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If you ask most of the people how they download content, the first thing you’ll probably hear is Torrent. In fact, 50% of them would think about either Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents. While those two platforms are popular they aren’t the only ones. Currently, Nyaa, AwesomeHD, and YTS are doing extremely well too. Among these sites, there’s one particular torrent tracker site that is overlooked. It’s called Anime Tosho. If you’re well-versed with the anime sphere, you might have heard about this site somewhere. Herein, you’ll find all the top anime content in HD quality for free.

What is Anime Tosho?

Anime Tosho is a torrent tracking site that believes in providing free content to its audience without any restrictions. As per their belief, all the content should be free for consumption, allowing knowledge, creativity, and ideas to spread to all parts of the world. Anime Tosho offers unique content and is extremely selective with its content buckets. Unlike Pirate Bay, which doesn’t scrutinize every entry due to its sheer size, Anime Tosho works by only providing quality, trustworthy content. Nonetheless, you’ll still find malware and fake torrents, and thus, it’s upon you to be careful and stay vigilant when downloading any content.

Is Anime Tosho a popular torrent site?

Unlike AwesomeHD or Animebytes, Anime Tosho is not a private community. It’s open for everyone and thus you don’t need an invitation to join the community. And that’s the reason why it fares better than most of the exclusive torrent communities out there.

In terms of sheer numbers, it might be among the top 100 anime-related torrent sites on the internet. More than 550,000 users visit Anime Tosho each month, and the site is ranked at 48,900 on Alexa. The average visit duration as per SEMRush is 15 minutes and the site has a respectable bounce rate of 35.63%.

Is Anime Tosho safe?

Firstly, for a torrent site to be safe for browsing, it needs to have an SSL certificate, which Anime Tosho does. Secondly, you can check the Alexa ranking for the site to understand how active the website is. As per those rankings, Anime Tosho sits at 48,900 which makes it among the top 50,000 websites in the world. Another important parameter to judge any site’s credibility is by looking at their domain trust score. Anime Tosho has a TS of 32, which means it’s fairly trustworthy. Anything above 50 is good and any number above 30 is respectable.

Should you download content from Anime Tosho?

Honestly, there are plenty of quality torrent websites that receive a lot of slack for their operation. However, it’s hard to accept that most of these Anime Torrent sites do provide quality services to their user base. Yes, they are not entirely clean and if you’re not proactive, your device can be filled with viruses and scam links in no time. But, if you’re smart and savvy, you’d realize that these torrent sites are far better than most of them out there.

What should you expect from the Anime Tosho?

Sorting Options – What Anime Tosho lacks in content, it tries to make up via user functionality. It offers two standard options right above the content deck. You can choose filter options – ‘Hide Remakes’, ‘Show A+ Content Only’ and a basic sorting feature where you can sort content based upon – ‘Date of Upload’, ‘Smallest file size’, and ‘Largest file size’.

Optional Sign-up – Anime Tosho doesn’t force you to sign-up on the platform. You can download any content you want without becoming a member of the community. Sure, you’d miss out on certain insider features and benefits, but honestly, not many people care about it as they just want to access particular content. This functionality makes the website accessible to a larger number of people thereby making the community popular.

How to access Anime Tosho?

You can access Anime Tosho by searching for the term ‘Anime Tosho’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link: Anime Tosho. Remember, there are various extensions of the website and thus using the link is the easiest way of finding the website.

Before you access Anime Tosho, it’s important for you to know that protecting your IP and your device should be your priority. Most of the time when you engage in illegal content downloading, your IP can be tracked by your ISP and the local authorities. In order to avoid any trouble, it’s important that you stream anonymously when you’re accessing such platforms. That’s the reason why I recommend you use a VPN. Using a VPN will help protect your data and your identity not just from hackers but regulatory authorities as well.


Based on the first look, there’s nothing fancy about this website. The all green color combination looks horrendous and aesthetically, it doesn’t look appealing at all. However, with torrent tracker sites, functionality is often preferred over form. And that’s the reason why Anime Tosho has a massive community with content that has no shortage of seeders.

When you picture a torrent site, the clutter of text and links are the two things that come to your mind. And trust me, Anime Tosho is exactly what you think of a torrent site. The lack of design or simplicity in terms of the content organization is always a point of discussion among users. These days, torrent-based sites are trying to compete with the visual appeal offered by streaming sites, and unfortunately, Anime Tosho is not a portal from which you can expect that.


Instead of a header section, Anime Tosho provides a sidebar that features a search bar and registration panel. You can register an account and can even log in using this section. In case you’re a member of the community and have forgotten your password, you also have the ‘Forgot password’ feature to recover your account.

Inner Pages

The inner pages on this torrent tracker site have a text-heavy approach. For each title that you’ll click, you’ll find a few thumbnails regarding the episode followed by a barrage of information related to the show, file, and format. There are more than 30 important pieces of information that you’ll find on this page that have a teal green background. Some important information includes – ‘File Size’, ‘Download’, ‘Hashes’, ‘Screenshots’, ‘Subtitles’, and ‘Additional Info’.


Anime Tosho has a massive content bank. You’ll find a rich collection of anime content from various genres. You’ll find subbed as well as dubbed anime content on this torrent tracker site. Most importantly, an enormous amount of user base downloads and shares the file which increases the health of the torrent and brings about an increase in speed when sharing the same files. As for the titles on this site, you’ll find popular series such as ‘One Piece’, ‘My Hero Academia’, ‘Black Clover’, ‘Demon Slayer’, ‘Naruto Shippuden’, ‘HunterXHunter’, ‘Death Note’, ‘Attack on the Titan’, and ‘Bleach’, to name a few.

Desktop/Mobile experience

As mentioned earlier, the quality of torrent on the website is directly related to the number of downloads i.e. popularity of a title. The higher the download count, the better will be the seeding which in turn makes the download speed much better for the users who are going to download the content after you. Since Anime Tosho has a great seed to leech ratio, you can expect to download content from this site at an amazing speed.

If you have an internet connection above 5MBPS, you can expect to download any episode between 1-1.5 GB within 10-15 minutes. Sure, the speed can differ based upon the set bandwidth, but if your download speed is great, you won’t face any problems in getting the content on your device within 10-15 minutes.

Suggestions I have for Anime Tosho

My only suggestion to the developers would be to work on the aesthetics of this site. There are plenty of torrent-based anime sites that are really making a difference by providing greater visual value to the audience. And I’m sure that if Anime Tosho improves its visual appeal, it’s going to attract a lot of attention.


AnimeTosho is a conventional torrent tracker site wherein you can find and download your favorite anime content in no time. Based on reputed software, it does have a decent trust score and downloading content shouldn’t be much of a hassle. If you love anime, this site is worth a try.


Likes & Hates:
Great content library
Simple sorting features
Informative inner pages
Poor design