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Whether you are looking for the best, highest-quality torrents of free indie TV shows, free indie movies, free indie albums, open-source software – or just about anything, as a matter of fact – first thing’s first, you will have to figure out which torrent search engine will be best for you to use. I mean, you shouldn’t have any problems finding one; there are so many out there for you to choose from. Which is both extremely convenient and, well, a little overwhelming to tell you the truth. How is anyone ever supposed to figure out which torrent search engine is the best one, at least without wasting countless hours of valuable time? You might be tempted to say that there are maybe too many torrent sites on the web.

Which is precisely why I created TorrentSites. My hope is to make it at least a little bit easier for people to find the best torrent search engines (and clients and software, etc.) for all of their torrenting needs. My goal is to transform what used to be a cesspool of hundreds upon hundreds of torrent search engines and programs into a neat and tidy shed, so to speak, with every one of the best sites organized and easy to find. Now, each of these different sites can be used as you might go into the shed to grab a specific tool for a specific task. Just like you wouldn’t use a hammer to tighten a screw, you wouldn’t use a torrent site for free indie movies if what you are looking for is open-source software, right?

And that is why I have separated TorrentSites into several categories, making it easier than ever to find the perfect torrent sites for whatever kind of files it is that you are looking to download. You’ll notice that some sites are very general, such as today’s site: Torrent Downloader, others are extremely specific, most often used for special niche searches. These more specific torrent sites certainly will help you to find more obscure free indie titles and files, but they have their downsides as well.

For starters, the more specified and specialized the torrent site, the smaller the community tends to be. That means that you will have fewer seeders available on a given file. And, as any torrent pros already well know, the mark of any great torrent site is a favorable seeder to leecher ratio. If a torrent file, in other words, does not have enough seeders associated with it, you might not even be able to execute the download; and if you can, then chances are you will see miserably slow download speeds.

Secondly, when it comes to these smaller, more esoteric torrent search engines, there is frequently an air of exclusivity that is often very difficult to get past. Many of these sites are invite only, meaning that, without a special registration link, you are out of luck – you will not even be able to see the torrents that these sites have available, let alone download them. This, naturally, contributes to the lower numbers of seeders and peers on torrent files … even if such communities are often comprised of more active and serious P2P file sharers.

These sites can certainly filter out potentially bad actors … sketchy torrent uploaders that are looking to spread viruses or trojans. So, there is definitely an upswing to these sorts of torrent search engines. But if you are looking to just casually torrent the occasional free indie movie, free indie TV show, free indie album, free indie game, free indie eBook, or open-source computer program … one of the more generalized torrent sites, like Torrent Downloader, should be even more useful.

What is it that sets Torrent Downloader aside from the other torrent search engines out there? Why should you use Torrent Downloader? Well, every single one of the torrent search engines that I have featured here on my list excel at some things (and fall short in other departments). Each one, in other words, has its strengths and weaknesses. However, at the end of the day, every site that I link to here on TorrentSites is, at the very least, one of the best torrent sites on the web. That much you can rest easy knowing.

What are the Torrent Downloads’ strong points, then? Where does it falter? Well, let’s dive in, shall we, and take a deeper look at one of the most formidable torrent search engines out there, Torrent Downloader.


I quite like the way that Torrent Downloads looks. It has what I am tempted to call a “rustic” feel to it. There seems to have been a concerted effort on the behalf of the site designers here to create a somewhat organic looking site. The banners, for instance, seem to be imitating a leathery look and appear to be almost sewn onto the page. On top of the site banner at the top of the page, you will also find the site’s logo, which looks something like a metal plate that has also been attached, with a burnished copper icon engraved with “Torrent Downloader.” It is a fun and unique looking site, no doubt, especially considering the fact that torrent search engines do not often put much effort into their aesthetic.

From there, the site is pretty easy and straightforward to navigate. The home page offers featured torrents, separated into all the different categories offered by the site.

Content and Features

As I just mentioned, Torrent Downloads offers just about every file type you could hope to find. Except for homemade XXX content, by the way … but, don’t worry, there are plenty of torrent sites out there that have that kind of stuff in abundance. Torrent Downloads, in terms of features, offers just about everything that every other torrent search engine has to offer – tons of files, comments sections, verified torrents, etc.

The area in which Torrent Downloads really shines, though, is its seed to leecher ratio. The majority of the files found here are in great health, which means that you should have little to no trouble finding the free indie content you are looking for and downloading it as quickly as possible! 

Mobile and Desktop Experience

The huge downside to using this site on your phone, though, takes the shape of ads. There are a lot of them. And they are very annoying, frequently interrupting your experience by opening new tabs and, in some cases, opening the app store on your phone. So, my verdict is this: if you are going to use Torrent Downloads, I strongly recommend that you do so on your computer; there are better mobile torrent search engines out there, don’t worry.

Suggestions that I have for Torrent Downloads

That is my main suggestion for Torrent Downloads: please, please, please consider giving your mobile site a makeover. Or, at the very least, please cut down on the ads. I totally get it (even though I do not, myself, use ads on TorrentSites, as you can see) … you need some source of revenue. And you are providing an awesome service, completely free of charge. It makes total sense for a site like this to sell ad space. But can’t you, at the very least, reconsider the type of ads you are selling space on your site to?

What I mean by this is that you do not need to sell such pesky popup ads, do you? You don’t need to embed hidden ads into the hyperlinks to the torrent files on your page. Especially when you are also selling ad space in the margins of the site as well. I’m not saying get rid of your ads altogether (although that would be preferable) … I am simply saying please consider getting rid of the trickier and annoying ads at least.

Likes & Hates:
Tons of healthy torrents
Fast downloads
Lots of different kinds of free indie content
Decent looking site
Lots of ads
Mobile site is hard to use
No magnet links