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When it comes time to find a seed box in order to up your torrenting game, it can be difficult to figure out which one will be the best. There are so many tech companies out there nowadays offering seed boxes, many of which come at vastly different price points and offer a wide variety of different speeds, data, bandwidth, and performance. Especially if the concept of seed boxes is a new one to you, finding the best seed box feel like a daunting task at times.

But it doesn’t have to be. If you are considering buying access to a seed box, you have come to the right place. Here at, I have made it my mission in life to scour the internet for the best torrent sites (as well as torrenting adjacent sites, such as those that offer seed box products) to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right products, clients, trackers, and software for you. Today we are going to take an in-depth look at one of the most popular seed boxes on the market, is often praised for its affordable ground level pricing and number of plans offered. In fact, there are so many options available at that you might even find it unnecessarily complicated to parse through all of the available plans. There are several options for both dedicated and shared slots, for instance, each offering its own data and speed variants. We’ll go through each of these options a little later on, but one silver lining to this is the fact that, due to its broad range of plans has some of the cheapest seed boxes on the web today (without sacrificing quality).

In this review we will take to task on some of their claims, take a look at the interface of the seed box itself, look into some performance specs, and find out once and for all whether this is the best seed box for you. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at, shall we?


It may just be a matter of personal taste, but I am not a huge fan of this seed box’s interface. I hate to start out my review on a negative note, but I have to keep it real. When there are so many similar products out there to choose from, it is my duty to be as honest as possible. That being said, though, just because I am not a fan of the interface doesn’t mean that you won’t be.

I prefer a seed box with a more intuitive and immersive user interface. If you were to contrast the design of with, say, Seed It 4 Me, I believe you will see just what I mean. It already feels as if there is a big gap between user and product when it comes to seed boxes (anytime, really, when you are paying for something so virtual and remote). It should be, in my opinion, the job of the seed box company to bridge that gap – the best way to do this is through experiential and dynamic application design and UI.

In order to actually use the seed box, you will have to access the compatible web client, RU Torrent. If the name of this client sounds familiar, it is because it is something of a hybrid of uTorrent and rTorrent – it borrows elements of uTorrent’s design alongside rTorrent’s performance and protocols.

The process of actually using your seed box, then, is a bit convoluted and more involved than I would prefer. Once you access the web torrent tracker, you will have to manually copy and paste the URL of the torrent that you are looking to download into the global function of the web client. Certainly, this is far from the most intuitive implementation of the seed box. That being said, I suppose it does make it very clear and easy to monitor specifically which torrent files are being downloaded or seeded via your seed box, so as to ensure that you don’t max out your data each month.

Content and Features

There are many features that come with, however, which I am thrilled to report about. Most notably, I think the versatility of what has to offer is one of its greatest assets. A lot of seed boxes tend to suffer from an issue of scope, boxing them in (if you will) to being either primarily for beginners or primarily for the most advanced of P2P file sharers, without a whole lot of middle ground. has something for everyone. Whether you are the most casual torrent downloader and only want to boost your performance on a couple torrents per week, or you want your seed box to function as the high-performance nucleus for transferring all your files across your personal network and beyond … has a plan for you, offering several premium shared, semi shared, and dedicated seed boxes to choose from. is also often lauded for its excellent performance. All servers, for instance, offer a minimum of 10Gbit uplinks with no restrictions, no bandwidth metering, and no restrictions. After looking around the web a bit to see if users were able to verify these speeds and performance claims, it looks like yes and no. Download and upload speeds seem to test at their advertised specs. Other users, though, have reported somewhat suspect findings, with one user even claiming that they were experiencing bandwidth metering. I should note here that this doesn’t get mentioned in the majority of user reviews I’ve seen, but it felt noteworthy, nonetheless.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

If you are in the market for a seed box for torrenting, chances are you probably don’t plan on necessarily needing to use it on your mobile device too frequently. Perhaps occasionally, sure, but the bulk of seed box torrenting tends to happen on the old desktop or laptop. Nevertheless, it is always desirable to have the option to download mobile torrents, and if you happen to come across a torrent that you want to send to your seed box while on your phone, that should not be a problem at all.

Luckily, has a site that is fully optimized for mobile devices. There is no app, sadly, but that is par for the course with seed boxes (I don’t believe I have yet to find a seed box mobile app). is a fine choice for anyone who likes to torrent on the fly.

Pricings and Plans

Here is where things get a bit complicated. This is, in my opinion, probably’s greatest downfall and one of its strongest features: the number of and versatility of its available plans. The price point that you choose, of course, will depend on how you tend to torrent, and you will first have to decide on whether you need a shared, semi shared, or dedicated seed box. I think the best way to break down the options will be to separate them into 2 categories: shared slots and dedicated slots.

Shared Slots

-Premium Slots (from €4.35/month): Starting at 600GiB of storage, shared IP, up to 300Mbit, VPN, Auto DL-Irssi, Resilio Sync, no limits

-SSD Slots (from €17/month): Starting at 200Gib of storage, shared IP, up to 500Mbit, VPN, Auto DL-Irssi, Resilio Sync, no limits

-VPS Slots (coming soon): Starting at 1000 GB of storage, shared IP, up to 1000Mbit, VPN, Auto DL-Irssi, Resilio Sync, no limits

Dedicated Slots

Lease Web (from €27.5/month): Starting at 4TB of storage, dedicated IP, up to 1000Mbit+, based on Swizzen, Plex compatible

-Hetzner (from €35/month): Starting at 6TB of storage, dedicated IP, 1000Mbit, based on Swizzen, Plex compatible

-NFOrce (from €65/month): Starting at 4TB of storage, dedicated IP, up to 1000Mbit+, based on Swizzen, Plex compatible, customizable hardware, encrypted

Each type of seed box offered comes with several upsell options, too, offering additional data for each given price point, higher performance, etc. You will definitely be able to find the best seed box for any level of experience and need here. Plus, the 14-day money back guarantee ensures a no-risk trial.

Likes & Hates:
Flexible and versatile pricing
Public and private trackers allowed
Easy setup
Reputable and friendly customer support
Using discount shared servers can be problematic (strain from heavy public tracker downloaders)
No Plex compatibility on shared slots
No Plex compatibility on shared slots