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TorrentFunk Torrent Site Review

Anyone who has experience using different torrent sites will tell you: not all torrent sites are created equal. In fact, there are many nuances to take into account when trying to figure out which one will be the best torrent site for you. There is no shortage of factors to consider. Even when it comes to the sites listed here, which are already the best torrent sites that are available on the web, there is bound to be a lot of variance in quality.

In other words, although you will find only the best torrent sites in my list, some of these sites still outperform others they are listed beside in certain categories. Some, for example, excel at providing users with the most torrent downloads possible, whereas others may have fewer torrents but faster download speeds. Some of these sites offer a unique and intuitive user experience, on the other hand, while others excel when it comes to offering an excellent community and stellar user features.

I say all this to illustrate the fact that, of the best torrent sites, not every one of these sites found here is going to be the best torrent site for you. That is, as far as I am concerned, the most important component for you to take into account as you peruse my list and read through all my reviews. Don’t go into expecting to find the number one torrent site of them all.

Instead, I would advise that you use my site as a means by which you can gain a better understanding of all the best torrent sites that are available to you, and then narrowing down the list to those that seem like they will do the best job at helping you find the torrent downloads that you like, in the way that you prefer to find them.

Another thing that I would like to get out of the way before I delve into this review of one of the best torrent sites I have seen recently, Torrent Funk, one more pro tip, is that it is generally more effective, in my experience, to not rely on just one torrent site, but several. I used to, by default, go straight to The Pirate Bay every single time I wanted to download torrents, no matter what kind of torrent I was looking for.

What I learned over time was that the best way to download torrents is to have a sort of toolbox of torrent sites at my disposal. I would say that I cycle between maybe 6 or 7 primary torrent sites – some of which are torrent indexes, sometimes I use torrent search engines, and in other cases I will resort to private torrent trackers – and I navigate my browser to whichever one I think is going to be most likely to turn up whatever specific torrent I am looking to download at a given time.

You wouldn’t pull a wrench out of your toolbox in order to hang a picture frame on the wall, right? You’d grab a hammer and nails. This same task-specific mindset applies to torrent downloads as well. You probably wouldn’t visit a site like Torrent Funk if you were looking for an obscure classic boxing match from the mid ‘80s. Instead, the strategic thing to do would be to use a private boxing torrent tracker (of which there are several). The idea is to have a torrent site for every one of your own unique torrent download needs.

Sites like Torrent Funk, though, are excellent for day to day torrenting. This site, it turns out, is especially helpful for those days when you are not quite sure what it is that you are looking for. Torrent Funk is an excellent site for browsing torrents, finding new free indie content, and conducting general torrent searches.

But enough beating around the bush. There is only one way to know for sure if Torrent Funk deserves to be included in your own torrenting toolbox, and that is to take a closer look at the site itself and everything that it has to offer.


One thing that I love about Torrent Funk is that it has found a way to blend the classic design of a torrent tracker with something fresh and original. Torrent Funk has a great look to it, with a unique gray and green theme that definitely makes this torrent site stand out among the crowd.

Beyond just the appearance of this site, though, it is every bit as utilitarian and logical as even the most task-oriented torrent tracker. Browsing popular torrents is a cinch, thanks to the word cloud of popular search terms located just below the site menu bar. There is also a section in the left-hand margin of the site, one of which offers up a featured torrent, the other presents a few thumbnails of “hot torrents.” At the very bottom of the home page, too, you will find a list of recent searches, giving you even more ideas.

If you want to search a little more specifically, though, you can do so easily based on torrent type. The site menu bar that I just mentioned barely asserts itself at the top of the page, in a much more nuanced way than most sites, adding further to the site’s overall sleek appearance. Here, you can quickly navigate torrents by each of the categories offered on Torrent Funk.

Content and Features

And what categories does Torrent Funk offer? What kinds of torrents can be found here? Well, you’ll find all of the usual suspects of a multiple category torrent site – movies, music, TV, games, software, anime, and eBooks – but you will also be able to browse a large collection of adult videos and movies as well. There is a little something for everyone here at Torrent Funk.

What about quantity? How does Torrent Funk perform in terms of the number of torrents that it has to offer? Torrent Funk does quite well for itself when stacked up against its competitors. At the time of this writing, Torrent Funk boasts tons of torrents, with tons added daily. Talk about a massive torrent index, Torrent Funk certainly deserves to be mentioned in conversations of the best torrent sites, without a doubt.

Torrent Funk also has quite a few verified torrents, too, which should come as great news for anyone who is a little more concerned about the safety of torrenting. Of Torrent Funk’s tons of torrents, a little less than half of them are verified. This is not a bad ratio of verified to unverified torrents at all if you ask me.

These numbers can also be expected to increase significantly from one day to the next. Chances are, by the time you read this review, Torrent Funk’s numbers will be even more impressive than what I have reported. This is because Torrent Funk adds around a thousand new torrents every day. When you consider the fact that some torrent sites out there only add between 5 and 10 a day (on the lower end), it should become instantly clear that Torrent Funk is a great choice for anyone who values variety and having options when it comes to their torrent downloads.

Users of Torrent Funk can also look forward to speedy downloads. With a huge selection of very healthy torrents (many of which contain thousands of seeders), download speeds should be exceptional on Torrent Funk.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

It is really beginning to seem as if Torrent Funk cannot fail. On ever front, this site outperforms many of its competitors. The same is true when it comes to mobile browsing. The site is decently optimized for mobile viewing and browsing, making this site an excellent choice for anyone who prefers to torrent on the go, directly to their phones or tablets.

Could the mobile site be better? Honestly, probably a little bit. But this is true, of course, of most torrent sites. It is difficult to translate a table of torrent files into a format befitting phones after all. Still, this is a very small gripe for me to have with Torrent Funk considering all the other ways in which this site impresses.

Likes & Hates:
Millions of verified torrents
Diverse range of torrent types
Great site design
Mobile friendly
No app