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Although you may have never even heard of O Torrent before, that doesn’t mean that it does not deserve your attention. It may not be one of the big name torrent trackers, but it should definitely be on your radar, nonetheless. This is a public torrent tracker with a great deal of potential. Besides, any torrent expert will tell you that there is truly no such thing as having too many torrent sites to rely on.

Each torrent file hunt is unique. You never can tell whether any given torrent tracker is going to have every file you ever want 100% of the time. In fact, let me be blunt with you: even the biggest torrent trackers are going to let you down every once in a while. Say, for instance, you are looking for a particularly obscure free Spanish indie film, and you have looked on all of your usual resources to no avail. Well, the next step for you would be to narrow down your list of trackers to a site that specializes in that kind of content. Allow me to elaborate…

Torrent Smartly – The more torrent trackers that you are familiar with, the better. You should customize your torrent search to whatever the file is that you are looking for. As I mentioned before, if you can’t find that free indie film from Spain, have you tried a specifically Spanish torrent tracker? You are likely to have better luck because the community of peers on a Spanish torrent site is much more likely to have heard of this obscure free Spanish indie film than, say, a torrent tracker in Norway. You have to use the right site for each job.

The same thing is true, of course, when it comes to content types. Some torrent trackers have communities that are much more knowledgeable when it comes to certain content. For instance, there are torrent sites that specialize in just free indie movies, just free indie music, just free indie games, etc. If you can’t find a certain file anywhere else, it may be worth checking out one of these sites.

The only problem here, though, is that these sorts of sites tend to be very exclusive and closed off. They are, more often than not, all private torrent trackers. Which means that, in order to use the site, you either have to receive a private registration link from a current member who is in good standing, or you have to wait around for a rare open registration window. Plus, even if you do get accepted into one of these close knit communities, you will often have to maintain a certain level of performance, meeting upload and seeding quotas, etc.

What, then, should I look for in the best public torrent sites? – The good news is that, in many cases, you do not need to resort to a private torrent tracker. There are, of course, plenty of public torrent sites out there. In fact, some might say that there are too many (hence why I have made this site to help you easily and conveniently sift through them all). What, though, do we hope to see when we evaluate a given torrent site? Well, there are a few things that each torrent site should offer, in order to make it onto any list of the best torrent trackers of 2020…

Firstly, your torrent site of choice should offer user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and responsive site design. Nobody wants to come back to a site that is annoyingly difficult to navigate or looks like garbage. Plus, torrent sites, since they contain a great deal of data and so many files, need to be well-organized.

Secondly, you want a torrent tracker that has plenty of user features and a community of active peers. A torrent site, after all, is only as good as its community. If users are not uploading or seeding files at high enough numbers, you will not be able to find what you are looking for; and if you do, chances are download speeds will be too slow to be worth the trouble. These are not the only criteria by which we will judge torrent trackers, but they are the places that we will start as we take a look at O Torrents today.


Wow. I must say, I am very impressed from the moment that I land on O Torrents. I can’t remember the last time that I have seen a torrent tracker that looks this nice. The designers have actually put in the work, and they have figured out how to create a site that both contains tons of data (torrent files) and visually pleasant, easy to navigate design. I cannot stress how rare this is in the world of torrent site design.

Home page – You will be greeted by a sleek smokey gray and bold green theme, that is both eye-catching and refreshingly different. The layout, too, is fresh and uncommon. Instead of the standard right-angle heavy banner, site menu, index layout that you have seen a million times on just about every other torrent tracker on the web, O Torrent mixes it up.

There is a very sparse deconstructed site menu at the top of the page, letting you choose from Home, Explore, or Contact. Below that, you will find more separated boxes that give the site a minimalistic and modern feel. A series of three green boxes: 1.) a welcome message; 2.) quick instructions on how to download; and 3.) a quick browse menu containing Movies, Games, Apps, and Series.

O Torrents just keeps getting more impressive the further down the page you move, too. Next up, you’ll find a handy advanced search. This doesn’t take up too much page space, either, as these functions often do. The advanced search here is slender and neat. You have your standard search bar, with 4 modifiers to the right of it. Type in your keywords, then select the Type, Genre, Rating, Year, and Order By options. And, just like that, you can instantly find precisely the file you want.

Finally, you will find the featured torrents. I want to point this out as well because, instead of the usual table style indexing of torrent files, O Torrents offers up medium sized thumbnails of each featured file. Hover your cursor for an average user rating as well.

Inner pages – The design of O Torrents only continues to impress the further into the site we travel. Each torrent info page, for instance, is incredibly visual and experiential. Everything that should be media based (as opposed to text based) is, and each torrent comes with tons of extra info and cool surprises. Here, you can find screenshots, trailers, summaries, credit info, and all relevant torrent file info as well – all presented in a dynamic and visually interesting way.

My only complaint here? The fact that there are no comments. With a comments section on each torrent, this website would be complete.

Content and Features

As I just said, O Torrent does not have any comments. It also does not have verified torrents. Which is a bummer. Users should be able to feel as secure as possible when downloading files. The lack of comments also make it impossible to ask for help from an uploader when it comes to installing trickier torrents like software and games.

Lots of free indie content, site is growing – That being said, O Torrent offers plenty of torrents from just about every content type you could require. It doesn’t appear as if O Torrents has erotica, however, making it a good choice for family a friendly torrent tracker. Don’t worry, though, there is certainly no shortage of torrent trackers out there that do offer adult content if that is what you are looking for (I have a whole list of them…)

O Torrents also assures its users that it will be offering more free indie video game and open-source software torrents soon. So, if you are looking to get in on a new torrent site at the ground level, now is the time to check out O Torrent – it appears as if it has a lot of potential to grow into becoming one of the best torrent trackers of 2020 (and beyond).

Mobile and Desktop Experience

This site does have one fatal flaw, though. The ads are some of the most obnoxious that I have ever seen – on any kind of site, torrent tracker or otherwise. Every single click on the site triggers a popup. It is far too annoying for me to justify putting this in my list of go-to sites. Which is a shame, too, because this site has so much potential!

That being said, if O Torrents ceases to use such tricky and cheap hidden ads, the mobile site would be just as great as the desktop site, from a design standpoint. Please, O Torrents, please consider chilling out with the ads.

Likes & Hates:
Great site design
Tons of torrent and content info/trailers/screenshots
Mobile friendly
Obnoxious ads ruin the site
No verified torrents
No comments
No community features