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Torrent Galaxy is, as its name suggests, one of the biggest torrent trackers on the web. But it is not just enormous in the sense that it has tons of torrent files and lots of users (which it does). This site has also managed to cram many features, ways to browse, and loads of free indie content onto each and every page of the site. If it exists, there is a good chance that you will be able to find it on Torrent Galaxy.

Torrent Galaxy is a public torrent tracker. What that means is that you can start downloading all the torrents that you like immediately. If you wanted, you could head over to right this instant and start downloading any and every torrent file that catches your eye (assuming, of course, that you already have a torrent client up and running).

Size matters – This site is also a multiple category torrent tracker, meaning that you can find just about any file type as well here. Torrent Galaxy offers free indie content (and plenty of it). Torrent Galaxy separates itself from other torrent trackers by the sheer volume of file types that it specializes in.

Maybe you have had issues with torrent trackers in the past that seem to neglect certain file types. Lucky for you, though, you should have no problems not being able to find a file on Torrent Galaxy.

What else makes for the best torrent site? – However, it is one thing to offer an unbelievable amount of free indie content, and it is another entirely to actually be an effective torrent site. In order to be considered one of the best torrent trackers of 2020, your site truly does have to be extraordinary. The best torrent sites offer, in addition to tons of content, great site design, solid search functions, easy to use browsing mechanisms, verified torrents, and a sense of online community.

After all, a torrent tracker is, at the end of the day, only as good as its community is active. There is a reason why it is known as peer 2 peer file sharing. If your peers are not sharing files at the volume required for speedy and efficient downloads on a given site, it may be time to look for a new site!

So, one thing that we are going to look for as we evaluate Torrent Galaxy is high numbers of torrent seeders (a solid seeder to leecher ratio), as this is how you are going to be able to discern whether a torrent file is even worth attempting to download. We will also be looking for verified torrents – as this is one of the central ways in which users can be guaranteed safe and secure torrent downloads – some good community features (such as comments, forums, blogs, etc.), and responsive, intuitive, experiential site design. Plus, if Torrent Galaxy translates well onto mobile devices, all the better – we want to be able to torrent regardless of what kind of device we happen to be using.

So, without further ado, let us dive in and take a look at Torrent Galaxy, shall we? Let’s see whether we can add Torrent Galaxy to the list of the best torrent trackers for 2020.


I found myself overwhelmed from the moment I landed on Torrent Galaxy’s home page. There is just a lot going on, a lot to take in. I wouldn’t exactly say that Torrent Galaxy looks sloppy, though. I have certainly seen more cluttered, messier torrent trackers than this one. In fact, Torrent Galaxy seems to have done a pretty decent job of cramming a ton of information, graphics, and responsiveness into a small space. The site just keeps expanding, much like the galaxy itself.

Home page – At the very top of the page, you will find a pretty standard search bar. What is cool about it, though, is that it instructs users to enter either a keyword or an IMDb ID, which means that, right out the gate, Torrent Galaxy is making strides towards a very streamlined design – come on in, the site says, and let this site be your torrent companion to IMDb. It is a nice touch.

Immediately below this, you’ll find a site menu bar that just appears to be hanging out with no box or border to ground it. Here, you will find a blend of links to other sites and ways to navigate Torrent Galaxy. Choose between VPN, Lobby, Arcade Hall, Forum, Browse, Latest, Now Streaming, and Onliners. All it takes is one quick glance at this menu to see that Torrent Galaxy is much more than your standard torrent tracker.

Keep going down the center of the page and you’ll find a carousal of featured torrents of the week, handpicked by the staff of Torrent Galaxy. Scroll down further from there and find, in classic torrent tracker fashion, a few indexes of featured torrents, separated by category. What I love, though, about this particular torrent index is the fact that when you hover your cursor over a torrent file, a thumbnail image pops up to give you a preview – which can save you a lot of time in the long run, especially when you are browsing for something new to download.

Now, over on the left-hand side of the page, you will find some more featured torrents. These appear as thumbnail images for quick browsing and are labeled Hot Picks. As far as discovering new content is concerned, Torrent Galaxy has definitely got you covered.

Inner pages – The rest of the site has just about everything you could want from a torrent tracker. When you click into a torrent’s info page, you’ll find all relevant file info, screenshots, plot summary, user rating, comments, and similar torrents.

What is included in these pages, though, mostly depends on the uploader. One thing that I would like to see more of are movie trailers included in the description section. But, short of trailers, Torrent Galaxy users tend to provide everything else you could possibly need in order to make an informed decision when it comes time to download a file.

Content and Features

Torrent Galaxy is one of the most jampacked torrent trackers that I have ever seen as far as features are concerned. When you talk about wanting a torrent site that has an active community, few others come near offering what Torrent Galaxy has. Once you got into it, you could easily spend all day on this site, downloading and interacting with others, and not even notice it. There is so much to do here.

Arcade, chat, forum – Community features abound on Torrent Galaxy. As do features that let you kill some time while you wait for your downloads to finish. The site has its own arcade, with embedded classic games for users to play, such as Pacman, Snake, and what looks like a Candy Crush, Donkey Kong hybrid game called Jolly Jumper. “Compete online against your fellow Galaxians,” the into to this page reads.

Torrent Galaxy also features a live chat room for registered users. You don’t see chat rooms every day anymore … and I don’t think I have ever seen one on a torrent tracker before, so that is pretty cool. As if these weren’t enough community features, Torrent Galaxy also offers an enormous forums section, allowing users to go more into depth on their favorite topics. If you are looking for a torrent tracker that doubles as a social networking site, this is the site for you.

Torrent or stream – Another awesome feature of Torrent Galaxy is the fact that it has built in video streaming. Not all of this site’s torrents are available for streaming, but there is plenty of great free indie content to enjoy, no downloads necessary.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Fortunately, the site looks as if it is fully optimized for mobile devices. The layout of the site changes entirely to accommodate the smaller screen, and torrenting on the go is made very easy. However, seeing as this site is so enormous, in order to get the full experience, you are probably better off accessing this site on your desktop or laptop computer.

That being said, Torrent Galaxy suffers from an advertising problem. There are tons of popup ads, and they often redirect the page to a third-party website – one that, mind you, that my antivirus flags before opening.

Likes & Hates:
TONS of additional social features and games
Torrent or stream free indie content
Verified torrents
Advanced search
Active community
An app would best suit all the features available
Too many sketchy ads