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We have found a website that offers free indie content to the users without compromising on quality.

What is NNMClub?

NNMClub is a classic Russian Bittorrent website that allows you to download free indie torrents for free. The website has a considerably large free indie content library with numerous sections. The website is primarily in the Russian language which can be changed according to visitor’s preference using the Google translation extension. Even though it is an open website, it has a large community base consisting of 4,117,462 members. The website can be accessed by anyone as the website has no location-based restrictions. You can also become a member of the website for free.

Is NNMClub safe?

For a torrent site to be safe for browsing, it needs to have an SSL certificate, which NNMClub does have. The site looks sketchy the moment you type the keyword in the search engine. Sure, you’ll find the website at the top, but without an SSL and a DS, it’s hard to place your trust on the site.

By using tools such as SEOQuake and MOZ, you can easily check the credibility of a website by gauging Domain Score (DS) and Trust Score (TS). Based on my research, NNMClub has a domain score of 0 and a trust score of 0 which further strengthens our safety and privacy concerns. Sure, it’s not uncommon for torrent sites to have a DS less than 15 and a TS less than 40. But given that NNMClub has been on the internet for 2 decades and still doesn’t have a DS or TS is depressing.

What should you expect from NNMClub?

If you are from Russia, this website must be in your top 10. The most obvious reason is that it has open access and you can easily browse the website’s free indie content library. NNMClub offers many other benefits apart from this that you can enjoy.

No download restrictions – Free access, Free download, there has to be a catch. This is a common thought that people have when they visit NNMClub for the first time. However, this is not the case with NNMClub. The website is open to all downloaders and they can download anything from the website for free. They are free to go through the different categories of the website and download as many files as they like any number of times.

Huge free indie content library – NNMClub has a huge free indie content library that can be accessed by both registered users and visitors. The free indie content of these categories is updated by both members and sysops.

Member benefits – Want to do more with the website? NNMClub does give the visitors some benefits but the registered members get an upgraded version of the website. This version has access to the exclusive content and pages that are restricted to the visitors. The members get a personalized dashboard, that gives them information about their activity on the website. They get to participate in forum discussions too and communicate with the other members of the website.

Forums – The website has a forum too, but to participate in the forum, you need to register as a member. Once you are in, you are allowed to comment and share your views with the other members. You can also start a topic in the forum where you can write about the problems that you have been facing when using the website and even start a conversation about your personal experience or about the content you might have seen a few days ago. When posting in the forums, you need to follow the rules for the forum mentioned on the website.

Easy download process – NNMClub does not hold you down and put ads in front of your face and make downloading difficult. On the contrary, the download process of NNMClub is very simple. You just have to find the torrent you are looking for on the website and when you find it, click on the name of the file. This will open a different page where you will find the download link. You have to click on the magnet shaped icon to get the torrent file that you are looking for and then you have to load the file in the torrent downloader. That’s it! Once the downloader finds the link, it will start downloading the file.

NNMClub in numbers

NNMClub is a small community that attracts only a couple of thousand members per month. While the free indie content is meant for a global audience, there aren’t many noteworthy torrents that I can think of. There are numerous categories, most of them feature outdated content which the majority of the users might not even download, let alone seed.

How to access NNMClub?

You can access NNMClub by searching for the term ‘’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link: NNM-Club.


NNMClub does not have the design of your conventional torrent website, it has many navigational elements and inner pages. The website has a blue colored header and light blue color table borders. The website is made of links, texts, images, GIFs, search bars, checkboxes, buttons, and icons. Even with so many elements, the website is able to offer good loading speed.

Header –The website has a comprehensive header that can take the users to the inner pages. NNMClub’s header comprises options like Portal, Tracker, Search Forum, Bookmarks, RSS feed, My Club, Forum, FAQ, rules, check-in, Check private message, and entrance.

Inner Pages – NNMClub has a very simple layout for all its inner pages. They mostly consist of text boxes with text or links in it. Only the pages with torrents and their download links have images and icons in it. Other pages have texts, links, icons, search boxes, and more.

Content – The website not only covers a lot of categories but also different languages. It has content in all the major languages of the world such as English, Mandarin, Hindi, Japanese, and others. For the ease of Russian downloaders, the website has most of the other languages translated into Russian.

Desktop/Mobile experience

NNMClub’s simple and fast loading layout gives it an edge above its competitors. The website fits the dimensions of a laptop from end-to-end and all the functionalities can be used conveniently. Torrent download speed is pretty good on desktops. To use the website on a desktop, you need to have a stable connection of at least 10mbs.

NNMClub does not have a dedicated mobile layout and the website when opened works in desktop view. It can be a major problem for users as they have to scroll a lot to reach a link or the information they are looking for. The download speed is quite good, however, the page loading time can be a major problem.

Suggestions I have for NNMClub

NNMClub as a free torrent provider can be a great website but due to some important issues, users may find it a little inconvenient and disappointing. The website needs to be responsive given that most of the browsing and content consumption is done via mobile. By doing so, the developers will be able to improve the interaction.


NNMClub’s free access to the free indie content might be a great advantage for Russian users. However, to keep their base audience satisfied, the website needs to upload the latest content. With the amount of competition out there, it won’t be able to progress to the next level without quality free indie content.

Likes & Hates:
Extensive Free Indie Content library
Unlimited downloads
Varied Free Indie Content
No mobile layout