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Private torrent tracking websites are one of the ideal ways to get free indie content. There are large torrent websites that cover several categories and their large community ensures that it’s updated with the latest free indie content. Xspeeds in one such torrent tracking website whose proficiency in terms of torrents can exceed your expectations.

What is Xspeeds?

Xspeeds is among the many general tracker websites on the internet that can be used to download torrents of different types of free indie content. The website has been operating for more than 10 years and has accumulated commendable numbers in due time. The website has tons of torrents and 64,000 members. It has an easy to maintain ratio system which can be done through manual seeding or you can use a seedbox for the same.

Is Xspeeds safe?

For a torrent site to be safe for browsing, it needs to have an SSL certificate, which Xspeeds does have. By using tools such as SEOQuake and MOZ, you can easily check the credibility of a website by gauging Domain Score (DS) and Trust Score (TS). Based on my research, Xspeeds has a domain score of 2 and a trust score of 31 which is extremely disappointing. I mean, I know that it’s not uncommon for torrent sites to have a DS less than 15 and a TS less than 40. But a DS of 2 for a site that started its journey back in 2013 is abysmal. We’ve seen sites surpass a DS of 20 within 2-3 years. In comparison to those, does fall flat.

What should you expect from Xspeeds?

Good quality torrent and fast download speed are the basic things that downloaders expect from tracker websites. However, tracker websites focus on building a community, and to keep the members from leaving they offer amazing benefits. Here are some benefits of Xspeeds.

Diverse Free Indie Content library – The best thing about Xspeeds is that it has not kept itself limited to a particular niche or a category. It covers various categories. Members can access the free indie content library and download torrents from anywhere in the world.

Requests – If you are done searching the entire website and cannot find the file you are looking for, there is no need to worry or get disheartened. Xspeeds has a request page section that allows you to post a request for the file where the other members from the community will try to find and upload that file for you within a stipulated time. You can fulfill the request of the other members if you have the requested file.

Forums – Xspeeds has a forum page on the website that is used by the members of the community to communicate with each other. You can participate in the forum conversations and share your opinion on different topics. The forum also has a technical section where members write about the problem they have been facing while using the website. You can write about your problems too or if you have technical proficiency, you can reply in the forums too. However, when you are replying in a forum, you need to consider the forum rules specified by the mods on the rule page.

User ranks – Just like every other torrent website, Xspeeds also has a rank system that shows the achievements and functions of a member. These ranks tend to increase and decrease according to the performance of the user. In order to move to a higher rank, you need to seed and upload torrent regularly and maintain a good ratio. Xspeeds’ user rank hierarchy consists of ranks like ‘User’, ‘Power User’, ‘Super User’, ‘Uploader’, ‘Trustees’, ‘Site Artist’, ‘VIP’, ‘Moderator’, ‘Supervisor’, and ‘Team leader’.

VIP benefits – VIP benefits are a big deal on torrent websites. Once you turn into a VIP, you unlock numerous benefits and get access to exclusive stuff on the website. In addition, Xspeeds also has some amazing benefits that can be availed by the members. To get VIP access you need to donate to the website. The higher the amount of donation, the better benefits you get. For instance, if you pay the lowest donation amount viz. £5 you get VIP status for 1 week, 10GB upload credit, 50 bonus points, 1 invite, x2 bonus points on all torrents.

Xspeeds in numbers

As per the Alexa rankings, Xspeeds is ranked #96,709 which makes it amongst the top 100,000 websites on the internet. It attracts more than 50,000 visits a month and an average visit on the site lasts for more than 2 minutes. An average user visits 2 pages before bouncing off the website. In terms of engagement, Xspeeds manages to do well, however, with a bounce rate of 42.9% it’s definitely not the best tracker site.

How to access Xspeeds?

You can access Xspeeds by searching for the term ‘’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link: Xspeeds.


The website has an unusual but standard torrent layout with fewer images and more text. It has a black background with a colorful font on it. There are some places, where the website has black font on a black background which makes the content illegible. Other than that, Xspeeds features numerous elements like links, texts, checkboxes, tables, search bars, icons, and images.

Header – Xspeeds has a very simple header that is placed on the top-most area of the website. The header of the website is just some links arranged in a strip. It comprises of options like ‘Home’, ‘Forums’, ‘Torrents’, ‘Upload’, ‘IRC’, ‘User CP, ‘Top 10’, ‘Show’, ‘Help’, ‘Extra’, ‘Donate’, ‘Staff team’, and ‘Genres’. These links can take you to the inner pages of the website and help you download or reach the content sooner.

Inner Pages – The inner pages of the website have a basic design too. They have a single colored background and mostly text with links placed over. Numerous pages on the website have a similar design but the inner pages have most of the functionality viz. tables, icons, search bars, dropdowns, and buttons.

Content – Xspeeds has an extensive database of free indie torrents that can be accessed by the members. This database keeps growing as members keep adding new torrents to the website to maintain their ratio. As a member you can upload torrents on the website too which can add to your bonus points. The extensive torrent gallery of Xspeeds extends in different categories that cover the most popular free indie content on the internet. The members of the website try their best to keep the website updated with the latest free indie content that is available in the native or international markets.

Desktop/Mobile experience

Even though the website has a simple layout, it favors desktops the most. Every page of the website fits the aspect ratio well and is convenient to use. The options and the buttons help in easy browsing and smooth navigation.

Xspeeds does not have a dedicated layout for mobiles, thus, members who prefer using mobiles for downloading or browsing torrents have to use the desktop layout. As the desktop layout appears shrunken on the phone, using it might be a little inconvenient.

Suggestions I have for Xspeeds

The website is pretty amazing as it offers great benefits to the members. However, a dedicated mobile layout can be a little helpful.


Xspeeds is a great website with incredible features and benefits that the members can enjoy. However, a mobile layout along with other minor fixes can make this website even more beloved.

Likes & Hates:
Large free indie torrent library
VIP benefits
Latest Free Indie Content
Lack of mobile layout