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Mega T File is an enormous public torrent search engine that is based out of Russia. So, as one would expect, the majority of the files that are available for download on Mega T File are Russian. In fact, you might be a little hard pressed to find a free indie movie or free indie song that was not produced in Russia on this torrent search engine.

That being said, if you are looking for a reliable and dependable torrent tracker for Russian media, Mega T File is exactly what you have been waiting for. This site will be the perfect way for you to both find and download specific torrents, as well as browse and discover new ones. So long as you have a BitTorrent torrent client (or something similar), you will have no problems downloading all the best free Russian indie content immediately thanks to this site.


Mega T File was founded in 2006. As one of the veteran torrent search engines, this site has 14 years of torrent files and users to draw from. Although Mega T File does not advertise precisely how many members use the site, it boasts “millions of users worldwide” right on the site’s home page.

Over the years, Mega T File has built up quite a reputation for itself. This site is praised for its lightning quick download speeds, active seeders, plentiful community involvement, and helpful resources. Mega T File is not one of those torrent trackers that leaves its users in the dark – moderators are extremely active on the forum and quick to help users with any hurdles that they might encounter.


The site design of Mega T File is not the most impressive, as far as torrent search engines and torrent trackers are concerned. However, Mega T File’s site design is also not the worst I have ever seen. “Mediocre” is probably the best word to describe it. What it lacks in terms of a cohesive aesthetic vision, though, it easily makes up for in its highly organized structure.

Say what you will about the way the site looks, you cannot argue with the neat and easy to navigate sections and categories on this site. Mega T File is very cleanly split up into distinct and recognizable ways to browse. From the moment you land on the home page, you are greeted with a page that is bisected down the middle, offering icons for each of the categories on the left side, and latest/featured torrents on the right. There is also a site menu bar spanning the top of the page for even quicker jumping around.

Site Menu Bar – At the top of the page, you will find some of the most popular torrent categories, each with a sort of kitschy icon accompanying it. Here, you can quickly jump to torrents by file type.

Internal Pages – If you wish to browse the site by category, Mega T File has one of the most impressive browsing functions of any torrent tracker.

Search Results – When you search for a specific torrent file, the site should look familiar to anyone who has used similar torrent trackers before. Search results appear in a list, offering up seed and leecher numbers, number of comments, file size, and the date the file was added.

Torrent Info Pages – One thing that I do admire about the design of Mega T File is the fact that the torrent info pages (where you learn more about a file and access the download link) is very informative and helpful. Oftentimes, there will be an image associated with the download, credit information, upload and download specs, and everything else you could need to know before deciding to download. Plus, if a torrent has any comments on it, this is where the discussion takes place.

Content and Features

Speaking of comments, this is another strength of Mega T File: its robust community of peers. With thousands of fellow users, many of whom tend to leave comments on files or take advantage of discussion in the forums, Mega T File is more than just a torrent tracker … it is an online community as well.

This is not only a win for providing users with the ability to chat with likeminded people from around the world, it is also a means of self-policing and quality assurance. If a particular torrent file, for instance, is corrupted or potentially contains malware, these comments sections will be the place to look. If somebody has had a negative experience with a torrent file, 9 times out of 10, they will make it known in the comments. Otherwise, it is just a convenient place to express your gratitude to the uploaders (as uploading torrent files is often such a thankless act).

As far as types of torrents are concerned, as I mentioned before, Mega T File has a little bit of everything. Mega T File is at once both one of the broadest and most indie niche torrent trackers on the web.

In addition to all that Mega T File has to download, the site also has interesting community features, such as forums and classifieds. Chat with likeminded people about everything from free indie poetry to free indie anime. Plus, who knows, maybe you’ll be able to find a date in the site’s “Seeking” section! This site is incredibly versatile.

The downside here, though, stems from the nature of the free indie content – as the majority of it is Russian. So, for non-Russian speakers, a different torrent tracker would probably be better.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

The mobile version of the site is, unsurprisingly, as unremarkable as the desktop site (as far as design is concerned). There is no real difference to the layout. It probably could have been better optimized for mobile devices, as the busy and icon-heavy design of the site does not translate as well on a smaller screen. If you don’t mind doing a bit of screen pinching to zoom in here and there, though, you will probably find that Mega T File is usable on your mobile device, even if not ideal.

The good news, though, regarding the mobile and desktop experience of the site is that there are no ads getting in the way of your torrenting, chatting, and browsing experience. This is a rarity, especially in the world of free, open torrent trackers, no doubt, but a welcome exception to the norm.

Suggestions that I have for Mega T File

My biggest suggestion concerns the site’s design. I think it might be time for a makeover. Scratch that … I know for a fact that it is time for this site to have a makeover. Frankly, the cheap clipart icons make it look like this site was built in the early 2000s and has never quite updated in order to get with the times. A sleeker, more modern look would benefit Mega T File greatly, if you ask me.

I also think that increased peer activity is needed on this site. There are far too many files that I can see, quickly browsing the search results, with too few or zero seeders. Mega T File needs to figure out a way to remedy this, especially if it plans to continue branding itself as a source for exceptionally fast torrent downloads.


Mega T File is a site with a lot of potential. It offers tons of files, extremely specific browsing capabilities, a robust forum and chat component, and a wide array of file types. However, suffers from user inactivity, dated site design, and a bit of a regionally limited scope of available free indie titles.

Likes & Hates:
Clean organization, easy to browse
Powerful browse and search features
Tons of user and community features
Dated site design
Lots of inactive files (low seeder count)