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Music Torrent Sites - Download Free Music & MP3 Torrents

Are you looking for the best public domain and free indie music you can possibly find?

Who isn’t looking for all the best indie music ever made? There is so much indie music out there, too, which means that discovering new indie artists, songs, and albums is a never-ending quest.

There has to be a better way to access massive collections of indie songs without having to go through Spotify or YouTube and click through tracks one by one. Aren’t there sites that let you download huge libraries of indie music, all in one file? If this is what you are looking for, well, you’ve come to the right place. Torrenting indie music can be a much more efficient way to discover new tunes than searching through every artist, album, and song in hopes of finding what will become the new soundtrack to your life.

Why should I download free indie music from torrent sites and not just listen to it on YouTube?

YouTube can be a great resource for listening to free indie music, but listening to indie music on YouTube is far from reliable. You will certainly not be able to find every single indie song you are looking for.

Then, of course, there is the issue of advertisements. Anyone who has used YouTube in the last few years is already well aware of how obnoxious this website has gotten with forcing its users to watch ads before videos (and in some cases throughout videos). Sometimes you will have to sit through 3 full commercials just to listen to one indie song. I don’t know about you, but I find that to be unacceptable. When I listen to indie music, I like to bump it as loud as I can. And few sounds are more horrendous than a commercial played at full volume through powerful speakers.

YouTube also poses the same problem as the aforementioned streaming services. You need access to the internet in order to listen. Torrent files, however, stay on your computer for as long as you want. No matter where you are, your torrented music will be there with you.

Then there is the problem of quality. The bit rate of music found on YouTube is never guaranteed to be very high. In fact, in many cases, music on YouTube is not even CD quality. This results in being able to stream a lot of music, sure, but at what cost? Any real indie music lover knows that sound quality is, when it comes to truly enjoying a song, arguably just as important as the quality of the songwriting itself. In other words, you could write the greatest song ever written, but if the audio is fuzzy or hyper-compressed, it will still sound like garbage regardless.

Simply using music torrent sites, however, takes care of all of these issues.

What kind of free indie music can I download?

If an indie artist exists and has a following, then there is a good chance that you’ll be able to find his or her indie music on one of these sites. Indie music is unique in that there is much more of it in existence than there is of any other form of art. What I mean is that there are way more underground indie musicians releasing music than there are, say, unknown people creating indie TV shows or movies. Music is a much more accessible medium … it’s a lot cheaper to buy a cheap acoustic guitar and a microphone than it is to buy all the equipment necessary to make a film.

That being said, you might not be able to find your best friend’s cousin’s girlfriend’s garage band on these torrent sites (unless, of course, you [or your best friend or his cousin or his cousin’s girlfriend] uploaded the torrent themselves), but as far as indie artists with a decently large following are concerned … you should have no problems whatsoever. Any genre, any indie artist, any indie album, any indie song, from anywhere in the world. If somebody likes it enough to share it, then torrent sites will most likely have it.

In what quality and format can I download indie music from these sites?

The indie music that you will find on a torrent site can come in many shapes and sizes. Most common, however, in terms of file type, is standard MP3. This should make it as easy as possible to transfer your downloaded indie songs over to any other device, as MP3 is the most universal audio file type that there is. Immediately access your indie songs in iTunes or Windows Media, or whatever software you prefer.

Another common file type that you will come across when downloading indie music torrents is called FLAC. Some people swear by FLAC because of its lossless audio quality capabilities. Similarly to how people claim that the sound quality of vinyl is much better than that of a CD, there are plenty of audiophiles out there who claim that FLAC files sound a hundred times better than MP3. Personally, I have always found FLAC to be a little bit annoying because not every media player will recognize it. But if you really care about sound quality, do yourself a favor and download VLC media player (which will read just about any file type), and hear the difference for yourself.

Another software tip: if you plan on downloading a lot of indie music torrents, I highly recommend getting a RAR file unzipper, such as Win Zip or 7 Zip. Oftentimes, especially for larger torrent files, you will find that the music itself has been compressed (to save space and make for a faster download). In order to decompress these files and actually access the songs, you will have to “unzip” them, and one of these programs will make that possible.

How do I download the free indie music that I find?

Downloading free indie music from torrent sites is as simple as can be. Once you have your torrent client (like Bit Torrent or uTorrent), you just go to your favorite site for indie music torrents, and click on what’s called a magnet link (the little icon that looks like a magnet) of whatever torrent you wish to download. And then, voila, your torrent client will automatically open up and begin the download!

Can I download full free indie albums too? Or only one indie song at a time?

As I was saying before, one of the best aspects of indie music torrents is the fact that they allow you to download massive collections of indie songs and full indie albums. Entire discographies too! Really, the best torrent sites will cater to both desires. If you want to download a single song, your go-to site for indie music torrents will let you do so; if you want a specific indie album, no problem; you can do so in a matter of minutes. The best torrent sites put you in full control of finding and listening to the indie music you love. And you will find all the greatest torrent sites for indie music right here. Happy listening, fellow indie music lovers!

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