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Ru Storka is, as the name suggests a torrent tracker from Russia. It is a public torrent tracker, which means that you will not have to worry about special registration dates or having to search for a private registration link. Anyone with an internet connection can navigate their browsers to Ru Storka today and begin downloading torrents.

Unlike other torrent trackers on the web, Ru Storka does not cater to any one specific type of content. They have just about any free indie content on here that you could want. There is much to love about a torrent tracker that offers such a great deal of versatility and diversity in its free indie content.

Why jump between five or six highly specialized torrent trackers, when you can get everything you need from one convenient location, right? Still, though, the question remains: does Ru Storka have what it takes to become your new go-to torrent tracker? Well, let’s see what the best torrent sites need to have in order to be worth your time.

How to identify the best torrent tracker in 2020 – As any seasoned file sharer knows, there is a great deal of competition in the world of torrent trackers and torrent search engines these days. In order to find the best torrent sites, there are a few factors that must be taken into account. If a site hopes to receive the honor of being called one of the best torrent sites for 2020, in other words, it must excel in every category. Within every standard by which a torrent site can be judged, it must hit the mark. Arguably, the most important component for a torrent site is going to be safety.

A Safe Torrent Tracker is a Good Torrent Tracker – Many people look at safety first when they are judging a torrent site. The best torrent sites are those that can provide you with a sense of security because, let’s face it, torrenting does not necessarily have a stellar reputation when it comes to cyber security. But, of course, some sites are much better at putting forth measures to guarantee more security than others. This is accomplished by setting up a system of torrent verification. Some torrent trackers will also do this by enabling comments. Ideally, the best torrent tracker will have both verified torrents and torrent comments.

Verified Torrents – This is the number one way to ensure torrent safety. The best torrent sites have a system in place in which either a person or a bot will comb through every single torrent hosted on the site in order to verify that it both A.) contains the files that the uploader claims it does, and B.) does not contain any potentially malicious files. If a torrent tracker has verified torrents, this is always a good sign for your safety. Verified torrents, however, should not be the only safety measure that your go-to torrent site takes.

Comments can Lead to Helpful Online Communities – Without a comments section for each and every torrent file on a given site, many things can go wrong. First of all, comments can add yet another element of security to a torrent site. If somebody falls prey to an infected file in a torrent, that person can then relay that information to others, warning users not to download.

Comments, though, help in other practical ways as well. For instance, if you are downloading a particularly complicated torrent, the comments sections can be a great way to reach out to the uploader should you need help or if there seems to be an issue with the file upon installation. Plus, this can be a great place to just chat with fellow users, furthering that sense of community that we look for in a great torrent site.


One of the things that I tend to look at first (probably because it is literally the first thing that you can notice upon visiting any site) is its design. You want a torrent tracker to offer intuitive, user-friendly, organized, easily browsable, responsive, and (ideally) aesthetically pleasing site design. Ru Storka has nailed only a couple of these components.

Home Page – I am not impressed from the moment my browser loads the front page of this site. Frankly, Ru Storka looks a little sloppy and uninspired. The site menu bar is a tiny thing at the top of the page and presents itself in dated clipart icons that look like they could have been taken directly from the Windows XP days or something. Here, upon having to hover your cursor over each icon in order to discern what they represent, you will find Home, Tracker, Search, Rules, FAQ, Distribution Templates, New Items, Order Tables, and then a few links and mirrors.

Below that, Ru Storka’s header contains an awkwardly sized logo of the site’s title surrounded by Quentin Tarantino’s face on one side and the iconic image of his Pulp Fiction characters, Jules and Vincent wielding their pistols side by side. Then, to the right of that, a whole lot of awkward white space.

From there, the rest of the home page looks as if the designers just kind of tossed information onto the page with little to no regard for how it would be presented. The site is very text-heavy and kind of cluttered. The actual torrent browsing mechanism, by the way, is something of a hybrid forum, torrent index.

Inner Pages – Again, the whole set is set up like a forum, which leads to a sort of cool indexing style (browse directly by genre), but there are many flaws to this setup as well. The most notable: many of the links appear to be unclickable. So, that’s a problem for obvious reasons.

The torrent info pages, however, appear to be decent enough. Find screenshots, as well as all of the relevant file info. The only problem here, though, are the missing features.

Content and Features

So, the way that Ru Storka is set up makes it so that you cannot comment on individual torrent files. You can discuss things more generally, however, at the top of each section’s forum. There is, for each genre of each kind of content, a space in which users can post requests for torrents. So, that is kind of cool. But the lack of being able to comment on individual torrents is a huge oversight. One that does not, as I mentioned earlier, provoke the keenest sense of security.

Verified Torrents – Ru Storka, however, does make up for this by offering a torrent verification system. You can tell whether a torrent file has been verified by an easily located green checkmark (right next to the torrent’s name on the index). So, this is one promising feature of Ru Storka. Although I’m afraid it may be one of few.

Inactive Community – Another thing that I noticed is a glaring lack of peer activity. An overwhelming number of torrents that I browsed seemed to have 0 leechers attached to them, meaning that files will either not download at all, or be incredibly slow.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

The site does work on mobile devices. Though it looks identical to the web browser site; so, I would not exactly call this site fully optimized for phones and tablets, even though it is usable if necessary.

Likes & Hates:
Versatile selection of free indie content
Verified free indie torrents
Clunky, cluttered, forum-like site design
No torrent comments
Low peer activity