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CineCalidad (not a torrent site)

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Spanish is the world’s third most spoken language. Thus, there’s no denying the fact that there is an enormous amount of demand for free indie Spanish content. What’s unique is that it’s not restricted to one particular geographical location and is scattered around the world much like English. While we know the big guns cater to the English audience, there are plenty who are making truckloads of money catering to the Spanish audience.

What should you expect from the Cinecalidad?

Great user interface: What I like about Cinecalidad the most is that it offers a great user experience. That’s possible mainly due to its amazing interface. Not only is the website ad-free but you can move across the menus without any discrepancy. There’s not a single ad on the homepage or the inner page. No popups or mistimed clicks – a premium experience for absolutely free. Having said that, I would like to point out that this website does redirect you to some spammy pages, but you can easily exit that without any issue.

Interactive Community: Cinecalidad has a decent social presence. It has nearly 7000 followers on Facebook. More than a million people stream content on this site and out of those 30,000 are frequent visitors. If you want to be a part of the community, you can follow their Facebook page which is fairly active.

Sign-up: Unlike other ad-free or community-run streaming sites, Cinecalidad doesn’t require the users to sign-up. Any user around the web can visit the website, stream, and download the content without having to commit to the service. And that makes it unique in my opinion. Even if you were to register, the process is super simple. It won’t take more than 5 minutes for you to become a member of this amazing streaming network.

Cinecalidad in numbers

Cinecalidad draws a large number of users every month. It is amongst the most popular Spanish/Latin streaming websites around the world. More than 1.2 million users visit the website every month. An average session on this site lasts for more than 10 minutes with an average page/visit being 5.75 per visit. Other than that, at just 31.47%, it has one of the lowest bounce rates on a streaming website I’ve seen in a while.

You can check the Alexa ranking for any site to understand their popularity on the internet. As per those rankings, Cinecalidad is ranked #2,100 which makes it amongst the top 2,500 websites on the internet. I’m pretty sure that if it continues to grow at the current rate. It’ll break into the top 2000 club really soon.

How to access Cinecalidad?

You can access Cinecalidad by searching for the term ‘Cinecalidad’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link: Cinecalidad.  Remember, there are various extensions of the website and thus using the link is the easiest way of finding the website and downloading the content.

Before you access Cinecalidad, it’s important for you to know that protecting your IP and your device should be your priority. Most of the time when you engage in illegal content downloading, your IP can be tracked by your ISP and the local authorities. In order to avoid any trouble, it’s important that you stream anonymously when you’re accessing such platforms. That’s the reason why I recommend you use a VPN. Using a VPN will help protect your data and your identity not just from hackers but regulatory authorities as well.


Cinecalidad really stands out in terms of design. The black and teal color combination is not something you see often on a streaming site. The website carries a premium feel with beautifully designed menus and seamless content categorization. Such a simple approach with flat design does make a lot of difference in today’s time.

Instead of different pages and sections, the header section allows you to choose between different genres. You can find ‘Action’, ‘Animation’, ‘Adventure’, ‘War’, ‘Science Fiction’, ‘Comedy’, ‘Crime’, ‘Documentary Film’, ‘Drama’, ‘Family’, ‘Fantasy’, ‘History’, ‘Mystery’, ‘Music’, ‘Romance’, ‘Suspense’, ‘Horror’, and Western. Besides these options, you’ll find a search bar.


Cinecalidad has a massive content library and you’ll find all the latest flicks on this website. Most of the content on the platform is in English, Spanish, and Latin language and that’s the reason why this platform attracts a global audience. Even if you were to pick a movie in Spanish, you could easily add a subtitle, which would make any content in the Spanish language enjoyable.

There are more than 100,000+ titles available on the website which are updated regularly. You can also choose movies via its release year section. So, you get movies starting from 2000 all the way till 2019. I’d like to list some of the titles in popular genres:

Action: Bad Boys for Life, Survive the Night, Cold Blood, Star Wars, The Aeronauts, Hard Night Falling, Squad 6, Rambo: Last Blood, Agent Under Fire, Hobbs & Shaw, Anonymous Killers, The Road: A Breaking Bad Movie, Avengers: Infinity War, The Death, and Return of Superman.

Comedy: Wild Rose, The Two Potatoes, An Abominable Friend, Playmobil, Noelle, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Borat, Jumanji, Doctor Dolittle, Deadpool, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, The Knight Before Christmas, The Lady and the Tramp, Father Mentioned, Good Guys, and Angry Birds.

Thriller & Horror: Midsommar, IT, Joker, Parasite, Don’t Let Go, Bloody Wedding, RattleSnake, Wounds, Eli, In the Tall Grass, Ma, The Cursed Forest, The Curse of La Llorona, Cursed Cemetery, Slaughterhouse, Anabelle 3, Hell in Storm, Doom, Boarding School, and Summer of 84.

Romance: Bel Canto: The Last Function, Two Doves, Aladdin, Time With You, Beauty & The Beast, Forrest Gump, Queen & Slim, The Proposal, Crazy Stupid Love, The Notebook, Someone Great, The Princess Switch, Forever My Girl, My Friend Enzo, White Nights, Dog Days, Our Little Italy, Always Be My Maybe, What Men Want.

Animation: The Lion King, Toy Story 4, Onward, Ugly dolls, Batman: Family Matters, Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cars, Frozen 2, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Spiderman: A New Universe, Lego 2, The Grinch, Enchanted Princess, and Godzilla: The Planet Eater.

Desktop/Mobile experience

Excellent Streaming Quality: If there was one site you’d be impressed with after reading reviews online, it would be this one. This is a go-to-site for the Spanish audience to stream and download content from this website. It’s not just the easy-going interface but also the streaming quality. You can stream content in not just HD but even Full HD, Blu-ray, and 4K quality. Now, that last bit really sets it apart from all the free streaming services out there.

Conclusion is definitely getting better each quarter. I’m pretty sure that within two years, Cinecalidad will be breaking all the records and raising the bar for Spanish cinema. The only disappointing thing about the service is that it’s illegal. I do hope that they tie-up with some major studio and come clean. But again, they’d no longer be free post an acquisition. So, is there room for any complaint? I don’t think so.

Likes & Hates:
Ad-free Experience
Excellent streaming
Simple sign-up
4K Content
Frequent redirects