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We are living in the age of technology and that is the only thing that is sure and certain about our lifetime. It is the golden age of humankind where the data, information, and entertainment is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a working piece of technology from a smartphone to Macbook computers. If you know how to use a computer, you already know that the internet can open any door that you want.

One of the more common doors that continue to be open every single day is the torrent door. It is one of the most popular ways of getting free entertainment on your mobile or computer device. If we were to talk about this experience about two decades ago, everyone would be sceptical about it. How the hell can you get the newest movies, games, and music for free?! Well, the answer is simple – through torrent sites.

What Is a Torrent?

If we are talking about the simple meaning of an English word, a torrent is a strong stream of water that cannot be stopped. Usually, it ensues after a floor or a huge amount of rain falls in a single area of land. So, it is a force of nature that is unstoppable by any human means. On the internet, a torrent is very similar because it also cannot be stopped even though people have been trying to do that for a long time.

The best example for this unstoppable force is the #1 torrent site in the world – PirateBay. This site has been attacked and crashed so many times but it has always been able to bounce back and give free joy to anyone who uses it. Today, you can use it as well as always and you can watch the best movies, play the best games, and listen to the most popular music in the world – for free!

Sites like these don’t require you to pay them or even to create an account. All you have to do is to enter the site, find the torrent you want, download, and enjoy it. A torrent is a digital signature, a file that can be downloaded by anyone with a steady internet connection. Of course, the faster the connection, the better download speed will be. This way, you will be able to enjoy any means of entertainment in the world.

Our review today is not about the PirateBay but about one other torrent site. There are literally thousands of torrent sites on the internet and one of them is called Torrents2Download. It doesn’t hide its purpose with its name and it is extremely easy to use. We are here today to let you catch a glimpse of how this torrent site works, what it offers, and if it is worth your time and internet. Let’s begin!

This Site Will Become Your Favorite Torrent Portal

Using the internet and its countless perks has become a walk in the park. If you have the slightest idea about using it, your days and free time can become better than you ever imagined. You can thank sites like Torrents2Download for that because they offer an amazing number of free torrent files for you to download and use. This site is one of the best ones when it comes to the choices you have.

Just like on any other torrent site, you meet a plethora of torrent files for different kinds of entertainment. You can download games, music, and movies as the main categories on Torrents2Download. The site is very stylish and it will give you great pleasure to use it. Unlike many of the torrent sites (including the said PirateBay), this site is colorful and very pleasing for the eye.

Starting with its big banner that is really beautiful to the categories that show the cover boxes of games, movies, and music albums, this site is an eye candy. Many other torrent sites give you just a search button and you have to search your choices. But not here. Of course, the search bar is the most important part of every torrent site and you will find it here as well.

Choose Your Category And Download Torrents

The three main and the biggest categories on Torrents2Download can be found on the homepage. They include Games, Movies, and Music. You can access them from the top of the page and these options give you many subcategories. For example, when it comes to Movies, you can choose Game Zone, Update Zone, Adult Zone, and many others. The same is for every other category on this site.

If you start scrolling down, you will see a detailed list of torrents that you can download right away. This site shows you the torrents that have been uploaded today, the most popular ones, and the general lists of torrents to download. If you visit this site every day, you will see that every category has at least a dozen new torrents being added every day.


This means that you will always have the best choice of entertainment for your free time. The Movies, Games, and Music that you can find are all popular and new so don’t worry if you cannot go to the cinema to watch your favorite movie – you will find it on Torrents2Download.

Each Torrent Comes With a Detailed Description

No matter what you choose to download or just check out, you will be amazed by the amount of information that this site provides. Every game, movie, and music album comes with a detailed description, an overview, and an explanation about it. You can see the producer, the company that stands behind it, and a short review of the content. This is something that not too many torrent sites have and we can praise Torrents2Download for its effort to give us the best content.


It is also extremely easy to find the torrent link. It is embedded in every individual page under the same section. It is big, shiny, and you will not miss it. You will also see the trailers, screenshots, and other similar torrents on the individual pages so the information that you get is really helpful. If you don’t like the chosen torrent, you can easily find another one which is better for you.

The Community Will Help Your Choice

Torrents2Download, like the majority of torrent sites, is a free site. This means that you can download torrents for free and you don’t even need to create your own account. Under every torrent, there is a comment section. This is where the users can post comments and their thoughts about the torrent file and the content behind it.

You can also post comments for free and share your thoughts thus helping other members with their choice. The community on this site is very much active and alive so you will rarely see a torrent file with no comments. Since the site is so detailed, the community plays a huge role in its popularity and success.

Torrent Speed / Seeds / Peers

As you probably know, unless you are visiting a torrent site for the first time and you have no idea about it, torrent files have some really important things to follow. Namely, every torrent file has the number of seeds and peers. These are the users who have downloaded the material and you can download it from their servers. The bigger these numbers are, the better the connection will be and the faster the download speed for your chosen torrent file.

One of the cons of Torrents2Download is the absence of the number of seeds and peers. That reason is why PirateBay is one of the most popular torrent sites ever. It gives you the exact numbers from the beginning and you know which torrents are great to use and which ones need to be avoided. No one likes to download a movie for an entire day. Today’s internet speed allows us to download a 4K Ultra HD movie in a matter of minutes.

Therefore, you won’t know the number of seeds and peers of torrents on Torrents2Download until you start your download and see if it is successful or not. For the sake of the research, we tried to download a couple of torrents from this site. They were all fast and with decent numbers that connected really nicely. However, it would really be a nice upgrade if every torrent had these numbers written before you start downloading them.

Conclusion on Torrents2Download

The most important thing in today’s society is to feel happy and to save as much money as you possibly can. Therefore, torrent sites like this one are a real Messiah because they bring us bliss with every click of our mouse. Thousands of movies, games, and music albums are waiting for you to download them on Torrents2Download and you should check them out right away.

You will enjoy the fast speed of the download, no threats, viruses, or any malware. The site is stylish and it will give you a lot of information about your favorite torrent files so this experience should be a slick and a satisfactory one. Head over to this site today and start watching movies and playing games for free!

Likes & Hates:
A huge number of torrents
Wide choice of newest games, movies, and music albums
Stylish look and detailed descriptions
Live community and comments section
Fast download speed
Missing numbers for Seeds and Peers