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Who doesn’t love torrenting? There may be no better way to get access to just about any kind of file on the internet, all 100% free of charge, then to torrent them. But where does one start? Well, if you hope to gain immediate access to all of the best torrents out there, your first order of business will be to find the best torrent client that you can. Torrent clients are what enable us to actually download all our favorite free indie content directly to our devices. Without a torrent client, a torrent is all but useless. It may not be the only thing you need to torrent quickly and safely, but it is certainly the first thing you need to get started.

What is it, though, that makes one torrent client significantly better than the rest? What features do you need to look for in order to properly evaluate a torrent client? With so many out there to choose from, this can seem like a daunting task, trying to find the best torrent client for your own purposes … well, the first place to look, in my opinion, is at all of the features and specifications of a torrent client. The more features, the better the performance, the better the torrent client.

The key is to find a torrent client that is lightweight while also powerful. There are a great deal of clients out there that tend to be very robust. They take up a lot of computer space and sometimes even slow your computer down while uploading or downloading torrents. This is a dealbreaker for me.

It’s not as if we are going to be just downloading torrents. There is a good chance, to put it another way, that you are also going to want to do other things on your computer while your torrents are downloading in the background. Therefore, it is crucial that your torrent client does not affect your computer’s performance much (if at all).

Some of the older, more recognizable names in the torrent client market are enormous programs that monopolize your computer’s resources to execute downloads (yeah, I’m looking at you Vuze and BitTorrent). The more lightweight your torrent client is, the better your computer will perform. And it doesn’t get any more lightweight than a completely web-based torrent client such as Torrent Safe.

Other torrent clients come with built-in antivirus software. This is always a nice feature to have, especially if you do not already have an antivirus program of your own. But even if you do, it can’t hurt to have an extra line of defense, one that is specially designed to detect and eradicate potential viruses from malicious torrent files. Whether or not your torrent client comes with safety protocols, I highly recommend finding a solid antivirus program and a Virtual Private Network. Especially if you use any torrent client that is not Torrent Safe, which encrypts your torrent downloads automatically.

Then, of course, you have to take into account design. Especially when it comes to web-based torrent clients. It is extremely difficult to design a website that also functions similarly to a powerful software like a torrent client. It’s a fine line to walk, to deliver the performance of software and the intuitive, aesthetically pleasing design of a good website at the same time. Needless to say, some online torrent clients do a much better job at this than others. In a moment, we will see where Torrent Safe falls on this spectrum.

And lastly, your torrent client should be rich in features. You want a torrent client that offers plenty of entertainment features, as well as a good number of technical features. Media streaming is great. A built-in torrent search engine is helpful. Priority downloads are awesome. Bandwidth scheduling is nice. Really, though, when it comes to your torrent client’s features, what you look for will ultimately depend on what you hope to get out of your torrent client. Perhaps the technical features, for instance, are less important to you – in which case, a web-based torrent client such as Torrent Safe will be perfect … especially if you need a way to download torrents anonymously and do not have the means to get a VPN.

All that being said, is Torrent Safe the right torrent client for you? Well, let’s dive in and take a look shall we? Those of you who love torrenting on the go, mobile friendliness, streaming capabilities, and a safe torrenting process should find much to love about Torrent Safe.


Design is quite possibly the trickiest aspect for a web-based torrent client to nail down. This is because, as I said, a web-based torrent client website faces 2 challenges: the torrent client interface and classic web design. This leaves double the potential design pitfalls.

Luckily, though, Torrent Safe seems to get it right. They have opted for a very minimalistic site design, making it easy to discern every element of the torrent client, all while looking clean and professional in the process. It is very simple to get started. All you have to do is paste the link of the torrent you want, and, voila, watch it download right there in your browser. No need for downloading an unnecessarily clunky third-party program. Let Torrent Safe do all the work for you within your browser of choice.

Content and Features

Another feature of Torrent Safe, due to its web-based model, is the fact that your files are stored in the cloud. You can store your files, as well as stream your files, all without any software required. Now, there is a downside to this … Torrent Safe does not store your files indefinitely. You have, at maximum, one week to make use of it before it is erased from the cloud (you still have it on your device, though).

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Unfortunately, Torrent Safe does not yet have an app. This is an issue for me because, well, I think that a web-based torrent client would be the most useful with a well-designed app to allow you to access your files in the cloud. That being said, their website is beautifully optimized for any and every mobile device. Just sign in and be greeted with an elegant and streamlined mobile experience. No matter where you are, you can download torrents, store them in the cloud, and then download them to your computer at home at a later date.

Pricing and Plans

Torrent Safe is a freemium service. What you get, though, depends on how much you are willing and able to pay. Plans are as follows:

Basic: Free. 2-day file lifetime, 1GB max file size, unlimited files/month, no registration needed

2 year: $1.99/month. Pay upfront. 7-day file lifetime, no file size limits, unlimited files

1 year: $2.99/month. Same features as above.

Month-by-month: $4.99/month. Same features as above.

Suggestions that I have for Torrent Safe

First thing’s first, Torrent Safe really needs to get on developing an app. I think that this web-based torrent client model really requires it. Especially if I am going to even consider paying monthly for a torrent service, an app is going to make it more worth it in my mind. It would just make accessing the cloud so much more convenient and streamlined.

Likes & Hates:
Web-based torrent client
Unlimited storage space
Encrypted downloads
Great site design
No app
Limitations in free version