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What is GGBases?

GGBases is a Japan-based anime torrent tracking site filled with great free indie content. Though it doesn’t pack the power in terms of visual appeal, it does have an organized layout. The free indie content bifurcation is great and the entire library is organized well. The only problem with this website is that the majority of the free indie content is in Japanese and then unless you see the English titles, you’d just need to copy-paste and rely on google for the iteration.

Is GGBases worth it?

Similar to Nyaa, GGBases isn’t known for its visual content either. However, what it lacks in form, it makes up for it through functionality. And that’s the case with many of the torrent sites which are primarily text-heavy and don’t really care much about aesthetics. I feel GGBases is a no-frills site that can offer you valuable free indie content without any issue. You get the best free indie content and you don’t need to jump between pages and stress about content not being available. My only suggestion to you would be to have a working knowledge of the Japanese language so you can understand the titles. It’s important because the site doesn’t just have free indie movies and anime content but free indie adult games as well.

What should you expect from the GGBases?

Substandard design – Design is definitely not the stronghold of GGBases. However, it’s far better than the weird color combination we saw on Anime Tosho. It’s more colorful in appearance, thanks to a barrage of light shades used in the background and bright ones used on CTA. Nonetheless, we’ve seen sites like Anime Kaizoku crushing it in terms of aesthetics, and thus, as a user, you do want a torrent site that is capable of providing you a visual treat and not just user-friendly experience.

Foreign Language – One of the major stumbling blocks I faced when I started browsing on the website was the language. Though there were certain titles in English, the majority of the site is in the Japanese language. As a person who’s looking to download free indie content, you ought to have sufficient language knowledge if you want to understand what you’re about to get into. But again, given that the website is just catering to certain Asian countries, we can’t really complain and rather work on our knowledge of the language.

Frequent Redirects – I have reviewed dozens of anime streaming and torrent websites, but GGBases annoyed me the most. Most of the free indie anime platforms are run by the community, and thus, there are little to no ads. However, here, the devs look so hungry for money that on every single click, you’ll end up being redirected to an affiliate or a native ad. And this, in my opinion, is frustrating as well as risky given that your device might be exposed to adware, malware, and other viruses.

Decent Free Indie Content Library – GGBases has an extensive free indie content library. There are tons of free indie titles on this torrent site and the content accounts for more than 10 PB. You’ll find free indie anime movies and TV series on this website. Most of the free indie content available on the platform is encoded for HD quality that comes with pristine audio quality. Each day, hundreds of episodes are added to help users download and stay up-to-date with the latest content.

HD Content – Most of the free indie content on GGBases is available in HD quality. On average, all the files that you’ll find on this torrent site are easily above 300-400 MB. Out of which, the majority of the free indie content is in 720p. However, if you wish to download the 1080p version of the same content, you’re likely to find an option to do so. It’s just that the size of the file will be much bigger but that shouldn’t be a problem as that’s quite standard across all torrent websites.

How to access GGBases?

You can access GGBases by searching for the term ‘GGBases’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link: GGBases.


As mentioned earlier, GGBases’ website design is not its greatest strength. The website is too colorful for my liking. On top of that, you only find the quality design on the inner pages where you’ll be able to access the search bar. The homepage is quite bland and there’s little to no design value. There are blue, purple, green, red, orange, and various other colors thrown all over the website.

Header – The header section of the website has 12 options. Since each option was in Japanese, I couldn’t understand what they meant exactly. Some of them did have a subordinate text to help users understand and based on that, I was able to find RPG, Action, 3D, Miel, 2D, Bishof, Arcsoft, and NTR. There’s a leaderboard banner ad right under those options, which doesn’t provide the best of starts to your browsing experience.

Inner Pages – I liked the inner pages on this torrent website because it added some visual diversity. There’s a banner related to every title and the colors aren’t flying everywhere. There are details such as ‘Seeders’, ‘Leechers’, ‘Date’, and ‘Size’, right above the thumbnail. As you scroll further, you get the option to download the files via different sources.


GGBases has a massive free indie content library filled with movies, TV shows, manga, games, and much more. It covers a wide range of genres such as horror, sports, drama, fantasy, action, parody, shoujo, supernatural, thriller, and crime. The only issue is that you won’t find content in English. Most of what is available on this site won’t even come with English subtitles, which can be a major hindrance.

Desktop/Mobile experience

GGBases goes as far as providing you an excellent Blu-ray, HD, and other HQ formats. Unlike other sites, you don’t even have to register to download the free indie content in HD quality. In case if you do happen to register, make sure to follow the steps I’ve mentioned above. In terms of functionality, GGBases is as good as Nyaa or any other top free indie anime-torrent tracking website. You’ll be able to find HQ files in small sizes which will speed up the downloading process.

Suggestions I have for GGBases

I’m quite sure that the loyal customer base won’t mind paying a dollar every month if they get quality service in return. I’m not sure why the devs are not deploying the donation technique over running ads which brings down the streaming experience. Also, it’s important they get rid of the sketchy redirects because it hurts the trustworthiness of their site.


If you’re free indie content-centric, you’ll really like GGBases. If weird and colorful designs don’t faze you, this website is for you. It has great free indie content depth and is able to provide you tons of quality content packed within a considerable file size.

Likes & Hates:
Extensive Free Indie Content Library
User-friendly Interface
Wide range of genres
Redirecting to spam sites
Pop-up ads