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Programming software can be costly and downloading them from an open torrent website can be a cumbersome process. From finding the file to downloading it, you have to face ads, promotions, and even membership offers. On the other hand, Linuxtracker makes it 10 times easier for you, saving not only your time but also your money.

What is Linuxtracker?

Linuxtracker is not an ordinary torrent tracker website. It is an excellent website to source torrents for open-source software like Ubuntu, FuguIta, and Linux. Such software are used for programming and software development. Linuxtracker is a free website and torrent downloaders don’t have to pay for any downloads from the website.

Is Linuxtracker safe?

For a torrent site to be safe for browsing, it needs to have an SSL certificate, which Linuxtracker does have. By using tools such as SEOQuake and MOZ, you can easily check the credibility of a website by gauging Domain Score (DS) and Trust Score (TS). Based on my research, Linuxtracker has a domain score of 32 and a trust score of 38 which is the best I’ve seen in this particular niche. Given that torrent sites have a hard time building a positive reputation with the search engine, it’s refreshing to see a helpful portal such as Linuxtracker being able to establish themselves in the search results.

What should you expect from Linuxtracker?

Linuxtracker can be a paradise of torrents for free torrent downloaders. The website not only makes torrent downloading easy but also offers a lot of benefits.

Unlimited Downloads – Linuxtracker is not just an open website but it is free too. You can visit the website, find the open-source software you want to download and get the torrent for free. That’s not all, you can download multiple software simultaneously or one-by-one. The website has no such thing as a daily limit or user limit, which makes Linuxtracker the best place for programmers.

Community – Want to be connected with Linuxtracker? Join the community. Even though Linuxtracker is a free and open website, it has a thriving community.  You join the community by simply creating an account on the website from the login page. The process is quick and easy, you just have to fill in the necessary details and confirm your email ID from your email provider.

Latest Open-Source Software – There is very little that can be done with outdated open-source software in today’s time. To make sure your programs work on the different platforms not only now but also in the future you need to have the latest open-source software, and that need can be fulfilled by Linuxtracker. Choose from the latest versions of Ubuntu, Linux, Manjaro, instantos, and more that are updated periodically by the uploaders. The website not only offers the latest versions of the open-source software but also older versions.

Ratio and Reputation – When you join the Linuxtracker you are expected to follow some of the rules of the website and among them, the most important rule is Ratio. For people who have been downloading torrents for quite some time, the ratio would be a common term that they see on every website. On Linuxtracker, things are a bit different. The members are expected to maintain a healthy ratio by seeding torrents, uploading torrents, and doing other activities on the website.

Members with a healthy ratio are given a green block to indicate ‘Good Users Reputation’ and members with low ratio points are given an orange block which indicates ‘Worse Users Reputation’.

Donation – Even though the website has sponsored ads, it has kept the option for donations open on the website. Members can donate from $5 to any amount they feel best for the website. Just like other torrent websites, Linuxtracker also offers additional benefits in exchange for donation money.

Members donating to the website are provided with three options during donations viz. Get VIP rank, Get Upload Amount, and Anonymous. In case if you choose the ‘Get VIP rank’ option you will get 30 days VIP ranks per dollar. Similarly, if you choose the ‘Get Upload Amount’ option you will get a 5GB upload amount for every dollar. If you don’t want any account benefits you can choose the ‘Anonymous’ option.

Linuxtracker in numbers

Linuxtracker attracts more than 50,000 users a month. It caters to a specific audience – primary users who are looking for open-source programming tools. It is the largest Linux ISO torrent respiratory where developers can find almost everything they need when it comes to Linux programming. As an avid Linux-user, it’s very likely that you are already well-versed with this website.

As per the Alexa rankings, Linuxtracker is ranked #293,816 which makes it amongst the top 300,000 websites on the internet. It attracts more than 50,000 visits a month and an average visit on the site lasts for more than 2.45 minutes. An average user visits 1.3 pages before bouncing off the website. In terms of engagement, Linuxtracker maintains a commendable bounce rate of 36.1% which is way better than most of the sites in the programming niche.

How to access Linuxtracker?

You can access Linuxtracker by searching for the term ‘’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link: linuxtracker.


Linuxtracker has a basic design with a static and dual-color background. The website is made of different elements like links, texts, images, search bars, dropdowns, checkboxes, and buttons. The website also has GIFs of sponsored ads on the left side of the website.

Header – To make website navigation easier, Linuxtracker has a detailed header that takes you to almost all the pages of the website. The header is made of buttons with integrated links and the texts on the buttons change color on hovering over them. It comprises options like ‘Welcome Guest (Login)’, ‘Index’, ‘Torrents’, ‘Top Torrents’, ‘Extra Stats’, ‘F.A.Q.’, ‘Reputation’, ‘Report a Bug’, and ‘News’.

Inner Pages – The website’s basic design has been integrated into the inner pages too, only a few pages have a different layout. Pages like ‘Index’, ‘Top torrents’, ‘Extra Stats’, ‘Donation’, and ‘Reputation’ have a similar layout with tables, icons, dropdowns, and texts.

Only the ‘Torrents’ page of the website has a different layout that has texts, links, and images. The content is shown in a list format.

Content – As Linuxtracker is a niche website with a very narrow target audience, there is very little that can be said about the content of the website. The website has an extensive torrent database that has the latest open-source software uploaded by the member. Linuxtracker has all the open-source programming software that are used by programmers around the world.

Desktop/Mobile experience

The website has a great desktop layout where all elements work smoothly. It also offers great download speed on desktop as the page loading time is lesser and low data is consumed. To use the desktop version of the website, you need a stable internet connection with a speed of up to 10 Mbps.

Linuxtracker’s simplistic layout of the website enables the users to access the website from mobile too. Since the website does not have a dedicated mobile layout, the users will have to zoom in and out to view content and use the elements. To access the website via mobiles you need to have a stable internet connection of 5-7 Mbps.

Suggestions I have for Linuxtracker

Due to the lack of seeders, some torrents on the website download very slowly. To which, the website needs to start a rare torrent seeding bonus for the members. This will make the website’s oldest torrent download faster and without any hiccups.


As an incredible alternative to software purchase, Linuxtracker can be among the top 5 software torrent sources for programmers. It is recommended that you join the Linuxtracker community as soon as possible because you never know when it will turn into a private torrent tracker and offer content only to invited members.

Likes & Hates:
Free download
No registration
Latest open-source software
Torrent quality
Download speed