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Torrent trackers are only getting better. Site designs are being improved, user experience is being valued now more than ever, and the emphasis on offering mobile friendly torrent sites is finally being shifted to the forefront. Torrent trackers, historically speaking, of course, have not had the best reputations – in many factors – they have long been poorly designed, very data heavy, skimpy on features, and, most notoriously, not focused on providing the user with a sense of security.

I am going to tell you the same thing that I tell these disillusioned would-be torrenters … torrenting is as safe as the torrent tracker you use allows it to be. In other words, not every torrent site is a cesspool of malware. There are plenty torrent trackers that actually go to great lengths to ensure that their files are safe and above board. There are a few ways that you can ensure that torrenting is as safe a process as possible.

Verified torrents are a built-in security device –When you are looking at different torrent trackers and weighing your many different options, one way to help yourself feel more secure with downloading torrents is if the site in question has a torrent verification system in place. Essentially, a verified torrent is a torrent file that has been checked, either by a bot or a person, and has been verified to A.) not contain any malware or anything sneaky and B.) actually contain everything the uploader has claimed it to. With a system of verified torrents in place, all you have to do is look for a green checkmark next to a filename and know that you are not downloading anything risky or potentially harmful.

Comments sections make all the difference – Comments are another great safeguard against malicious actors. If your torrent tracker of choice has comments built into each and every torrent, if somebody did come across a corrupted file, that user can easily and quickly alert others. Not only are comments sections a great way to help tip other users off when a file is not legit, but they are also a wonderful way to stoke community engagement on the site. And a torrent tracker, after all, is really only as effective as its community of peers.

Comments, too, are great tools for seeking help in downloading files.

A comments section can also make all the difference when it comes to actually being able to access your torrent files effectively. Simply check the comments of a file for additional guidance or post a question of your own for the uploader. The best torrent sites have actively engaged communities of users that are willing to field your question in a timely manner.

Pirate IRO – It’s time that we take a look at one of the new-school torrent trackers. Pirate IRO represents a recent shift in torrent trackers, as I touched upon briefly a moment ago, a shift towards a more responsive, user-friendly, and features-rich experience. Gone are the days when a torrent tracker had to look like a glorified Excel spreadsheet. The best torrent sites of today are as sleek and modern as you’d expect them to be in 2020.

And Pirate IRO is no exception to this rule when it comes to new age torrent trackers. Honestly, it’s one of the best-looking torrent sites I have ever seen, blending utilitarian elements of old torrent sites with the sheen and shine of the new. I think that Pirate IRO is the best of both worlds.


 From the moment I landed on Pirate IRO, I was immediately impressed by its minimalistic design and personality. Usually, these two components are at odds with one another in the world of web design. If a site is minimalist in nature, it tends to come off as more sterile or colder. If a site has loads of personality, it is often cluttered or overwhelming. Pirate IRO, however, has managed to, I think, strike the perfect balance between the two by making intelligent and intentional use of white space.

Home page – You can hardly even tell you’ve loaded up a torrent tracker, to be honest, when you first arrive at Pirate IRO. The home page is understated and very clean. All you will find is a search bar, a concise and condensed keyword cloud, and an icon that allows you to expand and collapse a vertical site menu bar as you see fit.

Expanding the menu adds an elegant black bar to a site that is almost entirely white aside from it. Here, you can choose to browse the site by quick-access categories, Today, New, and Sail. Clicking on the lattermost option brings you to a comprehensive list of every category on the site, each with very precise subdivisions and genres to check out, allowing you to ‘sail’ through the entire contents of the site and discover new treasures.

Inner pages – The elegant minimalism of this site only continues the further into it you explore. Clicking on a movie title, for instance, brings you to an index of all the torrents that Pirate IRO has available of that title. This is also where you’ll be able to watch trailers, previews, view ratings, etc. Clicking into a given torrent file, on the other hand, leads you to another page where you’ll find all relevant info regarding that specific file.

Content and Features

Pirate IRO has tons of free indie torrents available, from just about every category you could imagine.

Browsing and searching – I love the aforementioned Sail feature. Not enough torrent trackers, in my opinion, have a hearty enough way to browse content – not only by file type, but by genre as well. The fact that Pirate IRO builds this directly into the organizational structure of the site itself is refreshing. That being said, I would have loved to have seen this accompanied by an advanced search function. Unfortunately, there is none to speak of.

Verified torrents and comments – I am happy to report that Pirate IRO has both a torrent verification system and a comments section associated with every single file. Thanks to this, you can download in peace. Speaking of comments, though, I do wish that the community was a little more active here. This, luckily, doesn’t seem to translate into alarmingly low seeder numbers, however. In fact, the ratio of seeders to leechers appears to be excellent on many of the files.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

For all of you on-the-go torrent lovers, you will be happy to learn that Pirate IRO is well-optimized for mobile devices. The format is rearranged to fit your phone and tablet screen, making it easier than ever to torrent, no matter where you happen to be.

Pricing and Plans

Pirate IRO is 100% free and open to use. However, the site does have ads. You can get rid of ads, however, by donating to the site.

Likes & Hates:
Verified free indie torrents
Torrent comments
Great site design
Mobile friendly
No advanced search
Community could be more active