ska, R & B, blues, jazz, and folk. As far as umbrella genres, it doesn’t seem as if anything is missing. Oh, except for country (I’m certainly not missing that one, though, personally). Music Torrent should draw in a pretty motley crew of music fans.

Unfortunately, I have no way to know this for sure. There is a glaring lack of community features here. There are no verified torrents, no user profiles, no native commenting system (there are comments enabled on torrents, but they are through Disqus and, thus, not very active).

I think my biggest gripe, though, with Music Torrent is the fact that there is no way to see a torrent file’s seeder to leech ratio. How am I supposed to be able to tell whether a certain file is worth torrenting if I cannot know this ratio ahead of time? This gives the site a bit of a “what you see is what you get” feel, which is not ideal, in my opinion, when it comes to downloading torrents – I want options and the ability to make an informed download.

Additionally, there are no verified torrents, no magnet links … not much, really, beyond the ability to download torrents. Maybe you are not as high maintenance as I am when it comes to downloading torrents … if that is the case, Music Torrent may still be an appealing option. However, I would love to see this site step its game up in the coming months.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

To Music Torrent’s credit, though, they do have a decently optimized mobile site. This makes downloading free indie music torrents on the go as easy and convenient as it should be. The format of the site changes to perfectly fit your phone’s screen, making for an effortless mobile torrenting experience. This is precisely how it should be.

An app, of course, would be nice … but I will settle for Music Torrent’s well optimized mobile site for now.

Likes & Hates:
Wide variety of free indie music torrents
Mobile friendly
Inadequate browsing features
No search engine
No user features
Inactive community