is the best list of torrent sites. It will help you download public domain & free indie movies, TV shows, music, open-source software, games (PC, Xbox, PS) and anime. You can find the most popular torrent sites, organized by popularity. Bookmark and share this non-stop updated torrent site.

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Who We Are.

Torrent Sites is a one-stop hub for every who’s interested in knowing where to make error-free and clear downloads. We exist to make your job easier. Having to surf through the internet and click on various torrent links before finding good quality stuff can be overwhelming and onerous. As a result, our platform dedicates itself to rating torrent sites across various categories based on their safety and the quality of the public domain or free indie content they offer.

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What We Do.

Torrent sites provide honest reviews about a host of torrent sites. We don’t offer torrents, rather we dedicate our time to helping you find the best torrent offering sites out there. We curate lists of available torrent sites by giving unbiased ratings and reviews based on quality and safety. While we want to help you gain access to whatever information or download you need, we make sure to base our recommendations not on quality alone but security as well to ease the safety concerns of torrent users.

How We Do It.

Of course, we cannot feature every torrent site on the web. But we certainly do our absolute best to come close. We look to give you credible information on torrent sites (whether good or bad), and that requires us to put certain measures in place. Our defining characteristics of a good torrent site aren’t based on consumer reviews (though that also plays a part), but also rests on the pillars of accessibility, safety and quality.

For every site we recommend, we have visited to make sure that they contain what they claim to have. We are constantly improving so we never rest on our oars in finding new sites that are worth being on our lists. The whole essence of these lists is to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Why We Do It.

Every torrent user has at one time or the other encountered faux torrent links. Imagine the frustration you felt when you clicked on those supposed public domain game or free indie movie download links only to realize they were of poor quality or contained something else. We wouldn’t want other torrent users (new or old) to pass through that discouraging phase of torrenting.

Also, many potential torrent users have safety concerns so our lists are to help you access the best quality public domain & free indie games, videos, movies and open-source applications without compromising the safety of your computer. In listing the best torrent sites in each category and giving you honest reviews about bad ones, we try to phase out torrent sites that are unsafe, riddled with scams, poorly designed, or contain low-quality downloads.