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There are many ways to get indie content for free. Moreover, there are very few websites that provide indie ebooks for free and most of them can barely manage to cater to the different kinds of audiences with their finite library.

In such cases, FreeBookSpot can be an ideal solution for you, as it has a massive free indie ebook database comprising thousands of books from all over the world.

What is FreeBookSpot?

FreeBookSpot is a web portal that allows you to download free indie ebooks for free. The website covers various indie content categories and each of them has books written by renowned indie authors from all over the world. You don’t need an account or subscription to download files from the website.

Since it is an index website, the layout is pretty simple with a slightly tough downloading process. Every file on the website is directly linked to the download page of the peer website, this lets you download the files directly. However, users using the website for the first time may have a problem with the website navigation.

Is FreeBookSpot safe?

For any website to be safe for browsing, it needs to have an SSL certificate, which FreeBookSpot does not have, which makes the website less safe. By using tools such as SEOQuake and MOZ, you can easily check the credibility of a website by gauging Domain Score (DS) and Trust Score (TS). Based on my research, FreeBookSpot has a domain score of 21 and a trust score of 33 which is better than most competitive sites from the same niche. As mentioned earlier, FreeBookSpot is where you’ll find free ebooks and so most of the content on the website is safe to browse. However, there are text ads and sketchy offer buttons that can lead you to a troublesome website.

What should you expect from FreeBookSpot?

FreeBookSpot offers a lot more benefits than just free indie ebooks from all over the world. Below mentioned are some of the unique benefits that can be hard to find on a freeload website.

Diversified Content – Even though FreeBookSpot offers only free indie ebooks to the users, it has managed to maintain a diverse free indie content library. The website covers several different categories such as Architecture, Adult Novels, Computer Science, Cooking, Drawing, Engineering, Game Development, and many more. The visitors using the website can download from any category for free.

Multiple Languages – The primary language of the website is English, and you may find novels and books of the same language in large numbers. However, it is not the only language on the website, there are many other languages on the website such as Italian, German, Arabic, Chinese, and more. It can be an advantage for people with multilingual skills, as they can find different language books in one place.

Latest Free Indie Books – FreeBookSpot has a great advantage in terms of getting the latest free indie content. It is an index website which means that when peer websites update their content gallery, the users of FreeBookSpot get to download it too. Moreover, the members of the website add different torrent links every day to keep the website’s free indie content database updated. Easy Access: As mentioned above, FreeBookSpot is an open website which is why you don’t have to get a registered account or paid membership to get access to the contents of the page. You can visit any page of the website without any kind of special access.

Speed – Unlike torrent websites, you don’t have to worry about torrent download speed when using FreeBookSpot. The ebooks on the website are in PDF versions and when you download the files, the server responsible for hosting it determines the speed of the download.

FreeBookSpot in numbers

FreeBookSpot was started in the year 2007 and it has been adding numerous links to its website’s directory. The website has a big database of free indie ebooks which are uploaded by the members of the website. On average, there are around 600 free indie ebooks uploaded on the website regularly. Every book gets around 2k views from the visitors who visit the website to download the free indie books.

As per the SEOQuake rankings, FreeBookSpot is ranked #102,497 which makes it amongst the top 105,000 websites on the internet. It attracts more than 363,000 visits a month with an average of 89,000 unique visitors. An average visit on the site lasts for more than 15 minutes with each user visiting 7-12 pages before bouncing off the website. In terms of engagement, FreeBookSpot does surpass all my expectations. Due to the incredible user interaction, it is able to maintain an excellent bounce rate of 19.53%

How to access FreeBookSpot?

You can access Freebookspot by searching for the term ‘’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link: FreeBookSpot.


The website is very simple in terms of appearance, but it has a lot of elements and functionalities that make navigation easier. Every page of the website has been designed differently based on the kind of function, the page offers.

The website has 3 different modes Regular view, Compact mode, and Text mode. These modes change the website’s appearance for the convenience of the users. The Compact mode reduces the amount of text and numbers on the website and the text mode, as the name suggests displays only the text on the website. The Regular view is the combination of both modes.

Header – FreeBookSpot does not have a header but most of the options have been included in the sidebar that is consistent on every page. It consists of options like Society, Site Statistics, Contacts, FAQ, How it works, Resources, Tell a Friend, DMCA, Catalogue, Wanted, Expired, Most Popular, Selections [New], Related Groups, Latest, Downloaded, Viewed, and Comments. These options have been broadly categorized into the parts i.e. menu, books, and the latest. Inner Pages – Inner pages of the website have a simple design too. They mostly comprise of elements like text, links, tables, and icons. Some pages of the website have images that are posters or the cover of the book.

Free Indie Content – There is no dearth of free indie content on FreeBookSpot. Being an index website, it has amassed a huge number of links to different websites. The numerous categories and language options enable different users to download the free indie content of their preference. FreeBookSpot also ensures that the free indie content of the website keeps getting updated regularly.

Desktop/Mobile experience

FreeBookSpot’s basic design fits the desktop screen well and offers maximum convenience to the users. The various options and elements can be used with little to no delay. The different display modes add convenience to navigation and enhance user experience. You don’t need a high-speed internet connection to use the website, and since most of the files are PDFs a simple 5-7 Mbps internet connection will suffice.

The website does not have a mobile version and it is a bit challenging to use it on a small screen. Users will have to scroll a lot while using the website to use the different functionalities. However, users can select a compact view to make mobile navigation easier.

Suggestions I have for FreeBookSpot

FreeBookSpot has great potential to become one of the leading freeloader websites. In order to reach there, the website needs to fix some malpractices and errors. There are too many ads on the website, it can be understood that these ads help generate revenue, but the website needs to place them in spots where it will not bother the users. The website also needs to reorganize its layout to make it simplified for the users. For instance, the website needs to declutter the top part of its home page as most users tend to click on the ads rather than the options below.


FreeBookSpot is an excellent alternative to torrents and is much safer to use. You need to have a good amount of internet experience to use the website or the ads and the confusing layout might make it difficult for you.

Likes & Hates:
Large free indie content library
Varied free indie content
Easy to access
Confusing layout