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Safe and useful software torrents

Why pay for software when you can get programs for free?

That is a very good question. Why would you ever pay for software that you can get for free thanks to all of the best torrent sites out there? Especially when sometimes these programs can cost hundreds of dollars. In my opinion, software is one of the coolest things that you can download from torrent websites. The fact that I can get the latest operating systems, music recording software, or Adobe Creative Suite all without paying a cent is just awesome.

I went a long time not even realizing that software could be torrented. Granted, I began torrenting when I was in my late teens, so, computer programs were not really my main concern. I was much more interested in downloading the latest music releases, TV shows, and movies from sites like The Pirate Bay. The older I got, though, and the more knowledgeable that I became about torrenting, the more often I began using torrent websites for computer programs.

And the more pragmatic torrenting became as a whole. No longer was I downloading torrents just for fun and entertainment. The whole world of P2P file sharing suddenly opened up for me. This meant that I did not have to give giant corporations exorbitant amounts of money in order to use the software that I needed for school and work, and it was truly a game changer to realize that.

Of course, there are still occasional programs that I do believe are worth supporting in some way. So, although I have no problems torrenting a Microsoft program like Excel or Word, guilt-free, there are smaller companies who work hard to provide us with quality software. So, if I can afford it, sometimes I will treat my software torrent as a sort of unlimited trial of the program in question.

I encourage others to consider doing the same. Try out a program and see if it is, in fact, worth paying for. If so, maybe consider giving to the company in some way (even if it isn’t outright buying the software). Many smaller software companies take donations, for instance.

Another thing that I should point out before we go any further with software torrents is this: downloading these torrents is not always going to be a walk in the park. Because programs often come with heightened security measures built into them (like security codes, serial numbers, etc.), the process of downloading these torrents is often lengthy and, sometimes, very advanced. It will take a bit of practice, in other words, to successfully torrent certain programs. That being said, it can also be a fun challenge if you enjoy puzzles or strategy games.

More often than not, a software torrent is going to come with elaborate step by step instructions to help you download and install the program correctly. They may also come with additional files, such as key generators or patches, which are going to help you bypass the program’s security protocols, so that you can access the program fully (without paying).

Therefore, the best torrent sites for programs are those that have an active community of fellow users who are willing to answer any questions or issues that you may have along the way. If you stick with it, though, and trust the process, you will become a software torrenting pro in no time. Stick around TorrentSites and we’ll get you there!

Do these torrent sites have trusted software releases

These sites have just about any software release you can imagine. As is the case when torrenting anything, if people know about it and it has a decent demand, chances are you will be able to find a torrent of it. Oftentimes in the newest versions. You won’t be getting any sort of bootleg or second rate software here. The torrent sites that I have included in my list only give you the best of the best, the top-tier software releases.

You name it, chances are you will be able to torrent it on one of these sites!

What are the best sites for PC apps? … What if I am looking for Mac OS programs?

Really, any of the best torrent sites for downloading software will be just as good, regardless of the operating system that you use. The Pirate Bay, for instance, does not discriminate between Mac and PC. Sites like these have whatever it is that people happen to upload onto them, and people that upload torrents understand the importance of offering both PC and Mac programs in equal favor.

But if we are talking more generally, the best sites for downloading software can be found right here. I have listed them from best to worse (even the worst one on my list is still better than a lot of other sites out there, mind you, as I only link to quality torrent sites). So, as you can see, the best torrent site for software, at least at the moment, would have to be RARBG. Many sites cannot come close to RARBGs size and variety when it comes to software (even The Pirate Bay struggles to match this one).

Plus, it has a very intuitive user interface and, as the best torrent sites always do, RARBG has a very active community of fellow users that discuss things in-depth in the comments section of each torrent. This is crucial to making sure that downloads go smoothly and installations are successful (as I said, this can be a confusing and complicated process).

But this is not the only site worth checking out if you are looking for high-quality and relatively simple software torrents. Lime Torrents is another site that has a sleek look, large selection, and active community of people who know their software. You also won’t want to miss Kinozal or the aptly titled site, Torrent Downloads. All of these have made it into the top 5. If you cannot find a program on one of these sites, just try the next one. Eventually, you should be able to download it.

Are these software torrents free of viruses?

I really wish that I could just say, “yes, they are all free of viruses.” But, unfortunately, that is just not the world that we live in. I, of course, take pride in the fact that I would never send you over to a site that has a reputation for allowing viral torrents to spread. All of the sites that I link to take precautionary measures to limit the number of infected torrents that are uploaded onto their site, either through a system of verified torrents or by users self-policing in the comments.

Sadly, though, it is just the nature of torrenting that you will have to take precautions in order to avoid contracting a virus. The good news is that there are a few steps you can take that make it nearly impossible for you to get a virus from torrenting. Complete the following steps and you should have no problems using torrent sites for software.

Use a VPN. This is going to keep you safe in several ways. Firstly, a VPN will scramble your IP address, making you entirely anonymous online. Nobody will be able to see what you are doing. You can’t be tracked, and you can easily get around blocked websites. Use a VPN to mask your IP address, for your safety as well as for your peace of mind.
Get a good antivirus program. This way, even if you end up getting tricked into downloading malicious software when torrenting, your antivirus software will be there to quarantine and eliminate it before it does your computer any harm.
Torrent wisely. Use the safety nets that are put into place by the best torrent sites. Only click on verified magnet links. Read through the comments on every torrent file before you download. Look at the seed to leech ratio (if a torrent file has a great deal of seeds, chances are it is A-OK … people are not likely to allow a viral torrent to continue seeding in their torrent client).

Follow these 3 rules of thumb and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about when it comes time to download software on the best torrent site you can find.

Will I need any additional software to torrent these programs?

All you will need is a torrent client (such as Bit Torrent or uTorrent) so that you can execute the torrent download and a program to help you unzip compressed files (like Winrar or 7-Zip). A lot of the files that you download for software torrents are going to be compressed, to save space, since software is notorious for taking up a lot of computer space. So, in addition to the program that lets you download torrents, you’ll need something to decompress those files as well (once they finish downloading).

Other than that, you will have to take it on a program by program basis. However, since most of these programs can be awfully (and unnecessarily) expensive, I have found that it is more than worth the effort that it takes to download software torrents … I hope you find my list of software torrent site reviews helpful!