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If you are looking up reviews of private torrent trackers, it means one of two things: 1.) you have been downloading torrents for quite a while now and you are simply curious about whether a certain private torrent tracker is worth seeking out an invite, or 2.) you are graduating the beginner phase of torrenting and are ready to start moving into some of the more advanced levels of the torrenting world. If you fall into group number 1, feel free to skip ahead (down to the “design” section is probably a good place for you to start).

If you fall into group 2, though, allow me to be the first to congratulate you on taking the next step in your torrenting journey. Before we delve into the specifics of Mojblink, let’s take a moment to outline the pros and cons of private torrent trackers (versus the torrent sites that you may be more familiar with), as well as what you can expect from private torrent trackers and how to go about gaining access into one (plus how to ensure that you can retain access to it once you have gained it).

A private torrent tracker is an exclusive community of advanced file sharers – responsible and courteous people downloading torrents in ways that will make it easier for everyone else to also be able to download torrents. These sites are able to maintain such high standards because the majority of them are both invite-only and have seed to leech ratio requirements.

Some private torrent trackers are very demanding in what they ask of their users. This can make it very difficult to maintain good standing (unless you are a pro with a seed box or two). The consequences on these sites for falling below your required seeding ratio are account limitations and, in extreme cases, deactivation. So, there is no downloading and being done with it torrenting that is tolerated here. If you are going to even consider getting an invite to a private torrent tracker like Mojblink, please be prepared to seed, seed, seed, every hour of every day.

Oftentimes private torrent trackers are dedicated to a very specific kind of content. There are some that only feature, say, professional classic & royalty-free boxing torrents … others are dedicated entirely to a certain genre of free indie music (take Metal Tracker, for instance). It is safe to assume that if there is a niche interest with a fairly enthusiastic fanbase surrounding it, there is probably a private torrent tracker dedicated to it. This, however, is not the case with Mojblink.

Mojblink is a private torrent tracker that does not discriminate when it comes to free indie content. You can upload any free indie movie, TV show, music file, documentary, video game, or piece of open-source software you like (so long as it falls within the site’s rules and regulations, of course). Therefore, Mojblink may not wind up having quite the same heightened sense of community that some private torrent trackers have. But that’s okay by me, considering the fact that the site does have an enormous library of diverse torrents available at lightning fast download speeds. I’d call that a fair trade off.

So, now comes the big question: is Mojblink the right multiple category private torrent tracker for you? Is this invite-only torrent tracker worth the effort that it will take for you to clinch an invitation? Well, there is only one way to know for sure – and that is to peek behind the curtain and take a closer look at everything that Mojblink has to offer. So, without further ado, welcome to the members-only VIP room of what is arguably the best Slovenian torrent tracker, Mojblink.


The very first thing that struck me about Mojblink is how well it is designed. Finally, a private torrent tracker that doesn’t look like it was coded in the ‘90s. This site is fresh, intuitive, experiential, responsive, and fun to use – all adjectives that I don’t think I have ever used before to describe a private torrent tracker. If you have read any of my other private tracker reviews in the past, you already know how much I tend to loathe the way that they are designed.

Not Mojblink, though. Hallelujah! It’s a miracle. Mojblink offers a dynamic archive of torrents that has shrugged off the old ‘table of data’ format that you see on most torrent sites. Instead, Mojblink presents each of its browsable torrents as high-resolution thumbnails, resulting in a much more intuitive and modern user experience than just about any other torrent tracker on the web.

The whole site is dynamic. That is really the best word for it. The site menu bar has responsive dropdown menus that are smooth and speedy, for instance, and browsing couldn’t be any more natural. With plenty of options for filtering, too, you will be able to narrow down your searches with great specificity. Find precisely what you want in seconds.

Content and Features

Mojblink also does not disappoint when it comes to unique and useful features. In addition to a sizeable archive of healthy torrents, Mojblink also has a forum and a community of encoders that are constantly at work at their own subtitles to go along with the free indie movies and TV shows available on Mojblink – a very rare commodity, indeed.

I believe that I have already outlined the scope of the torrent downloads available here, but to reiterate, Mojblink has every category you would expect from a multi category torrent site. You can download free indie movies, TV shows, music, video games, open-source software, documentaries, anime, and eBooks. There is also a separate section for homemade XXX content, too, if that floats your boat. I appreciate, too, how these 2 worlds are kept separate. What can I say, when you’re not in the mood, you’re not in the mood, right?

The forum and the fact that this torrent tracker is filled with subtitle encoders also results in a strong sense of community. This torrent tracker certainly has its own strong sense of identity. The peers that you will be able to chat with on this site are very friendly and helpful, too. So, if community is something that you look for in a torrent site, Mojblink ticks that box as well.

As far as quantity is concerned, the site offers tons of torrents. Naturally, I would like to see more, but this is pretty average for a private torrent tracker.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

The mobile experience, I think, could stand to be improved. It is not that you won’t be able to use the site from your mobile device, it is not that bad. The problem is that I had such high hopes based on the desktop experience that to see that the mobile experience is on the lower end of average is that much more of a disappointment.

That being said, I may just be being picky. You’ll have to take a look for yourself and see. At any rate, mobile downloads will not be a problem at all on Mojblink.

Likes & Hates:
Great torrent site design
Awesome community
Fast downloads
Diverse range of free indie torrents