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Private torrent communities are growing around the world. There’s a great demand from users to be a part of an illustrious community that offers them exclusivity. People are longing to be a part of the group where each member is as enthusiastic about free indie movies and content as they are.

There are many popular torrent websites that feature the latest free indie releases as well as all-time free indie classics that are downloadable. It so happens that most of the time, we come across a torrent tracking website that keeps trashy free indie content and still has a huge fan following. Nonetheless, today is not the day we discuss that as this blog is about reviewing a revered private torrent site called CinemaGeddon – a site different from your conventional tracker websites.

What is CinemaGeddon?

CinemaGeddon is a private torrent tracking website that has a collection of unique free indie movies that are considered as trashy and low rated. To access the website, you need to be invited by an existing member. CinemaGeddon tries to keep its operation under tabs and they do that by not uploading any popular movies on their website.

History of CinemaGeddon

There is very little information available online to track the origins of the website. However, by considering the date of the oldest torrent on the website it can be determined that the website was started in the year 2007. Earlier the website permitted purchased invites, but after reaching a certain user limit, the website switched from being a publicly available website to an invite-based platform.

Is CinemaGeddon safe?

For a torrent site to be safe for browsing, it needs to have an SSL certificate, which CinemaGeddon does have. By using tools such as SEOQuake and MOZ, you can easily check the credibility of a website by gauging Domain Score (DS) and Trust Score (TS). Based on my research, CinemaGeddon has a domain score of 9 and a trust score of 31 which is quite poor. It’s not uncommon for torrent sites to have a DS less than 15 and a TS less than 40.

What should you expect from the CinemaGeddon?

CinemaGeddon is a feast for the users who are looking to break away from mainstream movies and take a stroll in the world of trashy and substandard free indie movies. Apart from the movies, CinemaGeddon has various things that make it interesting:

Only Movies:  CinemaGeddon is pretty serious about keeping the website restricted to free indie movies. The website prohibits members from anything other than free indie movies. You can find all kinds of low rated free indie movies even from popular genres like action, martial arts, comedy, drama, horror, and more.

Custom Requests: Once you’re a member of CinemaGeddon, you get to access various functions. As a member, you can post a request for a certain movie that you want to watch. You can also browse requests that have been fulfilled in the past with filters by setting parameters like ‘Category’, ‘Medium’, ‘Resolution’, ‘Origin’, and ‘Search’.

Varied Genres: CinemaGeddon has a wide range of trashy movies that can appeal to all kinds of audiences. Adding torrents since 2007 has enabled to cover a wide spectrum of genres that like ‘Action’, ‘Adventure’, ‘Comedy’, ‘Documentary’, ‘Drama’, ‘Ebooks’, ‘ Family’, ‘Gore’, ‘Hidden Gems’, ‘Horror’, ‘Martial Arts’, ‘Sci-fi’, ‘Thriller’ and more.

Credit store: It’s not tough to maintain your ratio with CinemaGeddon.  Even if you download a lot and upload little or vice-versa you can correct your ratio by purchasing credits from the store credits section of the CinemaGeddon website. It sounds like a great way to save your account from deletion, doesn’t it?

Invites: Even if you become a member of the CinemaGeddon community, you might not have the authority to invite people to the website. So if you wish to invite some you can get the invite passes by uploading content on the website periodically. You can upload 0-4 files to get a single invite and three invites for more than 10+ uploads.

CinemaGeddon in numbers

CinemaGeddon has a gargantuan free indie content library. It has more than 25,000 users out of which 24,137 are registered users. Out of these, 8,867 are power users, 10,271 are Superfan, and 278 are VIP members. The total number of torrent files on this website is more than enough. CinemaGeddon has a commendable Seeder/leecher ratio of 60:1. There are 366,167 seeders on the website as opposed to 6,002 leechers.

You can check the Alexa ranking for any site to understand their popularity on the internet. As per those rankings, CinemaGeddon is ranked #211,410 which makes it amongst the top 250,000 websites on the internet. The only reason why the number isn’t higher is that it’s a private community.

How to access CinemaGeddon?

You can access CinemaGeddon by searching for the term ‘CinemaGeddon’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link: CinemaGeddon.


CinemaGeddon is designed on similar ideas of the other torrent tracking websites i.e. fewer images and more content. The website has a decent font which is easier to read and tabular segregation for better accessibility. CinemaGeddon has a black background with orange and white-colored text all over the page. The website has key functionalities like links, search boxes, checkboxes, and hovers that make navigation easier for the users.

Header – The website doesn’t have a header but it has an equivalent in the form of a sidebar with options like ‘News/Poll’, ‘Forums’, ‘Users’, ‘COCKS’, ‘IRC’, ‘Featurerama’, ‘Upload Comments’, ‘Projects’, ‘Site Stats’, ‘Top Ten’, ‘Browse’, ‘Upload’, ‘Requests’, ‘Random’, ‘Random Trailer’, ‘Rules’,  ‘Help’, ‘Staff’, ‘Site log’, ‘Help desk’ and more.

Inner Pages – The inner pages of CinemaGeddon have a simple design that enables easy navigation. Most of the inner pages have tabular data representation with links and page numbers. Moreover, some inner pages have additional functionalities of data filtration that enables the users to find torrents easily. For instance, the browse torrent page has various checkboxes placed on top that enables you to choose the genre of movies.

Content – Even though the website has subpar free indie quality movies, there is a lot of free indie content on the website. The language of files on CinemaGeddon is English and most of the movies have subtitles too. Even after being restricted to just free indie movies; and specifically unpopular ones. The website has a huge list of torrents that you can choose from.

Desktop/Mobile experience

CinemaGeddon has a minimal design that can be accessed from desktop and mobile. The website loads easily on both devices and aligns according to the aspect ratio of the device. Its extensive sidebar can make the scroll-time longer for cell phones.

The hover function is not available on mobile phones and this can be confusing for first-time users. Moreover, the tables may get disoriented or may not load fully to show the content and the essential information.

Suggestions I have for CinemaGeddon

CinemaGeddon may seem like a perfect torrent tracking website but the leniency fostered by the credit store affects the number of seeders for some files. The website can also expand its content wingspan and allow movies of other languages on the website.

Sometimes the video quality of the video can be a huge disappointment, to which the website can include indicators for video quality or set some parameters for good quality video.


CinemaGeddon is a good torrent tracking website with a great torrent community. The cocky language used on the website and in the forums makes the overall experience engaging and fun. If you are into gory and subpar free indie movies, you should definitely look out for CinemaGeddon invites.

Likes & Hates:
Interactive Free Indie Content
Daily Bonuses
Design of the website seems cool
Less language options for content
Quality of Video cannot be guaranteed