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YTS Torrent Site Review

In the past few decades, many torrent sites have risen to the occasion, but very few have been able to maintain a steady presence. One such site that we’re reviewing today is YTS – a modern moniker of the legendary YIFY Torrents. There are many reasons why YTS is loved by the users and today we’re going to dive deep and understand what makes YTS great.

What is previously known as YIFY Torrents is a peer-to-peer release group that uses BitTorrent to distribute an extensive library of free indie movies and shows. YTS amassed popularity through its small-sized HD package files which attracted millions of viewers.

History of was founded in the year 2010 by Yiftach Swery – A computer science student at the University of Waikato. was known as YIFY Torrents primarily because it was named after its founder. In 2011, the YIFY brand attracted thousands of users which led to the formation of the official YIFY Torrents website.

After a brief stint of over 3 years, Yiftach announced that he was retiring in January 2014 and would no longer encode or upload videos. That’s when the name YIFY was rebranded to YTS and then moved to YTS.Re. The original management handed everything to the existing team and all the encoding and uploading process was delegated to an automated process called OTTO.

Is safe?

Firstly, for a torrent site to be safe for browsing, it needs to have an SSL certificate, which does have. Secondly, you can use tools such as SEOQuake and MOZ to check the reliability of a domain. Based on my research, has a domain score of 26 and a trust score of 42 which makes it a trustworthy website. Any website with DS and TS above 20 and 30 respectively might be worth checking out.

Does have mirror and proxy sites?

YTS is no longer just a site, it is a proper brand. Thus, it’s understandable that many people around the world would like to make money off of this name. As far as and its trusted proxies go, there are only 10 of those which can be traced back to the original Everything else you see on the internet, which I’m sure you will since there are 100s of them, are not to be trusted. The 10 proxies are as follows: ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, and ‘’.

What should you expect from the

Great user-interface: What’s the use of a great design if it isn’t backed up by a great interface? None, right? Thankfully, realizes this and thus has provided one of the most amazing torrent interfaces you’ll find on the web. At any given moment, you won’t feel like you’re browsing on a free website. The search bar, sorting options, and well-designed menus make it extremely easy for users to navigate around the pages and different content pieces.

Great Download Speed: As mentioned earlier, a great deal of effort is put in ensuring that only quality torrents are made available on the platform. Thus, due to the great seed to leech ratio, YTS allows users to download the free indie content at an amazing speed. With a stable internet connection of about 10-16 MBPS, you’ll be able to download a 1-1.5GB file within 10-15 minutes.

Amazing Free Indie Content Library: is one of the very few torrent websites capable of providing you legit 4K experience. in numbers draws big numbers. And by big, I mean gigantic. It draws more than 37 million users a month. An average session on this site lasts for more than 11 minutes with an average page/visit being 6.96. Other than that, a cool testimony of a great user experience lies in its outstanding bounce rate which is 26.82%.

You can check the Alexa ranking for any site to understand how active the website is. As per those rankings, sits at 258 which makes it amongst the top 300 websites on the internet. Though it has been through a rough patch like every other torrent site, has been successfully able to overcome the obstacles, and in-process became world’s #1 torrent website.

How to access

You can access by searching for the term ‘YTS’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link:


There’s a reason why is the world’s most popular torrent site. Not only does this torrent platform provide great content but it does so in a visually appealing manner. There’s a premium feel to the platform the moment you land on the homepage. The dark themed background with colorful thumbnails is exactly what you’d expect on any premium sites. The design is super clean and quite intuitive.

Header – The header section of the website has a green logo on the left, a search bar at the center, and four options on the right – ‘Home’, ‘4K’, ‘Browse Movies’, and ‘Login/Register’ panel. The header section sports a clean design with a black background and a white text in varying density.

Homepage – The hero section on the homepage features about 4 different movie thumbnails.

Inner Pages – The inner pages are as beautifully designed as the homepage. There’s a blurred backdrop with a black overlay that allows various elements to stand out. When you click on any title, you’ll find a thumbnail on the left, title and crucial information at the center, and similar movies on the right. Under the main title, you’ll find the release year, genre, quality, and critic ratings.

Footer – In the footer section of the website, you’ll find 10 key options – ‘Blog’, ‘DMCA’, ‘API’, ‘RSS’, ‘Contact’, ‘Browse Movies’, ‘Requests’, ‘Login’, ‘EZTV’, and ‘YTS VPN”.

Conclusion is a great platform to download free HD indie movies for free. The most-watched free indie titles on are ones that are available in HD resolution.

Likes & Hates:
Excellent Design
Amazing Interface
Great Download Speed
Extensive Free Indie Content Library with 4K content