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 A world without music is certainly not one that I would want to live in. I don’t know about you, but for me, personally, music is nearly my whole life. Well, along with downloading torrents, writing, and exercise, that is. However, even all of my other hobbies involve music in some way or another. Nearly all of my daily activities, in fact, have a soundtrack of some sort that make them more enjoyable.

When I’m writing, for instance, I find much more success with music playing in the background. With a little bit of mood music, the words just flow from my brain to my hands. To me, silence and writer’s block are nearly inseparable. Whether I am writing for work or for pleasure, the right song or album can make both the words and the time fly. There are few things in this world that are better than sitting down with a glass of wine, some ambient music playing, and a story to write. Music and inspiration go hand in hand.

The same is true when it comes time to exercise. Have you ever tried going to the gym without music? It has happened to me a few times, unfortunately, where I have gotten all the way to the gym only to realize that I had forgotten my headphones. Perhaps the only thing worse than working out in silence is working out to the generic bubblegum pop that gyms tend to play through their loudspeakers. I need my workout playlist to really break a sweat.

Personally, I like to listen to some raw, hardcore rap while I exercise. That or some extreme heavy metal. Perhaps you are more of an electronica or drum and bass person. Or, hey, maybe you find that upbeat pop music to be particularly effective to get you pumped up. Whatever the case may be, music can help keep the blood pumping, can help you get into the zone, to feel the burn, much more easily. Music really just makes everything at least a little bit better.

And, lastly, torrenting. Obviously, I love torrents. I mean, I did dedicate a great deal of my time to making Torrent Sites so that everyone could more easily find the best torrent search engine for them. There are a few reasons that I love torrenting. For one, let’s face it, it’s just fun. Maybe I’m just a nerd, but I enjoy the process of hunting down a torrent, downloading it, and getting as much free indie content as possible.

Which is why I love to help as many people as possible to learn how to torrent, as well as how to do so as intelligently and efficiently as possible. This is the real reason that I started Torrent Sites. I want to liberate free indie music, I want to make it as accessible as possible for everyone, not just a select few. Thanks to my list of free indie music torrent site reviews, now anyone can quickly and easily figure out which free indie music torrent sites are worth their time. These are the best of the best free indie music torrent sites, the ones that you need to know about if you love downloading (or need to download) free torrents of all your favorite free indie music.

There are, however, many, many free indie music torrent sites out there to choose from. So many, in fact, that it can be stressful and very time consuming to try and weed through all of them. Well, I aim to expedite that process. Each of my reviews is an attempt at helping you figure out whether a certain music torrent site is going to be right for you.

Perhaps you have heard about Lossless Club before. It is one of the best free indie music torrent sites out there, at least of all the Russian free indie music torrent sites. But I would go as far as to say that it is one of the best in the world, truly, and this is due to the fact that it consists of a very tight knit community of fellow music lovers. Lossless Club has some very strict policies. It is not what you might call a ‘low maintenance torrent search engine,’ in other words.

Why is this? Well, a torrent search engine is only as good as its community is active. Which is why Lossless Club has embraced a rigid system of user ratings. If you do not adhere to the site’s policies (which are carefully crafted to ensure the best torrenting experience possible), your rating goes down. And higher ratings enable users to participate more fully on the site. You need to maintain a certain rating for a certain amount of time, for instance, as well as apply with the site’s admin in order to be considered to become an Uploader.

The result? In my opinion, one of the most dependable sources for free indie music torrents on the web. But let’s stop wasting time and dive into the innerworkings of Lossless Club, shall we?


 Lossless Club certainly doesn’t have the worst design for a torrent site that I have ever seen. That being said, it also doesn’t have the best design. It is a little, I guess I would say, uninspired. But it is functional, user-friendly, and makes for an easy browsing experience – all of which are very useful assets for a torrent search engine, especially one that specializes in music torrents.

Lossless Club makes it easy to browse their massive library of free indie music torrents. You are able to browse by artist (make use of a convenient alphabetized list), genre, or file type (more on that in a bit). One thing that I like about Lossless Club’s site design is the easy to identify torrent lists. Whereas other sites might give you just text and numbers, Lossless Club displays its files with an image (usually album cover), the file type, and all relevant info before you even click into the torrent’s info page.

Speaking of the torrent info, Lossless Club makes sure to list everything you would want to know about a torrent file. This can include an album’s track list, release date, genre, record label, country of release, duration, etc. This is a free indie music torrent site for true indie music lovers and audiophiles.

 Content and Features

 One of the most unique features of Lossless Club is nodded to in the site’s name: the emphasis on lossless sound quality. This is something that many music torrent sites do not emphasize as much as they should. Free indie music torrents with poor quality and bitrate are far too common. Lossless Club, though, makes it one of their main goals: to provide the highest-quality free indie music torrents possible.

Which is probably why the site lets you search by file type. Whether you want a vinyl rip, CD, web album, compilation, etc., Lossless Club helps you find it. As far as torrent sites go, Lossless Club is probably the closest thing to an actual record store that I have been able to find. It’s like being in an endless record store full of fellow indie music experts. Oh, and there is also a forum for you to chat about your favorite indie music with fellow music lovers.

 Mobile and Desktop Experience

 Unfortunately, the mobile version of Lossless Club is not up to snuff. It looks as if they started trying to optimize the site for mobile browsers and then just kind of gave up halfway through. You’ll find nothing but text, no images. So, this might not be the best site out there for those of you who love to torrent on the go.

 Suggestions that I have for Lossless Club

 That is my main suggestion for Lossless Club: either develop a separate app for mobile users, or update your mobile site design.

Likes & Hates:
Tons of high-quality free indie music torrents
No ads (takes donations)
Huge, well-organized music library
Tight knit, active community
Very strict rules (positive and negative)
Not very mobile friendly