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With so many torrent trackers and different types of torrent sites out there to choose from, figuring out which one is going to be right for you can seem like a fairly daunting challenge. Would you be best off with a multiple category torrent index? What about a torrent search engine? Maybe a private torrent tracker is more your speed?

The first step to figuring out what site you might benefit from is to, of course, understand the difference between the various kinds of torrent sites that exist. And the best way to do that is to browse my hundreds of torrent site reviews, brushing up on the subtle (and often not so subtle) differences between one type of site to the next. Today, though, we will be looking at what I will refer to as a multiple category torrent index. Demonoid is one of the most iconic names in the world of torrenting, and for good reason.

As a multiple category torrent index site, Demonoid is a massive index of torrents, with no file type limitations. Some torrent sites, to illustrate by contrast, prefer to specialize in one kind of file or one subject. For instance, there are entire private torrent trackers that are dedicated just to free indie metal music, or solely to classic royalty-free boxing content. Demonoid, however, does not discriminate. If it is a torrent and it has been identified by the site’s crawler, Demonoid will provide a magnet and download link for it. Simple as that.

This means, of course, that you can find just about any kind of torrent file here. Browse hundreds of tons of free indie content. It never hurts to be able to add another massive torrent index to your list of go-to torrent sites, right?

So, why is it that I call Demonoid one of the most iconic names in the world of file sharing?


Demonoid was created on April 21, 2003 by an internet user from Mexico known as “Deimos.” Upon its initial launch, Demonoid was a private and invite-only torrent tracker that offered periods of open registration. However, the tracker’s popularity steadily grew throughout the early 2000s.

In 2008, Deimos officially stepped down as the admin of Demonoid. Deimos cited a number of reasons for this decision, including “distractions with real-world issues.” In his official statement, he said that he had “handed the reigns to a new administrator – a close friend of [his].” This new unnamed administrator was someone whom Deimos said he trusted completely, someone who had the knowledge and time to take good care of the site.


Demonoid opted for an original site design and layout. Which is actually quite good as far as torrent indexes go. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? When you first visit the site, you will be greeted by a funny looking cartoon demon holding a pitchfork. This green little guy is all teeth and hooves, guarding over this portal to a netherworld of unlimited file sharing.

To the right of this mascot, you’ll find a handy place to log in or register. Below that, you can immediately begin browsing torrents using the site’s impressive filtering system. Browse torrents by category, subcategory, quality, language, state (seeded, unseeded, or both), and tracked by (Demonoid, external, or both). You can also, of course, type in whatever keywords you see fit.

From there, the site looks and functions quite a bit like any other torrent index you’ve seen. Tables of torrent files will appear, click on one for more information, or just access the download and magnet links without leaving the search. It’s simple, easy, and familiar. Demonoid is an old pro and it certainly shows in the site’s design.

Content and Features

So, as we have already established, Demonoid contains hundreds of thousands (perhaps even millions) of torrents from multiple categories.

One thing worth noting here, I think, is what Demonoid explicitly does not allow, and that is pornographic material and malware. This makes Demonoid not only one of the safest torrent indexes on the web, but one of the most family friendly as well.

If you stay within these requirements, though, you can download and upload just about anything your heart desires. Demonoid works via RSS feeds, separated by different categories, and it provides links to torrents that have both been uploaded to Demonoid directly, as well as links to external sources.

Demonoid also has a rather active community of peers. You can expect to find high seed ratios here, as well as bustling chat and forums sections. Discuss anything with fellow Demonoid users, from politics to music to obscure torrent requests. Demonoid is easily one of the most massive torrent index sites on the web, with one of the most active communities of peers.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

So, here is where things get tricky. My ad blockers did not like Demonoid one bit. The moment I tried to access the site, I was redirected, warned. I know that Demonoid does rely a bit on ad revenue, but this site was all but inaccessible for me. In addition to this, I had to complete several 2-part hCAPTCHAS. I was beginning to think that Demonoid may have fallen far from grace.

Until, that is, I revisited with my VPN activated. Demonoid (understandably) takes the use of VPNs seriously, so, if you plan to get the most out of this torrent site, be sure to get a VPN first (if you don’t already have one).

As far as the mobile experience is concerned, I do think it could be improved quite a bit. Don’t get me wrong, you will be able to access the site on your phone or tablet, but it is not nearly as well optimized as it could be. The layout, for instance, does not change at all, which means that you will have to do a lot of zooming in to read and tap thing on Demonoid.

Pricings and Plans

Demonoid is, as most torrent trackers are, 100% free to use. That being said, the site does accept donations. So, if you find yourself using Demonoid quite a bit (and you can afford it), please consider throwing them a donation – any amount is appreciated, I’m sure – this is how a lot of these torrent sites thrive and survive.

Suggestions that I have for Demonoid

My biggest suggestion would be to work on revamping that mobile site. I understand that when Demonoid fist launched, mobile browsing was but a dream of the future. That being said, it is 2020, now would be the time to catch up.

Likes & Hates:
Massive index of free indie torrents, both internal and external
High seed numbers = fast downloads
Classic and iconic staple of the torrenting world
Safe torrents
Could be more mobile friendly
Accessibility issues (VPN required)