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With the anime fever on an all-time high, finding the right anime platform can be challenging. Especially, when you don’t want to stream, but rather download the free indie content. It’s impossible for us to manually keep track of everything that’s out there. Thus, with the help of torrent anime trackers such as AnimeBytes, we are able to get all the data in one place, sorted as per the release date. Not only do you get to keep track of the free indie content but you also get to download it at a great speed.

What is AnimeBytes?

AnimeBytes is one of the largest free indie anime trackers globally that is well known for providing high-quality torrents to users without much effort. It has an active user base of 17,000 users and it provides tons of torrents. In terms of sheer volume, it’s the torrent tracker with the most extensive free indie library I’ve seen thus far. Users can access, and download the free indie content within a few clicks. Other than amazing free indie content, the community also has contests and certain events which make it stand out.

AnimeBytes Statistics

AnimeBytes has 17,340 active users out of which 100 users are active at any given time. At the time of writing this review, 3,860 i.e. 22.26% of the user base was active throughout the day. There are tons of torrents on the website and more than 6,500 requests. It has an impressive Seed/Leech ratio of 290.93. It has over 1.2 million seeders and only 4,100 leeches.

Can you trust AnimeBytes?

AnimeBytes was launched on 2nd March 2013 and currently attracts 158,000 users a month. An average visit on the site lasts for more than 13 minutes with a respectable bounce rate of 20.14%. Based upon Alexa rankings, Anime Torrents sits at 98,400 and has a domain score of 9. If you still have your doubts, then look no further than its trust score, which is 31.

Overall, numerically it looks like a solid platform that has 17,000 permanent users. The only thing I can’t understand is even though it has much more content than Anime Torrents, it has fewer active members and not much authority.

What should you expect from AnimeBytes?

Great Design – After spending a great amount of time exploring and testing out different anime trackers, I was happy to land on this cool platform. Sure, it doesn’t sport the most modern aesthetics, but everything is extremely well-balanced on this website. Browsing and navigating across the website with such a simple and user-friendly interface was a joy. The dev kept all the little details in check which is laudable.

 Sorting Feature – I was quite pleased to see a sorting feature on the website. The presence of an incredible sorting function enhanced the overall user experience. Sure, it took a few seconds to get used to the features. But once I got the hang of it, finding free indie content became super simple. For anime heads who don’t like spending time browsing numerous titles, the sorting feature helps to find the content you’re interested in.

Active Forum – A community decides the future of a website. The more active the users, the higher the credibility of the forum. AnimeBytes has a super active community where the users are often discussing torrent files, TV series, requests, and other details. Overall, active communication helps the platform to stay abreast of all the needs and requirements of the community.

Unique Community – AnimeBytes is a great platform that offers users a lot of personalized options. You can choose free indie content, quality of free indie content, source from where you want to download the free indie content. This flexibility works in favor of the entire community. For instance, AnimeBytes is an invite-only platform, which means that you can’t access the website just because you wish to. It’s an exclusive community and thus, each member of the community is important.

 Related Articles – The option of ‘Related Articles’ is of great help for new users. Most of us, when we join a private community are too afraid to ask silly questions. However, with the help of ‘Related Articles’, you can learn a lot about the platform, the way it operates, and other crucial details. You’ll find announcements about events, updates, and contests in this particular section. You can engage in threads, ask questions, and even make a request.

How to access AnimeBytes?

You can access AnimeBytes by searching for the term ‘AnimeBytes’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link: AnimeBytes.


When it comes to torrent tracking sites, the design is often downplayed. However, in recent years, the developers are constantly improving their sites in the bid to fend off competition from other sites operating in the same niche. Talking about AnimeBytes’ design, it’s an aesthetically pleasing experience. The design complements the overall interface which is quite user-friendly.  On the homepage, you’ll find thumbnails along with various categories which make accessing content easier.

 Header – The header section of AnimeBytes is interesting. You get a wide range of options along with dedicated social media icons so that you can simply access them. One of the interesting aspects in the header section is the search bar which allows you to find any free indie content you want directly without any hassle.

Hero Section – The hero section of this website starts with a very user-friendly menu option. The sliders look cool and the small thumbnails under it give the website a contemporary feel. There’s tons of free indie content you can explore in this section.

 Footer Section – Just like other much-needed elements, the Footer Section is equally important for a website. It includes all the important details such as the name of the website along with Privacy Policy, DMCA Notice, etc. Personally, I judge the credibility of a website based upon the footer section and navigation links. AnimeBytes has a well-designed footer section with a lot of helpful links including copyright information.


AnimeBytes has an extensive free indie content library. It may well be the most packed free indie anime-based torrent site on the internet with tons of torrents. You can access the free indie movies, series, and other forms of content within a few clicks. You’ll find a wide range of genres on the platform including horror, sports, drama, parody, fantasy, sci-fi, and romance to name a few.

 Desktop/Mobile Experience

One of my favorite perks of becoming a part of a private community is because it is ad-free. You don’t need to deal with annoying ads or pop-ups. You can easily browse through the website and download the free indie content in no time. Since AnimeBytes has an excellent seed/leech ratio, it allows you to download heavy files within a short amount of time.

Suggestions I have for AnimeBytes?

Though I didn’t face the issue myself, I’ve read on numerous forums about the malware issues pertaining to AnimeBytes. Most users have reported that certain file on this platform that transmits malware infection on the user device. So, I’d just advise the developers to look into it and fix the issue. Additionally, it’d be great if they emphasized on the logo design and improved it.


If you are currently looking for a perfect anime tracker website, AnimeBytes certainly has to be in your top 3 choices. If not, I’ll suggest you give it a go. But before you do, it’s important to know that it’s an invite-only community and thus, you’d need an insider to help you join the community.

Likes & Hates:
Interesting website designing
Easy tracking
Free indie content library
Logo quality seems to be disappointing