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In most general torrent websites, anime usually makes up for a small part among all the torrent categories. Moreover, there is a fair chance that the torrents might be outdated. To save you from the disappointments from other torrent websites, we have found a torrent website specifically dedicated to free indie anime. And the best part is, it’s free! The website we’re referring to is AniDex.

What is AniDex?

AniDex is an open torrent tracker and indexer website dedicated to free indie anime content. The website allows you to access its massive torrent library that comprises an extensive amount of free indie anime content.

Is AniDex safe?

For a torrent site to be safe for browsing, it needs to have an SSL certificate, which AniDex does have. By using tools such as SEOQuake and MOZ, you can easily check the credibility of a website by gauging Domain Score (DS) and Trust Score (TS). Based on my research, AniDex has a domain score of 18 and a trust score of 35 which is better than most sites out there. Sure, it’s not uncommon for torrent sites to have a DS less than 20 and a TS less than 40. However, given that AniDex started its journey just 3 years ago in 2017, shows that the website does have a bright future. As within such a short time frame, it has been able to achieve a commendable DS and TS score.

What should you expect from AniDex?

AniDex is not like any other open torrent website, it has some strict rules and offers incredible benefits that can make any other indie anime lover become a part of it.

Anime only: AniDex is among the few websites that offer pure free indie anime content and keep their database filled with the various types of anime. The website allows anime dubbed, translated or subtitled in English. It prohibits any other type of free indie content on the website such as free indie TV-series, movies, or pop songs. You can browse the various categories of free indie anime and any file you want to, the website’s torrent library consists of almost all types of free indie anime.

Varied free indie content – For people who think anime is just cartoons like Dragon Ball Z or Pokémon, AniDex can be a great way to prove them wrong. The website has an array of free indie anime content that anime users can enjoy conveniently. Each category has a multitude of torrent files that can be downloaded by the users. The website also has subtitles for every language that is tested and reviewed by the members of the community.

No registration or charges – Most of the torrent websites that offer such services consider themselves premium and restrict their access to close connections or people who pay money to become a part of their community. However, AniDex does not have any such restrictions or paid registrations. You can download them from the website without having to register themselves or pay any registration fee.

Customizable searches – The search results of torrent websites can put you in an awkward position, no matter how precisely you type the name of the file you want to download. If the search results are decent, the suggested torrents can sometimes contain outcomes that are very embarrassing. You don’t worry about such instances when you are browsing with AniDex. The website has a search filter which is placed on the top corner of the website, and allows you to filter your searches in three options, ‘Hide R18+’, ‘Show all’, and ‘Only R18+’.

No ads – Seasoned torrent downloaders often avoid using websites that have ads and the people who are new to the torrent scene get themselves tangled in these ads and quit using torrent websites. AniDex aims to cater to both types of audiences and offer them a pleasant torrent downloading experience. Due to which, the website has no ads on any of the pages or any concealed ads on any of the links. When it comes to revenue, the website has a donate page where both members and visitors can donate money to keep the website running.

AniDex in numbers

As per the SEOQuake rankings, AniDex is ranked #138,426 which makes it amongst the top 150,000 websites on the internet. It attracts more than 245,000 visits a month with an average of 98,900 unique visitors. An average visit on the site lasts for more than 7.04 minutes with each user visiting 2-5 pages before bouncing off the website. In terms of engagement, AniDex does surpass all my expectations. Due to the incredible user interaction, it is able to maintain a respectable bounce rate of 55.55%.

How to access AniDex?

You can access AniDex by searching for the term ‘’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link: AniDex.


AniDex has been designed very intelligently to offer maximum convenience and functionality to the users. The website has a plain white background, but every page of the website is loaded with content and elements that aid in navigation.

Header – The header of the website is designed neatly and has a basic appearance. It has buttons that are linked to the different pages of the website. The header is made of options like All, Anime, Live Action, Light Novel, Manga, Music, Games, Applications, Pictures, Adult Video, and Other.

It has an alternate layout that comprises dropdowns like ‘All categories’, ‘All langs’, ‘No group’, and ‘Show all’.

Inner Pages – As mentioned earlier, the website has been designed very intelligently, the inner pages are disguised as options of the website. When you select the option of the tab menu, the options of the page line up to show the different titles of the inner pages. These inner pages when clicked on, show a table with torrent links and information.

Free Indie Content – AniDex is a purely anime-based website with a massive database of free indie anime content. It covers the numerous content categories that can easily attract an anime fan. AniDex strictly looks for free indie anime content in English.

The website has numerous subtitles added for the free indie anime series or any other free indie anime content. You can also contribute to the website’s free indie content library by adding torrents, but you need to have a registered account to upload content on the website.

Desktop/Mobile experience

AniDex has been designed to work flawlessly on desktop and therefore, all the pages of the website are optimized to fit the aspect ratio of desktop screens. The website has less to no image which attributes to faster website loading time and can also save you time.

Most of the torrents on the website have a sufficient amount of seeds and leeches that can make the torrent download faster. However, the speed of the torrent also depends on internet stability.

Hence, you need to have an internet speed of a minimum of 10mbps for faster download.

The website does have a mobile layout but it is not ideally optimized for use. Icons, links, buttons, and texts are resized to fit the resolution of mobile screens. However, users might have to scroll a little to either side to use the different functions of the website.

Suggestions I have for AniDex

AniDex is a great website and an excellent source for anime content, it only has one flaw that needs to be fixed to make it a perfect torrent website. There are some torrents on the website that have very few seeds and leeches which can affect the download speed of a torrent. AniDex can deploy some seedboxes for such torrents or remove them from the library if their download frequency is low.


It is hard to find a comparison of AniDex on the internet as there are very few content specific torrent websites that can operate on such a huge level. Anime fans can have a great time with the endless free indie torrent library of the website.

Likes & Hates:
Easy Access
Varied Free Indie Content
No Restrictions
Low seeds and leeches for some torrents