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 When it comes to finding the best torrent search engine on the web, people often compare sites to the two most popular torrent sites of all time: The Pirate Bay and Kick Ass Torrents. It is next to impossible to launch a torrent search engine nowadays without having that site exist in the shadows of these two behemoths. And for good reason, when it comes to torrent sites that have managed to amass enormous (and active) communities of users, tons of safe and verified torrents, and quick, speedy downloads, these two sites are far and away the best to ever do it.

In fact, The Pirate Bay and Kick Ass Torrents can stand in as great examples of what every great torrent search engine should offer … as they tick all the boxes, every feature you could look for in the best torrent search engines, both of these sites offer it in abundance. But what are those features? Let’s say you wanted to compare, side by side, any other torrent search engine with the likes of one of these iconic sites, what components would you actually be looking for?

Well, for one thing, these sites both, especially in their heydays, had massive communities of active peers. Why is this important? Because, when it comes to Peer 2 Peer file sharing, the number of peers who are sharing files is everything! Every time that you attempt to download a torrent file, the download is not executed in a 1 to 1 manner, as it is when you download a full file from other sources on the internet. Instead, when you download a torrent, you are getting pieces (or “bits”) of the file in question from multiple sources, one piece at a time. The file in full, then, gets put together for you to access once the download is completed.

Therefore, the more peers that you can pull pieces of the file from, the faster the download is able to occur. So, one of the most important aspects to evaluate when deciding on a new torrent search engine is how many seeders and leechers each file tends to have. Bigger, more popular sites with larger communities (such as Kick Ass Torrents, for instance) are much more likely to have significantly larger numbers of peers who are actively seeding files. Which, of course, results in you being able to download more files, more effectively, and more efficiently.

Another aspect that sets certain torrent sites apart from the others is a system of verified torrents. Again, this comes from a larger support system. With more people working for a search engine, there are better security measures which can be put into place. One such measure is a system of verified torrents.

A torrent that has been verified is a torrent that is safe, from a trusted source, and, thus, less likely to contain malware, viruses, or anything of the sort. This also helps to ensure that the torrent file is complete and actually meets all of the stated parameters. In other words, if somebody uploads a movie in 1080p HD, if the torrent has been verified, you can also rest assured that the movie is, in fact, going to appear in the advertised resolution.

Then, too, there is the matter of torrent file discussions. These more popular, more trusted torrenting communities tend to have very active and helpful comments sections for files. This is crucial, especially when it comes to downloading more complicated files, such as difficult to install computer programs and games. These files often require several steps in order to install properly and, thus, being able to post about any stumbling blocks along the way, or the file perhaps not working properly, can be addressed here. The more obscure, smaller torrent search engine communities do not have this luxury of self-policing. The best torrent sites, though, have a place where members can discuss anything related to the files they download.

We all know already that Kick Ass Torrents has a reputation for being one of the best torrent search engines to ever exist. In fact, at one point, it overtook The Pirate Bay for the world’s most used torrent site. However, anyone who is familiar with Kick Ass Torrents is also aware of the fact that it disappeared for a while, it was successfully shut down. Maybe you did not even know that it has made a comeback. Where, then, does this put Kick Ass Torrents in 2020? Has the site lost any of its momentum? Does it still perform as well as it did at its peak?

Let’s dive in and take a look, shall we? Let’s see if Kick Ass Torrents is stronger than ever since its triumphant return, or if it needs to work its way back up to the top again from the bottom of the pile. 


Kick Ass Torrents was launched in November of 2008. From there on, legally speaking, it faced an uphill battle. Although it registered its original domain,, upon launch, the site was forced to change its domain numerous times to dodge being shut down. Ultimately, though, Kick Ass Torrents was delisted by Google in 2013, as per a request from the MPAA. From there, the site was also blocked by Belgian ISPs. This blacklisting movement quickly spread to Twitter in 2014. It seemed like the entire mainstream internet was against Kick Ass Torrents.

But they persevered. For as long as they could. Ultimately, though, the alleged owner of Kick Ass Torrents was arrested, and the domain was seized by the FBI. It seemed like the days of Kick Ass Torrents were over for good.

Until December of 2016, that is, when members of the former Kick Ass Torrents staff revived the site, launching the Kick Ass Torrents that exists today, under the domain


The site has retained the classic look and layout of the original Kick Ass Torrents. This was a wise decision, if you ask me, because, well, the original design of KAT was effective, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. It is hard to make a torrent search engine look sleek and inviting, but the designers behind KAT figured it out. And, hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

The design has just about everything you want from a torrent site. You’ve got a very powerful search engine and magnet links embedded right into the search results (as well as private download links). You will also find some easy ways to browse the site’s content. Browse by content type or top downloads.

Content and Features 

Kick Ass Torrents offers a little something for everyone. This is one of the most versatile torrent search engines on the web. No matter what kind of files you happen to be looking for, KAT has you covered. Download movies, TV shows, video games, music, software, eBooks, anime, and, yes, XXX content too.

It’s not just the breadth of content that makes KAT one of the best torrent sites on the web. You will find an active and helpful community of users here as well. KAT users are very good about seeding torrents, making for faster and more effective torrent downloads. Plus, if you ever have any questions about the file, just post it to the comments section and you are nearly guaranteed a response. Oh, and there are verified torrents, too, to make you feel even more secure as you download on the fly. 

Mobile and Desktop Experience 

Speaking of quick torrenting on the go, another thing that makes KAT remarkable is its mobile site. This is truly one of the best mobile torrenting sites that I have seen yet. So, this should be wonderful news for all of you who prefer to do your torrenting on the go! I love how each torrent file is neatly separated into boxes – it really makes for an intuitive and logical mobile experience for a torrent search engine (a surprisingly rare commodity!).

Suggestions that I have for Kick Ass Torrents 

Honestly, I have no suggestions for KAT. All I have to say is, I am so happy that this site is back, and I hope KAT is here to stay this time!

Likes & Hates:
Wide array of different content
Active and helpful community of users
Tons of seeders, fast downloads
Verified torrents
Very mobile friendly
Honestly, nothing!