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BakaBT is a private torrent tracker site based on BitTorrent. It caters to the East Asian audience primarily because anime is its main offering. It draws the majority of traffic from countries such as China, Japan, and Korea. Prior to 2017, BakaBT was available, however, in April of that year, it announced that it’ll go private. So, after 14 years of semi-private visibility, it finally went private. Now, if you want to access the website, you can’t because the membership is restricted.

BakaBT in Numbers

BakaBT has approximately 65,600 users. Since starting its journey in 2003, BakaBT has become the biggest anime-related torrent site on the internet with over 15,000 torrents. Not everybody can get accepted because the community is private only. The data available on the website easily surpasses the 30 PB mark, and most of the requests on this website are filled. BakaBT similar to AwesomeHD maintains an excellent Seeder/Leecher ratio.

History of BakaBT

BakaBT started its journey back in 2003, originally known as Boxtorrents. The staff members of Boxtorrents were responsible for the formation of BakaBT. In 2009, after the platform grabbed headlines due to a decent profit, the site was a constant target of large DDoS attacks. At that time, BakaBT was operating on a semi-private tracker model, however, the frequency of attacks led them to change their minds.

What should you expect from the BakaBT?

Enormous Community – As mentioned above, BakaBT has over 65,000 members, which makes it the largest private anime tracker around the world. It has over 15,000 torrents but not one of them is unseeded. Most of the members are extremely active and are always searching for the best content on the website. There used to be a blacklist to ensure smooth functioning, but that has been removed. Apart from that, it has a dedicated forum, wherein, you’ll find banners, banner contests, queries, suggestions, and competitions on a monthly basis.

Exclusive Community – You cannot sign up for BakaBT. Your best bet to join the community would be if you know someone from the community and if they can help conjure away. Other than that, there’s no chance. Right now, it’s completely private, but the devs are working on making the platform a little more accessible, which by the way, won’t be easy, but again – all you want is to join the website. So, that shouldn’t be a problem. For them, by easing up the joining process, they can reach 100,000 users in the next 2-3 years.

Lootbox & features – BakaBT is one of the few tracker sites which offers fair bonus points. They hear what the audience has to say and then act on it. For instance, they received complaints regarding bonus points being too hard to learn and that the loot boxes were super expensive. After an internal discussion, they sliced the prices by 50% to make it fair to the users. Their proactiveness can also be seen through periodical revamping of the site where users can earn bonuses and trade their loot boxes.

Torrents & Categories – BakaBT is filled with quality content. For a community of more than 60,000 members, 15,000 torrents might sound less, but the fact that each uploaded content is seeded makes it an extra-ordinary platform. As a user, you can choose from nine different categories, which include ‘Anime Series’, ‘OVA’, ‘Soundtrack’, ‘Manga’, ‘Anime Movie’, ‘Live-Action’, ‘Artbook’, ‘Music Video’, and ‘Light Novel’.

How to access BakaBT?

You can access BakaBT by searching for the term ‘BakaBT’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link: BakaBT. Remember, there are various extensions of the website and thus using the link is the easiest way of finding the website.

Before you access BakaBT, it’s important for you to know that protecting your IP and your device should be your priority. Most of the time when you engage in illegal content downloading, your IP can be tracked by your ISP and the local authorities. In order to avoid any trouble, it’s important that you stream anonymously when you’re accessing such platforms. That’s the reason why I recommend you use a VPN. Using a VPN will help protect your data and your identity not just from hackers but regulatory authorities as well.


When it comes to design, BakaBT is average at best. It looks like one big forum with text-heavy links and little to no visual aid. The light and dark purple color combination look weird as I’ve hardly seen it on any website. The homepage is divided into two sections. Towards the left, you’ll find FAQs, DYK section, whereas, on the right, you’ll find news and information related to the platform.

Header – The header section of BakaBT has nine key options – ‘News’, ‘Browse’, ‘Forums’, ‘BakaSHOTS’, ‘Wiki’, ‘IRC’, ‘Store’, ‘Donate’, and ‘More’. Towards the right, you have a search bar where you can search for any content directly. If you want to visit the store, just click on the link and it’ll direct you towards an inner page. The same goes for every other menu option that you see in the header section.

Inner Pages – The inner pages on BakaBT are laid out horizontally. There’s a category on the left, followed by the name which is complemented with ‘Date of upload’, ‘File Size’, and ‘DSL’. If you click on any of the titles, you’ll be directed to the download page wherein you’ll find all the important information along with various torrent, file, and source options.


With over 15,000 torrents, BakaBT is not a small tracker site by any means. It has an enormous content library which has an amazing seed to leech ratio. Below I’ll be listing some of the best torrents on this site based on different categories.

Most Active Torrents

-Bakemonogatari – 693 TB, 46,486 Snatched, 644 Seeds, 26 Leeches

-Nisemonogatari – 222 TB, 23,302 Snatched, 251 Seeds, 10 Leeches

-Anata dake konbanwa – 2.15 TB, 1,882 Snatched, 240 seeds, 2 Leeches

-Succuba Mist Story The Animation – 904 GB, 1,386 Snatched, 232 Seeds, and 0 Leeches

-Green Eyes: Ane Kyun! Yori! – 313 GB, 2,581 Snatched, 223 Seeds, and 0 Leeches

Most Snatched Torrents

-All Sex Hentai – 334 TB, 390,189 Snatched, 75 Seeds, and 0 Leeches

-Beat Angel Escalaver – 129 TB, 198,157 Snatched, 76 Seeds, and 1 Leech

-Milk Junkie: Shimai Hen – 112 TB, 132, 932 Snatched, 53 Seeds, and 1 Leech

-Samurai Champloo – 400 TB, 115, 627 Snatched, 14 Seeds, and 1 Leech

-Hajime no Ippo – 1.45 PB, 116,097 Snatched, 10 Seeds, and 1 Leech.

Best Seeded Torrents

-Kanojo x Kanojo X Kanojo – 11.7 TB, 4,761 Snatched, 218 Seeds and 1 Leech

-Koukaku Kidoutai S.A.C. 2nd GIg – 467 TB, 25,484 Snatched, 201 Seeds and 1 Leech

-Dainiji ura nyuugakushiken – 647 GB, 2,015 Snatched, 163 Seeds, and 1 Leech

-Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! – 17.7 TB, 4,187 Snatched, 155 Seeds and 1 Leech

-Boku Dake ga Inai Machi – 29.6 TB, 1,937 Snatched, 146 Seeds, and 1 Leech

Desktop/Mobile experience

BakaBT, though a private torrent tracker, doesn’t have any ads. And that is one of the major plus points of this website. Since the majority of the earning comes via donation, it is not reliant on the annoying banner and pop-up ads. Additionally, due to the amazing seed/leech ratio, you can download content at lightning speed. The file sizes on this platform are enormous, with some of them across 1-2 PBs. However, if you have an internet connection of 50MBPS+, you should be able to download the content within a week.

Suggestions I have for BakaBT

I really like BakaBT as a pure anime-torrent site, however, there is room for improvement. First, the design needs to be improvised, and given that the members are actively donating, this site should look nothing less than a premium platform. Additionally, I’d love the mods to work out an invitation plan so it can get easier for the new members to join the community.


BakaBT is an exclusive anime torrent tracker site that you cannot join as of now. It’s a private community that is revered by its existing members. It has top-notch content thanks to the active members who often seed any content that they download. Overall, it’s an amazing content platform and you try if you may, but the content on BakaBT is enough to help you watch anime your entire life.

Likes & Hates:
Content vetting
Amazing download speed
Private community
Active mods
Design can be better
An invitation should be worked upon