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Every once in a while, you stumble onto a little-known torrent tracker that seems like it just might have it all. Just about everything that you could look for in a torrent tracker. At least a majority of the most important components. Fast Torrent appears, at first glance, to have what it takes to become one of the best torrent trackers of 2020. But what is it about Fast Torrent that sets it apart from other Russian torrent trackers that you have seen before? What, to put it another way, goes into making one torrent tracker better than another?

How to know when you have the best torrent tracker – In 2020, there is a great deal of competition when it comes to torrent trackers and torrent search engines. I still remember a time when there was maybe 5 torrent sites to choose from. Today, there are hundreds. How, then, are you supposed to be able to tell if one is better than another (without wasting too much time, of course)? Well, there are a few general components to take into account when looking at torrent trackers. And the first one is always going to be safety and security.

Safety is Paramount – Many people would argue that the single most important feature of a torrent tracker is its safety measures. The best torrent search engines go out of their way to ensure that their users feel as safe as possible, because, let’s face facts, torrenting does not exactly have the best reputation when it comes to cyber security. There are, however, a few ways for a torrent tracker to guard against corrupted files.

Verified Torrents – All of the best torrent trackers have some system in place for torrent verification. Either a bot or a group of humans will go through every single torrent uploaded to the site’s server and ensure that they are all 100% accurate and above board. In other words, verified torrents guarantee that a file contains what its uploader claims it contains. They also guarantee that the torrent is both safe to download and of a decent quality. Verified torrents safe users a lot of time and trial and error.

Community is Key – You are also going to want to find a torrent tracker that has some sort of sense of online community to it. The best way for this to occur, if you ask me, is to have comments enabled for every torrent on the site. This way, if a torrent has a problematic file in it, somebody else is able to speak up about it. Always read through comments before downloading a torrent. I do it even if a file is already verified. Because, hey, you never know. Better safe than sorry, right?

If a torrent tracker’s comments sections are active, this is another good sign. Not only does it mean that the community of a given torrent site cares about protecting one another’s safety, but it also means that the torrent site’s community is likely to be more active. And an active community is essential for a great torrent site.

Torrent trackers are, after all, all about peers. That’s why it’s called peer 2 peer file sharing. So, when a torrent site has a more active community of users, that means that it is also likely to have a more active community of uploaders and seeders, resulting in faster, more effective torrent downloads.

Some more torrenting tools to consider – Once you have found the best torrent tracker and torrent client software for your needs, I recommend that you also beef up on some additional security software.

Of course, you will want to be equipped with a solid antivirus program. Again, even if your torrent tracker of choice does come with comments and a verified torrents system, it does not necessarily mean that nothing will slip through the cracks. You need a final line of defense, just in case. Some torrent clients come with antivirus software built right into them (if you pay for the premium subscriptions). Otherwise, I recommend something like AVG or Norton.

Fast Torrent – Phew. Sorry for the information dump. The most effective way to torrent is to torrent knowledgeably! Anyway, now that we have all of that preliminary info out of the way, we can start taking a look at Fast Torrent, one of Russia’s best public torrent trackers.


I am going to be honest … torrent trackers are not exactly known for their elegant and responsive site designs. In their defense, it is probably very tricky to take something as data heavy as torrent files and make it look pretty. Most sites fail miserably at this. Fast Torrent, however, seems to have come closer to hitting the mark, though. It’s immersive, responsive, and it looks good.

Home page – Fast Torrent announces itself in a splash of vibrant colors against a white backdrop. This immediately lures the eye in with bright blues, greens, and reds. The site really, as they say, pops in a great way. It’s fun, while also managing to look professional with minimalistic tendencies. The designers did not make the all too common mistake of trying to cram too much data and info onto the page, thankfully.

The site menu bar allows you to browse the site by all of its various categories. But that is not all. Below that, you will also find a sub menu, which lets you browse the more informational corners of this huge site. Check out reviews, browse collections, preview trailers, check out some movie news, and see what’s up with awards and nominations.

Keep scrolling down to find more ways to browse the site by perusing some of the site’s featured torrents. Instead of trying to read between all the lines of a torrent index, though, Fast Torrent has opted to present each file with a large thumbnail image of, say, its indie movie poster or free indie album cover

Inner pages – The site doesn’t disappoint here either. As you click into each torrent, you will find a wealth of information. Free indie movies and series depict IMDb ratings. Each comes with a clip or a trailer. You’ll also be able to see credit info and plot summaries. All of the information is organized well and easy to find.

Content and Features

This site is jampacked with user features. Users can mark titles as viewed, add them to a favorites list, a list of recommendations, a to-watch list, or hide titles to indicate that you are not interested.

Other user features – In addition to the ability to add titles to any of the aforementioned lists, you are also able to create your own public collections of titles. This large community of users is one of the best organized torrent trackers on the web, as users have created tons of different collections for you to peruse. Or, of course, create your own and share them with peers. Speaking of organization, the tagging system in place on this site is beyond impressive, making it as easy as it should be to track down whatever torrent you are looking for.

Comments and community – Each torrent, I am happy to report, also has its own comments section. And these comments sections are very active. In addition, Fast Torrent also offers a forum, furthering this site’s sense of community.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Unfortunately, Fast Torrent is not quite as mobile friendly as I would hope. This site definitely needs to be redone for mobile optimization. Although, I should say, if you are absolutely in a pinch and need to use this site on your phone, you will be able to … it just won’t be a very pleasant experience.


Likes & Hates:
Active and thriving community of peers
Diverse and international free indie content selection
Lots of user features
Good site design
Torrents, reviews, news, forum, other content
Not mobile friendly
No seed and leech info
No verified torrents