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Where would we be without music? Honestly. The art form commonly referred to as the universal language has earned that title for a reason. It taps into something that transcends all barriers that usually divide us – cultural, linguistic, economic, racial, etc. – and cuts deep into the core of something that is simply human. Rhythm, melody, harmony, feeling, vibration. Every culture, everywhere around the world, throughout the whole of human history has made music of some sort an important aspect of daily life. There is no culture known to man that does not have a musical component to it, either ritualistically or simply for artistic purposes.

I don’t know about you, but I, for one, could never live without music. It is an essential part of my life. I am always interacting with music, even if I don’t necessarily notice it. Whether I have an album on in the background while I work, or I am humming a tune to myself in the shower, or I am sitting down at the piano and (optimistically, at the very least) butchering one of Beethoven’s beautiful sonatas.

There is no escaping it. Even in the absence of music, there is music to be found. Birdsong outside your window. A construction site’s raucous percussion. The sounds of traffic on a busy city street. Your own heartbeat’s pulsating 4/4 meter. Music is the sound of life.

Few things are more powerful, too, than music. Think of a song’s transportive properties. How many times have you heard a song from a different era in your life and were immediately brought back there in your mind? Like smell, music is a potent agent of nostalgia. In fact, to that effect, music therapy is frequently used to help suffering dementia patients to remember their pasts. There has been much success, studies have shown, in helping somebody who has no recollection of, say, his wife. Put on a song that the couple had danced to one starry and beautifully youthful night years ago and, suddenly, the dementia patient remembers his wife … if even for a fleeting moment.

Sure, we could go on and on about the magical healing properties of music and how it has the potential to bring the world together, but that is not what I wish to discuss with you today. Today, we are going to talk about how to make sure that everyone can get as much music as they need to get by. Because music, precisely because of its healing powers, should never be hidden away or kept from anyone. Regardless of how much money a person has.

We have all been in situations where we could not afford the latest album release from our favorite artists. Or maybe we can’t afford the extra $10 a month for a Spotify membership. What does that mean … what we just can’t have music? Fortunately, there are other options. Yes, I am talking about torrenting, and yes, there are millions of full-length albums for free online, just waiting for you to download them.

In fact, music torrents have become so popular over the last couple decades or so that there are many different music torrent sites to choose from when it comes time to find the files that you are looking for. In fact, one might say that there are too many.

Okay, maybe that would be a bit of stretch … you can never really have too much of a good thing, right? I mean, that is how I tend to look at it anyway. That being said, with so many different music torrent sites on the web, how are you supposed to decide which one is going to be the best for you? Without wasting tons of precious time trying out each and every music torrent site there is, how can you ever know for sure which one will have what you need?

Well, that is precisely why I made TorrentSites … through the help of my handy list and thorough, thoughtful reviews, you don’t have to waste any time. Just skim through the pros and cons of any of the best torrent sites that you might be curious about and, voila, you immediately know if it is worth your time to explore.

Today, I am very excited to report that we will be taking a look at one of my favorite torrent sites (for music, but also just in general). Allow me to introduce you to 1337x.


When one torrent site crumbles, another one rises up in its stead. And, as you may already be well aware, torrent sites are very prone to crumbling. Constantly being hunted by various entities, torrent sites are some of the most volatile on the web. Sites are constantly in flux. Either moving domains, jumping to different countries, being shut down, or being launched. It is a constantly changing enterprise.

Although it was originally founded in 2007, this torrent site did not begin seeing a spike in popularity until 2016, coinciding with the shutdown of the extremely popular torrent site, Kick Ass Torrents. Along with its newfound popularity, 1337x hit the scene with a total site redesign, presenting itself with a much more modern look and feel, as well as additional features.

1337x has already been hunted. It has been taken off of Google search queries due to a request (on grounds of copyright, of course) placed by Feel Good Entertainment. Even still, many music torrent lovers are already turning to 1337x as the best backup site in case of The Pirate Bay’s potential demise. In fact, sometimes 1337x is even better than The Pirate Bay, at least in my opinion, in terms of having download ready files that I happen to be looking for.

So, 1337x, it would appear – in addition to a longstanding history as a reputable music torrent site – has a very bright future ahead of it.


Speaking of 1337x’s redesign circa 2016, I rather like the newer look of the site. It is sleek, clean, minimalist, and easy to use. I tend to enjoy torrent sites that go for a more basic, less cluttered feel, and 1337x may have mastered this. When you first arrive on the site’s home page, you will be greeted by a very modern looking template: a sort of matte black background with a faded red “X” provide the backdrop to a search bar and a line of icons that allow you to browse the site by media type.

Here, you can quickly jump to Music if you just want to browse and discover some new tunes. Otherwise, you can pick from music, TV, Movies, Games, Applications, Anime, Documentaries, Other, and XXX (don’t worry … your secret is safe with me).


From there, the site is \very easy to use. It offers up a pretty standard layout for a torrent website. Say, for instance, you typed, I don’t know, A Tribe Called Quest into the search bar. What you’d get in response, on the following page, is every torrent file related to A Tribe Called Quest that 1337x has to offer, from best seed:leech ratio to worst. Pretty typical stuff.

You can also browse torrents by what’s trending today, what’s trending this week, what’s popular today, what’s popular this week, and the top 100 torrents of the month (within a given genre), which makes finding new music much easier than it is on some other music torrent sites.

The thing that I do not like about this site, however, in terms of functionality is the fact that you cannot click a magnet link without clicking into the page of the torrent file. This just makes for necessary extra steps if you find the album that you are looking for, see that it is from a trusted source, and see that it has a decent seeder to leecher ratio.

Suggestions that I have for 1337x

Which leads me to the things that I would like to see 1337x do in the future. In addition to adding a magnet link button onto the table of torrent search results, I would also like to see the design slightly tweaked. Instead of clicking into a file type and then having to click into the browsing method of choice, it would be nice if 1337x provided a dropdown menu when you hover your cursor over, say, Music, allowing you to quickly jump to Trending or Top 100 of the month.

Likes & Hates:
Lots of great torrent files
Usually lots of seeders
Active community of users in comments
A few minor site design flaws
No magnet link button in search results