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 Could you survive without free indie music? Really give that some thought … If you are anything like me, you listen to free indie music constantly. Life requires a soundtrack. Okay, sure, I could survive without it, but life would be so dull, so silent and bland. Music has the power to take the black and white monotony of everyday life and give it motion, unpredictability, color.

Music is frequently referred to as the universal language – a title that the artform has, no doubt, earned time and time again. It really gets at something you could call sacred, something that transcends all social divisiveness – it smashes all cultural, linguistic, economic, and racial barriers. It can shed us of all these superficial differences to get at something that is purely human. Since the beginning of mankind, there has not been a single culture in which music did not play a crucial role … whether for artistic or ritualistic means. Rhythm, harmony, melody, vibration, feeling. This is how human consciousness makes itself heard.

If you are anything like me, you constantly have free indie music playing. Whether I am working out, have headphones on at my day job, taking a walk, at a party, or just kicking back alone at home, there is almost always something playing in the background. In fact, even if I am not playing music myself, there is even music in what you might call silence.

There is no escaping it. Even without music as we conceive of it being played through speakers, music can be found, nonetheless. You might hear it in a chirping bird heard from outside of your bedroom window in the morning. It might be heard in the pounding, metal percussion of a construction site. Traffic and the bustle of commuters on a busy city street. The pulsating shuffle of your own heartbeat. Music is everywhere, all the time.

Music, though, is not just a useful companion through everyday life. Nor is it just the sound of life itself. It turns out that it is even more than that. It can, in fact, transcend time and space. Think about what happens when you hear a song from a different time in your life. Have you ever been immediately transported to the past?

Rivaled only by scent, music is one of the most powerful tools of nostalgia. Which, actually, is why music is so frequently used in therapy. Dementia patients, for instance, have been shown to be able to retrieve long lost memories just by hearing a song that meant something to them in the past. If a dementia patient who cannot remember his son, for example, is played a song that he used to sing to his son to lull him to sleep, suddenly the memories rush in.

Music is such an important and potent force of life. Which is why it is crucial to make sure that you can access all of the music that matters to you at all times. And free indie music torrent sites are excellent at helping to ensure that everyone (anyone) can access the free indie music they need whenever they need it.

Which leads us to the real question of the day: which free indie music torrent site is right for you? I mean, there are tons out there to choose from, after all. In fact, one could say that there are too many torrent sites on the web. How are you supposed to know which ones are going to help you find the songs and albums that you love? Well, each site caters to a slightly different demographic – whether it is genre, types of P2P file sharers, levels of exclusivity, etc. The first thing to look for, then, when reading through my reviews on TorrentSites is to see which sites seem to align the most with the kind of downloader and music fan that you are. You are looking for your match.

The site that we will be taking a look at today gives a nod to one of the most iconic television series of a generation: South Park. You can see the influence in Sound Park Club’s name, of course, but also in their logo: a snowman wearing an orange winter hat and scarf. And although the similarities between Sound Park and South Park seem to end there, it’s still a fun reference, and who doesn’t love a website with a solid theme?


 Okay, I see what Sound Park was going for with their site design. I’m not sure that I love it or that it was executed the way that they had envisioned it, but it doesn’t look terrible. If anything, my main gripe with the design would be the fact that it looks a bit dated. It looks like a site that was designed in the early 2000s (when South Park was at its peak popularity) and then it hasn’t had a makeover since.

Aesthetics aside, I like the browsing style of Sound Park Club. Instead of relying too heavily on a search engine (as many other torrent sites have done), Sound Park allows you to browse albums, one by one, offering thumbnails of their covers and all relevant info for each file. This gives it, I think, a more intuitive and user-friendly design than many other similar sites. If you don’t wish to browse music blindly, album by album, Sound Park also allows you to peruse by genre.

This, however, is where the site design starts to fall apart. There are some categories in which nothing is to be found. It’s as if the site was not finished before it launched. However, seeing as the site has been around for over 10 years now, it is also a mystery as to why the site would still be unfinished.

 Content and Features

 You can find all types of free indie music on Sound Park. However, the catalog does appear to be more focused on rock and metal music. These are most frequently the featured free indie albums and collections to be found on the main page.

There are also internet radio stations which you can access on Sound Park, making this both a music streaming and a music torrenting site. Two for the price of one. And when you consider the fact that Sound Park is 100% free, well, you can’t lose, can you? Well, 100% free if you are not counting the somewhat pesky and very distracting ads that are plastered all over the site.

 Mobile and Desktop Experience

 Sound Park is one of those rare torrent sites that, in my opinion, has a better mobile site than it does an actual desktop site. It is very well optimized. To the point, in fact, where it looks as if maybe this site was meant to be a mobile site and the desktop version could have been an afterthought. The browsing on your phone will be even easier and more intuitive, it turns out, then it already is on the desktop site.

So, if you are a big fan of torrenting on the go and you are a huge rock fan or metal head, Sound Park might be just the site you have been waiting for. This site is perfect for quick and easy mobile torrenting.

 Suggestions that I have for Sound Park

 I would like to see Sound Park update their site a little bit. As I said before, it looks a bit dated. It would be great if they could modernize it. Also, please fix it up so that there are no missing sections! Secondly, I wish this site would nix the ads. They are annoying – although I know that for some sites, they are a necessity.

Likes & Hates:
Easy to browse layout
Tons of free indie music torrents
Mobile friendly
Dated site design