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Most of the people in today’s time prefer streaming content instead of watching it via cable tv or satellite networks. However, this wasn’t the case a couple of years ago. Recently between 2013-2017, torrent software became extremely popular, which allowed users to download and watch the free indie content they desired on their device without having to visit any third-party website.

The easy-to-use functionality made it hot among users and people were high on torrent software.

What’s the difference between the torrent app and a torrent client?

Usually, you’d find a torrent link on a torrent site and then open it via UTorrent or any other torrent client. With Popcorn time, you no longer need to do so as the app does it for you. Millions of people around the world wanted a simplified process wherein an app can act as a client. And with various Torrent APKS, that was made possible. The process is pretty similar to downloading the torrent file via torrent client, but instead of using an additional media player, you get to search, download, and watch content from within the app.

History of Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time – a multi-platform free software BitTorrent client started its journey in 2011/12. Though the launch date is not perfectly clear, the year 2013 is touted as the best year for the app.

Is Popcorn Time Safe?

Popcorn Time is just a website/APK similar to any other torrent or streaming software. Firstly, in order to access the free indie content on the website, you’ll need to sign-up for their internal VPN service. It’s only after you sign-up that you’ll be able to access any free indie movie or free indie TV show. On the contrary, there are no ads and thus the risk of adware is not much.

Popcorn Time in numbers

Popcorn Time was at its peak in 2013/14. However, it has lost its momentum in recent times. Nonetheless, it still manages to draw huge numbers. It draws more than 3 million visitors per month. An average session on this site lasts for 3.37 minutes with an average page/visit being 1.75. Other than that, a testimony of a decent user experience lies in its respectable bounce rate which sits at 51.42%. The major reason why the avg visit is no longer than 3 minutes is that it’s just a landing page and not a full-blown online torrent platform.

As far as Popcorn Time’s popularity in 2020 goes, it is ranked at #13,700 which makes it amongst the top 14,000 websites on the internet.

How to access Popcorn Time?

You can access Popcorn Time by searching for the term ‘Popcorn Time’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link: Popcorn Time.


The developers have maintained the brand guidelines not just on the website but also on the app. The blue/black color combination with white text looks cool even in today’s time. The design doesn’t feel outdated and the app is quite straight-forward. There are two options – Movies & TV Shows on the left, and a full-screen option on the right. At the center, you have the entire hero section filled with thumbnails related to the content category.

You’ve to choose between ‘Movies’ or ‘TV Shows’. For instance, if you click on TV shows, you’ll find a drop-down menu with a complete list of genre including ‘Action’, ‘Adventure’, ‘Animation’, ‘Biography’, ‘Comedy’, ‘Crime’, ‘Documentary’, ‘Family’, ‘Fantasy’, ‘History’, ‘Horror’, ‘Music’, ‘Musical’, ‘Mystery’, ‘Romance’, ‘Sci-Fi’, ‘Sport’, ‘Thriller’, ‘War’, and ‘Western’.

Inner Pages – By clicking on any option on the homepage, you’ll be directed towards an inner page. Herein, you will find detailed information about the content you have selected. If it’s a free indie movie, you’ll find cast details along with movie ratings. If it’s a free indie TV series, you’ll find a list of all the seasons and a short summary.

Free Indie Content – Popcorn Time has a massive free indie content library filled with all the latest free indie movies and TV shows.

Desktop/Mobile experience

Once you’ve downloaded the app and opted for Popcorn Time’s in-house VPN, you’ll be able to watch the latest free indie movies and TV shows without any discrepancies.


Popcorn Time was a free app. However, it’s no longer free. You’ll need to subscribe to its VPN before you access the content. Nonetheless, the platform does deliver promising content and hassle-free streaming. It’s so popular that Vice in one of its articles called the service ‘Legendary’.

Likes & Hates:
Massive Free Indie Content Library
Ad-free streaming
Amazing User-interface
HD streaming
Hassle-free Content Download
Free Indie Content might not appear quickly
Subscribing to in-house VPN is mandatory