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First thing’s first … what is free indie anime anyway?

Welcome to the wonderful world of indie anime. Chances are, even if you have never seen an indie anime before in your life, you have probably heard about it. Over the past decade or so, anime has seen an exponential rise in popularity in the West. But to truly understand anime, we have to head East, to the birthplace of the genre: Japan.

“Anime” is, in fact, the Japanese word for animation. So, essentially, anime are Japanese cartoons, either hand drawn or computerized. Although in japan the word “anime” refers to all forms of animation, elsewhere in the world it is used to refer to a specific style of Japanese animation which is often characterized by its vibrant colors, larger than life characters, and thematic elements that are firmly rooted in the fantastical.

The earliest iterations of commercial Japanese animation can be traced back to 1917. Since then, the production of anime has steadily increased year after year. The quintessential style of animation that you are likely to associate with reading the word “anime,” though, did not become firmly cemented until the 1960’s. This decade, however, saw the rise of anime as we know it today, thanks to the works of Osamu Tezuka. From there, the art form finally began to spread out around the globe, growing a sizable international audience by the end of the 20th century.

It is hard to define indie anime, however, in a monolithic way. It is not just one thing. There are so many different types of anime out there, and the myriad genres can range from the general to the extremely specifically niche. But if we were to try and capture some of the characteristics that all (or at least most) types of anime tend to share, we could point toward anime’s deployment of cinematography, graphic art, characterization, and plot.

When it comes to the production style, the emphasis tends to be placed more on the realism of the setting than on the animation itself, or the movement. This is often created by using classic live action film techniques, such as panning, zooming, and dynamic angle shots. The hand drawn nature of anime provides the perfect vehicle by which viewers can slip into an air of extreme escapism — there is little to no trouble falling into the chasm of high fiction that anime creates through its fantastical worlds due to how exaggerated much of the illustration tends to be, which sometimes reveals itself in the characters as well as the scenery. Although it is true that anime deploys a diverse range of styles of art, typically anime exaggerates the proportions of its characters’ features. Thus, you get those big, oversized, overly emotive eyes that you might relate with anime.

So, now that you have passed anime 101, and have at least a basic understanding of what to expect when you download free indie anime, let’s delve into the specifics a little more of the how and why of using anime torrent sites, shall we?

Are free indie anime torrents popular these days?

I would say that indie anime torrents are at a pinnacle of popularity these days, just as anime itself has never been more popular (internationally speaking). There is certainly not a shortage of indie anime torrent sites for you to choose from, that is for sure. I mean, just take a quick look at my list of the best torrent sites for these Japanese movies and series. You could have a field day trying each and every one of them out. And what’s really impressive about it … these are far from the only indie anime torrent sites out there.

These are only the best free indie anime sites. What’s more, the sites that I have featured in my list, too, are only the best free indie anime torrent sites; which is to say that they are only the best torrent sites that have been made for indie anime, specifically … or that cater particularly well to the genre. There are plenty of great sites that are missing from this list.

So, it is fair to say that anime torrents have never been more popular than they are today, and there has never been a better time to be a fan of the genre.

How many free indie anime torrents can I find?

Technically, if it exists, chances are there is a torrent of it. So, perhaps a more direct question would be, ‘how many free indie anime movies and series are there?’ And, of course, this number would be rather difficult to arrive at, at least with any accuracy. There are easily hundreds of thousands of titles in existence at the moment. Plus, there are new ones being released all the time.

Plus, take into account the fact that each title is bound to have several different torrent files associated with it. So, the number becomes even more illusive. That being said, the important thing is this: if an anime exists (and it has a decent following of some sort), you should have no problem finding it … at least not on the best anime torrent sites that I have featured here.

Can I watch indie anime in English as well?

Of course! First of all, ever since the art form began to really take off around the world, many films and series are either produced in English (or at least dubbed) as well as Japanese. Finding your indie anime primarily in English, however, I should note, might take a little bit of research. Well, maybe “research” is not quite the right word. But if a torrent site is in Japanese, for instance, then there is a good chance that the torrent you download from it is probably going to be — yeah, you guessed it — in Japanese.

There are plenty of English torrent sites, though, on this list that should make finding an English version of the title you are looking for as easy as possible. It’s true that there are many titles that have just not been produced in English (especially the older ones). But, still, you should have no issues finding a torrent that, at the very least, comes with English subtitles. The trick is to spend as much time on torrent sites as possible, familiarize yourself with the torrent process, and learn to quickly identify which torrent will be in English (or at least have English subtitles) and which torrent is strictly in Japanese.

The best torrent sites, though, will make this abundantly clear and, so, it should not take much time at all. Even if you are unable to discern from a torrent’s file info, the best torrent sites will have comments sections, too, that allow you to ask the community. And, of course, the best indie anime torrent sites also have active and helpful communities of like minded fans who are willing to help out. A torrent site, after all, is only as good as its community.

This all sounds pretty great … but how do I start downloading indie anime torrents?

Well, the first thing you need to do before you start downloading your first torrent is to go and get yourself a good torrent downloading client. Something akin to Bit Torrent or u Torrent. This is how you are going to actually be able to execute your downloads. Torrent download programs usually do not have a built in search engine. Therefore, you have to find your torrent from one of the best anime torrent sites that I have listed here. And then you download your torrent through one of the torrent client programs (which you will also find from a separate list here on Torrent Sites).

So, the way it works, then, once you have your torrent client of choice all set up is this: you visit the indie anime torrent site of your choice; then you search for and locate your preferred indie anime torrent; next, you let the file download in your client; and, finally, your file will be complete and you will have full access to your free indie movie or show of choice. It’s as simple as that!

So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and find the best anime torrent site for you and start downloading all of your favorite indie & crowdfunded anime today!

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