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What is Anime-Ultime?

Anime-Ultime is one of the most popular free indie anime-based torrent tracking sites in the world. It primarily caters to the French audience, providing them with a platform to browse and download different free indie anime series. The website claims to have the largest user base interested in downloading the content on their device. Moreover, it also has an active forum where premium members can talk to the devs or other users.

Anime-Ultime Statistics

Started approximately 18 years ago, Anime-Ultime has 11,349 unique visitors and the number simply keeps growing as the website can be accessed by anybody without having to purchase the access or receive an invite from one of the members. It has accumulated over 35,931 page views along with total streams of 42,433. Since it is one of the biggest free indie anime providers, the website holds a big database of files that can be downloaded and has 133,694,732 total downloads to date. Anime-Ultime has 98,745 registered users and has an average of 150 online visitors every day.

What should you expect from the Anime-Ultime?

Good Free Indie Content Library – Not referring to the number of files on the website but rather the variety of free indie series that are available as downloadable content on the website. The website has a wide library of free indie anime, drama, and tokusatsu. In addition, there are new free indie shows and series added to the website periodically.

Easy content segregation – The best thing about Anime-Ultime is that the website has a simple user interface with easy to navigate options. Visitors can find the free indie series they are looking for by searching through the search bar.

No ads – Normally torrent websites are festooned with ads and spam pop-ups that can be irritating and ruin the user experience. Anime-Ultime, on the other hand, is free from ads and pop-ups which enables the visitors to browse, view and download their favorite free indie shows without having to click numerous times to close the ads.

Forum – To be able to participate in forum conversations, the visitor will have to become a registered member of the forum. The registration process has a form that has to be filled by the visitor and consists of details like email, language, timezone, and twitter account URL. The form also features a question that has to be answered, in order to prove that you’re not a robot.

Well-categorized menus – Since members of the forum discuss a wide range of topics, the devs have bifurcated the forum in different parts which include ‘Contact the team’, ‘Ultimate Anime’, ‘Our Series’, ‘The AU Community’, ‘Japan’, ‘Corner of the Artists’, ‘The Geeks’, ‘The Village’, and ‘Drugs are bad’.

Anime-Ultime has a very active forum where people share their thoughts over a show, issues they might be facing, and even connect with the developers. The forums are also sometimes used by the admins to share vacancies at Anime-Ultime and other crucial information.


How to access Anime-Ultime?

You can access Anime-Ultime by searching for the term ‘Anime-Ultime’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link: Anime-Ultime.


When it comes to free indie anime content, Anime-Ultime is a go-to website for many indie anime lovers. The website has a wide variety of free indie anime shows. You can choose from various genres such as action, sci-fi, adventure, cyber and mecha, etc.

Apart from anime, the website also has a huge library of Drama series. These series are from different countries such as Chile, Thailand, Korea, Japan, and more. The series are bifurcated by genres like action, mystery, fiction, crime, and more. Anime-Ultime features drama shows from the year 1958 to 2019.

Anime-Ultime is also known for a wide number of free indie anime web series that can be found under the OST page category. The list of free indie anime web series in this category can be accessed by clicking on the alphabets lined up in the middle of the screen.

The free indie content can be downloaded easily from the website, by clicking on the download links that are mentioned in the inner pages of the series and movies.


Anime-Ultime has a very simple design. It consists of links that lead to the inner pages where the visitor can watch or download the series they are looking for. The simple layout enables faster loading time. The appearance of Anime-Ultime can be described as a clutter of words, images, and some anime GIFs that are placed on some pages.

Here are some other functionalities of Anime-Ultime that make it a user-friendly torrent website.

Sidebar – Unlike other torrent websites, Anime-Ultime has an all-inclusive sidebar that comprises all the necessary links that are required to access the website and other pages. Anime-Ultime has integrated its menu bar with four links ‘Home’, ‘Mobile’, ‘Discord’, and ‘Premium’ on the side. Part from the menu bar, the sidebar also features subscriber’s login, search bar, and multimedia pages.

Link list – To make it easier for regular visitors and new visitors, Anime-Ultime has placed a list of links to the latest anime shows and tokusatsu. For the convenience of the user, these links have the hover feature integrated into them that displays the poster of the series.

Language – While most of the anime websites have their content written in English or Japanese, Anime-Ultime has considered the convenience of its territorial audience and has scripted the entire content in French. The guests visiting the website from other countries can use the Google translate plugin and get the page translated into their language.

Top mentions – Anime-Ultime has another sidebar on the right side of the website that displays a list of top shows of all categories. Visitors can view and download the top free indie shows, anime, and tokusatsu in this column.

Inner pages – Since Anime-Ultime is all about sharing free indie anime and shows with the community, the developers of the website have made it quite easy to find the free indie shows. You can access any inner page by clicking on the options you find on the homepage. While browsing, four pages caught my attention –  ‘Animes’, ‘Drama’, ‘OST’, and ‘Tokusatsu’.

As mentioned above the website is designed to ensure user convenience and quick loading even at low speeds. The inner pages, when clicked on from the homepage show three options on the screen:


-Year of production


On selecting any of these options, a drop-down menu appears in the middle of the page that shows the different options of those categories. These categories help the users to find the show that they are looking for. The visitors can also look for shows based on the initials of the show’s name.


The forum also has a dedicated FAQ section where members can ask questions about the problems they are facing while using the website. The members can also connect with each other to learn and gain information about other topics like private messaging, posting problems, formatting, types of codes, etc.


Discord is Anime-Ultime’s own version of twitter for anime lovers. The platform is like a private forum and only the ones who are invited by the existing members can register. Discord gives the members access to the wide network of the anime lovers where they get the latest information about the topics like:





-Content Creator

-Anime Manga

-Movies and TV

These servers are further divided into the preference-based content of each topic. The members can join these servers and get the latest information on these topics from reliable sources and twitter accounts.

Desktop/Mobile Experience

Anime-Ultime has an amazing design that works seamlessly on any device. The website doesn’t have many images which is a major benefit as it enables faster loading. Moreover, the files are also sized considerably which means you can download your free indie favorite shows and episodes even with an internet speed of 10+ Mbps.

The website doesn’t have a different mobile version as the desktop version can be accessed easily with a stable data connection.


Anime-Ultime is an amazing source to get your daily dose of free indie anime without having to face those irritating ads. With an incredibly long list of free indie anime series and TV shows that can be downloaded even at basic internet speeds, Anime-Ultime is the perfect torrent website for indie anime lovers.

Likes & Hates:
Extensive free indie content library
Interactive community
HQ resolution
Fast download
Private - Invite only
Forum membership can grow further