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There many private torrent tracker sites across the world that are known for their extensive torrent database. However, there are hardly a few that are judged by the quality of free indie content they provide. Today, we’re reviewing a gem of a website that doesn’t just provide a visual treat but is filled with the rarest free indie content that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

What is CinemaZ?

CinemaZ or exTorrents is a private tracker which emphasizes on providing foreign, cult and obscure free indie movies. It has one of the finest free indie movie collections that are hard to find on any other torrent site. Along with its sister sites – ‘YourExotic’, ‘AnimeTorrents’, ‘AvistaZ’, and ‘PrivateHD’, CinemaZ aims at providing the best torrenting experience to its users. Since it borrows its operation philosophy from top sites, you can expect plenty of amazing features on this website.

From donation to invites, Upload Credits to VIP Status, everything on this platform has been simplified by the developers.

Is CinemaZ safe?

For a torrent site to be safe for browsing, it needs to have an SSL certificate, which CinemaZ does have. By using tools such as SEOQuake and MOZ, you can easily check the credibility of a website by gauging Domain Score (DS) and Trust Score (TS). Based on my research, CinemaZ has a domain score of 10 and a trust score of 34 which is better than most sites out there. Sure, it’s not uncommon for torrent sites to have a DS less than 15 and a TS less than 40. But given that CinemaZ is just 4 years old and already has a DS of 10, I have a positive outlook moving forward.

What should you expect from CinemaZ?

Easy Sign-up – if you’re into private torrents, you’d know that becoming a part of a private tracker community is not a cakewalk. You’ve to wait for months in the queue or pay your way into a community. In some cases, even financial bait isn’t enough to get you a pass. Nonetheless, CinemaZ has redefined the way a private community works and has made the process much simpler. To become a member of CinemaZ, you need to submit an application. Unlike other sites that require you to join only via an invite or a recommendation, CinemaZ makes it possible for outsiders to join the community.

Excellent Interface – Reiterating the point I mentioned above, a great interface when coupled with equally impressive functionality makes browsing addictive. CinemaZ with contrasting light and dark gray shades complement the colorful thumbnails. Together both these elements make you wander around the website before you recollect what you actually came for. Everything gels well and gives a user a premium vibe.

Simple Hierarchy – For any platform to feel organized, there needs to be a hierarchy. Not everyone is the same on the platform. Some users contribute more whereas others just engage in content consumption and seeding. Almost all private torrent communities reward participation and that’s how a user’s reputation grows or shrinks within the community. When it comes to user segmentation, CinemaZ has a simple hierarchy that can be divided into nine ranks – ‘Member’, ‘Leech’, ‘Banned’, ‘V.I.P.’, ‘Uploader’, ‘Staff’, ‘Moderator’, ‘Admin’, and ‘Super Admin’.

CinemaZ in numbers

CinemaZ is a large community with over 21,000 registered members. It caters to a global audience that has a keen interest in foreign, cult, and obscure free indie movies. You’ll find the rarest free indie gems on this platform that you would’ve mostly forgotten about.

As per the Alexa rankings, CinemaZ is ranked #52,810 which makes it amongst the top 55,000 websites on the internet. It attracts more than 150,000 visits a month and an average visit on the site lasts for more than 16 minutes. An average user visits 12 pages before bouncing off the website. In terms of engagement, CinemaZ does surpass all my expectations. Due to the incredible user interaction, it is able to maintain a commendable bounce rate at 28%.

How to access CinemaZ?

You can access CinemaZ by searching for the term ‘’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link: CinemaZ.

CinemaZ Rules

Before you submit your application to join CinemaZ Rules, there are several rules and guidelines that you must check out. There are rules for every interaction – from forum interaction to uploading and requesting. If you fail to abide by these rules, you might be banned from the platform. In this section, we’ll just be looking at the general rules i.e. code of conduct set by the moderators.

-Disruptive behavior on main sites and forums will result in a warning. If repeated can lead to an immediate ban

-One Account Per Person Per Lifetime. If caught creating an additional account, the user will be banned for life

-No Cheating! Cheaters will be banned without notice

-Do not judge a Staff decision. They are the final arbiters of these rules. Defying moderators and admin will result in a ban

-Staff members’ decisions are not subject to an appeal

-Insulting, attacking and bashing isn’t allowed and can lead to an outright ban

-No lurking – You must upload or download content from the site within 30 days or the account will be pruned


CinemaZ is, without doubt, one of the most visually appealing torrent sites on the internet. The teal and gray color combination coupled with colorful buttons and thumbnails add depth to the website. The moment you enter the website, you get those premium vibes.

Header – The header section of the website has a logo on the left and nine options – ‘Home’, ‘Browse’, ‘Add’, ‘Requests’, ‘Rules & Guides’, ‘Stats’, ‘Donate’, ‘Support’, and ‘Forums’ towards the right. Besides these options, you’ll also find the ‘Newsletter’, and ‘Notification’ options. This section with a teal background and white text sets the tone for the rest of the website.

Inner Pages – The inner pages on this website feel as if you’ve landed on a premium streaming service. There is a horizontal search bar followed by sorting options such as ‘Seeds’, ‘Leeches’, ‘Total Torrents’, ‘Total Downloads’, ‘Release Date’, ‘Added Date’, and ‘IMDb rating’. Under these options, you can find beautifully arranged thumbnails that breathe life into this page.

Free Indie Content – CinemaZ has one of the most unique free indie libraries I’ve seen thus far. It’s simply a quality over quantity approach.

Desktop/Mobile experience

CinemaZ does not merely offer a visual treat. Browsing the website and downloading free indie content from this platform is quite seamless too. That’s because the members are expected to maintain an overall ratio of 1.0. Thus, most of the members who download the free indie content successfully seed it back. To make it easier initially, CinemaZ offers leeway as it expects a minimum ratio of 0.5. However, the seeding responsibility is serious and you can’t run away and engage in hit-and-run downloading on a frequent basis.

Suggestions I have for CinemaZ

There’s not much to criticize this platform. Everything is designed keeping user interest in mind. However, I feel that with the expansion of the free indie content library, this experience can be enhanced and taken to a whole new level.


CinemaZ is a quality private tracker that isn’t too hard to join. It opens its doors from time to time and you don’t need an internal connection to join the community. If you do get a chance to become a member, don’t squander it because it’s definitely something you’ll regret.

Likes & Hates:
Website Design
Excellent Interface
Classic Free Indie Content
Easy Signup
Genres are Limited