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YGG Torrent is probably not the first site that you think of when you think of public torrent trackers. When it comes to torrenting, of course, you can never have too many sites on your side. Much of the torrenting process, after all, is nothing but a process of trial and error.

If you are looking for specific free indie content, there is no guarantee that the first torrent tracker you visit is going to have a downloadable file of what it is that you are looking for. Especially if the file in question is a little more obscure, or specific to a certain region. Plus, even if your go-to torrent tracker does happen to have the file in question, there is no guarantee that it will have a sufficient number of seeders attached to the file so that you can successfully access it in a timely manner.

How to torrent like a pro – Therefore, the more torrent trackers that you can add to your bookmarks, the more prepared you will be. Torrent experts will tell you that the key to always being able to find the file that you are looking for is to torrent strategically. That means doing a bit of homework, familiarizing yourself with various torrent sites and what they are all about, as well as where they are from. For example, if you are looking for an obscure free French indie film, you might not have as much luck on a public torrent site, as you will on an actual French torrent tracker, such as YGG Torrent.

The same is true with content type. Many torrent sites out there are specialized to a specific kind of free indie content. That means that there are torrent trackers dedicated to just free indie music, some that are specifically for free indie film, others that cater towards only free indie video games, and so on. If you are not having luck tracking down your hard to find file, you may want to turn to one of these content specific sites, as members tend to be more knowledgeable about the given medium.

That being said, unfortunately, a lot of these content specific torrent trackers tend to be very exclusive. Some of them require you to be invited in order to get login info. Others have very short open registration windows, maybe once a year, and, so, you have to be lucky enough to stumble onto the site at the exact period of time that they are accepting new members. Furthermore, there are usually activity requirements for you to meet in order to continue using the site. So, this sort of private torrent tracker may, in fact, be less than ideal (unless you have connections).

Finding the best public torrent trackers – Thankfully, though, there are plenty of public and open torrent sites out there for us to choose from. So many, in fact, that narrowing down the list to, say, even the best 10 for every torrenting scenario can be a time consuming and somewhat overwhelming process. That is what I am here for. I have combed through every torrent tracker worth note so that you don’t have to. Simply read through my thorough reviews of whatever torrent site you have been curious about to find out if it is going to be the best torrent site for your particular needs or not.

YGG Torrent – Which brings us to YGG Torrent. As I have said, this is a French site, but it does not offer exclusively French content.

In other words, does YGG Torrent have an active and helpful community of peers (to make downloads as fast and efficient as can be)? Is the site user-friendly and easy to navigate? Does YGG Torrent have plenty of useful features for members? Is it mobile friendly? Well, let’s dive into YGG Torrent and answer those questions and more, shall we?


When I first arrived at YGG Torrent, I had very mixed feelings regarding the site’s design. On the one hand, YGG Torrent appears to be more responsive and interactive than a lot of torrent trackers out there. On the other, the layout is a little bit awkward and clunky. Some things are definitely working here, and others could use some work, for sure.

Home Page – YGG Torrent greets its visitors with a sort of bulletin board that spans the entire home page, from margin to margin. This full page spread of announcements is broken into a few categories: Contests, Information is Power, and Video Presentation. It’s an interesting approach to a torrent tracker home page, and it seems to emphasize community engagement. But it is also a bit confusing, and as a guest, I cannot immediately figure out where to go if I just want to start browsing torrents.

This bulletin board of sorts is also awkwardly spaced when the site navigation bar is open (which it is by default when you visit the site). This protrudes from the left side of the page, covering up much of the content in the center. This is an easy fix: just move the middle content slightly over the right so that the vertical navigation menu doesn’t cover it up when open. Thankfully, though, this menu can be collapsed with the click of an arrow at the top.

It is a rather convenient menu, though, I will give YGG Torrent that much. Begin browsing torrents immediately not just by content type, but by specific subtype within each content type as well. For instance, within the Music bracket, you can also select between Karaoke, Radio, Podcasts, or Samples (making this a very good resource for music production). Underneath the software tab, browse by Training, Linux, etc. This adds a very user-friendly and streamlined quality to the design of YGG Torrent.

Inner pages – I rather like the setup of the torrent info pages and index pages as well. They are organized meticulously, provide all relevant information, and download links are easy to find. Furthermore, there is a very handy advanced search function at the top of every torrent index page that lets you narrow your search and find precisely what it is that you are looking for. I think that every torrent tracker should have an advanced search feature like this to easily and quickly filter search queries.

Content and Features

Well, I have already touched upon a great deal of the features offered by YGG Torrent.

Community engagement – Arguably the best aspect of YGG Torrent, though, is how active its peers are. Seldom have I come across a torrent on this site that did not have a decent number of seeders. This makes for fast and effective torrent downloads. Furthermore, YGG Torrent has a forum, user profiles, and torrent comments, making it as easy as it should be to vet your peers and get in touch with one another.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

YGG Torrent appears to be fairly optimized for mobile devices. The problem, however, is the number of ads that make it nearly impossible to actually make use of this site on your phone or tablet. This is one of those sites, sadly, that has several layers of ads that you’ll need to navigate your way through in order to actually access the site at all. And then when you do, well, there are bound to be more ads waiting to throw you off the trail.

YGG Torrent must rectify its ad situation in order to be considered one of the best torrent trackers of 2020. Which it does have the potential to become.

Likes & Hates:
Versatile selection of free indie torrents
Great browsing and search features
Active community
Fast torrent downloads
Not mobile friendly
Too many ads