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AudioBB Review Best site for books

Famous George R.R. Martin once stated that “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one.” and that quote still rings in my ears like a church bell! That statement is too strong yet so accurate that I can easily say it is one of the best statements I have ever heard! Having that in mind, I was just waiting for the right moment to use it in one of my articles, and that moment has arrived! Finally, we are going to talk about books and I can’t be more excited, trust me! 


Before I start presenting one of the best sites for books, I want to talk about the new age and how it reflects on the books! We are all aware that technology has gotten into every aspect of our life, and reading books is not an exception! What I’m trying to say here is that the books are not what they used to be! Not in the sense of the quality of content, or the quantity of material offered, no, that’s on a pretty high level, to be honest, but reading is not the only way you can consume books these days! 


That’s the biggest achievement of technology in the world of books so far! We are used to opening the front pages, checking the author’s notes, some interesting details, and then consuming the book page by page! Diving into the book as a material object has many benefits for a human being, but it has its flaws too! Some of you may think that I’m talking some nonsense here, but hear me out, then decide! The biggest flaw when it comes to reading books is the time! Yeah, time! Something that no one has these days! Do you have a feeling that you could finish a lot more things each day, but you just need two or three hours more? Well, everybody has that feeling, and sadly, we have distanced ourselves from reading books, because it is too much time-consuming activity! In simple words, today’s generation has no time to read books, and that is one sad truth!


But, there is a solution to this problem! It is called an Audio Book, and it is an awesome way to dive into the adventures of famous characters without losing any time or turning pages… How’s that possible? Well, I told you, technology has grown its roots in every single detail of our lives, and these roots are providing us with the opportunity to read without reading! Maybe it’s better to say that it provides us with the chance to find out everything written in the book without reading! So, what is the principle here? Well, instead of reading you can now select the book you want, click the play button, and just listen while someone else reads it for you! How great is that? If you are open to these new ways of book-consuming, let me present one awesome website: It is called AudioBB and the following lines will give you a detailed insight about this cool place! Stay with me and let’s begin!


About Audio BB

What is AudioBB actually? To be as simple as it gets, let’s say that Audio BB is a unique service provider when it comes to audiobooks! This site is created for all the folks who are into reading, people who want to expand their knowledge and to find new adventures in the books, but simply have no time to read! You know, to read one page of the book, an average reader needs approximately 3 minutes. Yeah, you need a minute to read 180-200 words, and that leads us to 3 minutes per page! If the book has 500 hundred pages, that means you will need 1500 minutes or 25 hours to read it! Do you have that time? 


Of course, a small percentage of readers read the book in one try. Yeah, it is possible, there are certain techniques, and people can read a lot faster than you might think, but that’s not the subject of this article! The subject is Audio BB and the fact that this site can save you a lot of time! How? Well, that is a topic that we must further explain, so stay with me on this one!


First of all, Audio BB offers a huge database of audiobooks! Meaning that you can select a book you want to read, lie down, make yourself comfortable, and click the play button! Professional readers have recorded their work, and you will listen to every single word from the wanted book! How cool is that? Second of all, it’s not only the time of reading where this place has a better result than you! No! Reading books is not an easy task! You have to find a certain position, to hold the book, turn the pages, and that takes away a lot of comforts! The thing that annoys me the most when I read is just that, the fact that I can not find the perfect pose and stay in it throughout the entire reading! That’s just impossible! I have to shift poses, move from chair to bed, then to the table, hold the book in one or both hands, and so on… You got the idea! Well, all these issues simply vanish when you use service from Audio BB! 


To sum this section up: Audio BB saves time both in reading and accompanying activities!


The idea behind the site:


As I mentioned above, this place tends to provide ever-needed knowledge and entertainment, in a form that is more compatible with a modern lifestyle. On a regular basis, these guys are delivering the best and most trending audiobooks from all around the world, in all possible genres! Speaking of genres, you can find stuff from fiction, sci-fi, love novels, adventure novels, thrillers, comedy, and much more! Also, this site offers content for all ages: everybody, from youngest to oldest can find some interesting content here. The offer goes from children’s encyclopedias to scientific publishings; from art, biographies, and history, to all forms of fiction and non-fiction! When it comes to the variety of choices, I really have to give a big applause to this website! Impressive job!


The main goal of Audio BB is to provide a service that matches their audience’s needs the best:

It is not easy to achieve this goal, trust me, but I can tell that these guys are doing the best they can in order to do so! 

They are doing it through listening, active seeking, and implementing feedback, helping rapidly growing businesses take shape that is the most customer-friendly. I really like the fact that the database is updated daily too! Also, these guys stated that they are open to prioritizing content and fulfilling requests for specific pieces.


Speaking of requests:

There is a special section on the site devoted to your requests only! In the navigation bar, between About Us and DMCA sections, you will find Requests! This section is made for your wishes, and if you are not able to find the specific audiobook you want to listen to, you can simply ask the site moderators to get it for you! Once your request is sent, it will be processed in the shortest time possible, and soon after it was published, you will receive a notification via the same email from which the request was sent. Such a cool feature and something that separates this site from the competition! 


You can have all the audiobooks for free!

Yes, this is 100% true! All download links are available with an easy free-of-cost registration at RapidGator, the site’s download host. It takes a few steps and less than a minute for you to create an account here, and you can start downloading content for free! If you are willing to pay, you will get nice benefits, mostly in the estimated time of the download (free goes from one hour and more while premium goes under 30 seconds).  All contents, including free-of-charge audiobooks available for you, are in the English language.


The audiobook page is another useful feature!

Once you choose the book you will listen to after you download the file, you can see a short summary of the book, the author, narrator, time of publishing, duration, size, and a lot more! This page can give you a nice preview of the book, if you are just searching around and have nothing specific in mind, and help you decide what audiobook to download! At the bottom of the page, you will see red underlined links to RapidGator, and that is where you can download all the files!


If you like the site, support it!

In the right-hand corner, you will see the Ko-fi section where you can support the site! The process is simple, you can buy them coffee and that will cost you $3 per one cup! Definitely something you should consider doing, but the choice is yours! 


To sum everything up:

Audio BB is a time-saving place, with a modern design, easy-to-use interface, and an awesome database of audiobooks! If you are into this type of consuming the books, this place should be in your bookmarks! Give it a shot, you will be more than satisfied!

Likes & Hates:
Free download of each file on the site
Large database of audiobooks
ves time both with reading and accompanying activities
Professional Readers
High-quality audio files
Option to request a specific audiobook