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If you have spent any amount of time listening to music on YouTube, then you already likely know just how great of a resource it can be when it comes to finding thousands of high-quality audio recordings. In fact, using YouTube solely for streaming music became such a commonplace thing that YouTube found a way to monetize it for themselves by releasing their premium music streaming service, YouTube Music. However, I don’t personally know anyone who uses this over, say, Spotify when it comes to paying monthly for a music streaming service.

YouTube’s prominence as far as hosting tons of incredible songs at the highest possible quality has even led to thousands of sites on the web whose sole purpose is to help us download MP3 versions of our favorite songs from YouTube. These conversion sites are a standard now for many, especially when it comes to getting your hands on harder-to-find live recordings. Sites like Youtube 2 Mp3 make this possible.

Still, though, using these conversion sites manually can be a little bit of a pain. First you have to find a useable link for the video, then you have to wait for the conversion site to complete the conversion, then you have to wait for the download to process. Why go through so many steps? Well, thanks to a new breed of YouTube song downloading sites, you don’t have to.

Sites like Free MP3 cut out the middleman entirely, by providing you with a huge archive of pre-converted YouTube songs, each already in MP3 format. All you have to do is search for a song or video in question, and Free MP3 immediately returns a download link … just like that. Downloading MP3s has never been easier (or cheaper), thanks to Free MP3.


There is, unfortunately, not a great deal known about the specifics of how Free MP3 came to be. All that I can say with certainty is that the site has existed for 3 years now, having been launched in 2017. And from the looks of it, whoever is behind this site has been hard at work converting YouTube videos to MP3 audio files – because there hasn’t been one search that I conducted on this site, regardless of how obscure the song was, that I could not find.


The look and layout of Free MP3 is best described as simple. As far as its aesthetic, it is pretty unremarkable. It has a very sparse layout, with little more than a site menu bar, a search bar, and, of course, all of the search results and download/stream links.

Site Menu Bar – Here, you will find a few useful options. And a bunch of junk. The header contains links to Free MP3’s home page, as well as its mirror sites, MP3 Download, MP3 Skull, and MP3 Cutter (to name just a few). Beyond that, though, you will also find a FAQ page and a dropdown menu of How-To instructions, for additional help using this site.

Search Results and Inner Pages – Once you conduct a search using the most concise keywords possible, there will be a spinning wheel at the end of the search bar indicating that Free MP3 is hard at work finding all related files. Search results, once they finally appear, are delivered 2 by 2, making it very easy and clear to decipher one file from the next. Each listed result also comes with a thumbnail of the video from which the audio was ripped, as well as an easily accessible download and play button. This site couldn’t be much more intuitive.

Content and Features

Streaming Videos – So, Free MP3, it turns out, is more than just a website for downloading MP3s of YouTube videos … it also allows users to preview each song before downloading, thanks to embedded YouTube links. This is another way of streamlining the process of finding videos of your favorite songs on YouTube and then converting them. Free MP3, instead, allows you to search nearly the entire archive of YouTube without ever leaving their site. Double-check audio quality and file accuracy, too, before ever committing to a download by streaming directly from Free MP3.

Downloading Videos – This, of course, is the crux of Free MP3: the fact that users can download high-quality MP3s of all of their favorite songs. If there is a video of a certain song on YouTube, then there is a good chance that Free MP3 will be able to provide you with a high-quality MP3 download of it. Your music library just grew exponentially!

Selective File Editing – Free MP3 also offers a feature that is as fun as it is useful. Using its sister site, MP3 Cutter (conveniently linked to numerous times throughout the site), you can trim excess audio in order to only get the part of a video that you need. Those of you who have done a lot of music listening on YouTube know, sometimes videos can contain hours of audio – be it due to the fact that they contain full albums, or just enormous playlists – Free MP3’s cutter feature ( lets you sift through the clutter in order to only download the parts of a video that you need.

Learn how to make ringtones out of your MP3s – As an added bonus, Free MP3 has chosen to include a step-by-step tutorial on how to take the MP3s that you have downloaded from their site and turn them into high-quality ringtones for your Android or iOS device. You won’t have to do any hunting in order to find this either, as it is conveniently located right at the bottom of each file’s download page.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Seeing as Free MP3 is 100% free and does not even ask users to register before using, I half-expected a terrible mobile experience riddled in ads and annoying popups. Fortunately, though, this is not the case. The mobile site is just as user-friendly and easy to navigate as the desktop site. In fact, I did not find any ads while browsing on my iPhone. Any ads that may have existed on the desktop version of the site, too, were blocked with a basic adblocker browser extension.

Free MP3 seems to offer seamless and streamlined MP3 downloading and video streaming no matter what device you use.

Suggestions that I have for Free MP3

I really enjoy Free MP3 for what it is. I love how easy it makes the whole process of downloading MP3 files of YouTube videos. I am thrilled to learn that I can stop wasting time on YouTube MP3 conversion sites, such as Youtube2mp3 and the like. Free MP3 is truly as easy and simple as its name advertises … if you are looking for Free MP3s, this is the no-nonsense place to download them.

That being said, it would be nice if there were some sort of user features that the site could offer. For instance, being able to create a free account and keep track of your downloads, your search history, make playlists, like/dislike files, leave comments, etc. I really think that is Free MP3 made themselves a little more community-oriented, this could easily become one of the best sites for downloading free music on the web. I only wish there was something to keep me coming back and interacting with the site beyond a quick download.

I would also like to see Free MP3 expand their horizons a bit. The fact that this site only offers MP3s of videos that exist on YouTube could be a bit limiting in the long run.


Although Free MP3 is not, technically speaking, a torrent site, it still felt relevant enough for me to list here. After all, the main goal of using a music torrent site is to download music for free, right? So, if a site makes that possible (and is worth mentioning), I am more than happy to add it to the list. In many ways, Free MP3 is much simpler than many torrent sites. There are less steps; simply search, stream, and download.

If you are looking for a reliable, easy, and simple way to start downloading tons of MP3s today, Free MP3 is a great place to begin.

Likes & Hates:
Hundreds of thousands of MP3 downloads of YouTube videos
Stream and download audio
Mobile friendly
Easy to use
No personalized user features
No community features
Only offers audio from YouTube