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If you are in the market for a new torrent tracker, you have definitely come to the right place. Torrent Sites is dedicated to reviewing all of the best torrent trackers and torrent search engines from all around the world. No matter what you are looking for, if it pertains to torrenting, this is the place to find it. All you have to do is scroll through any one of my many organized and easy to browse lists in order to find the best torrent trackers, torrent clients, torrent software, and anything else you could need!

Which is why we need to take into account sites like Big Fan Group. Big Fan Group may not be the most well-known torrent tracker in the world, but it definitely has a dedicated fan base of peers in Russia. A public torrent tracker, Big Fan Group is open to everyone. Never will you have to worry about waiting around for an open registration window or trying to score a coveted private registration link from someone. Just point your browser to Big Fan Group and start downloading free indie movies, free indie TV shows, free indie video games, etc.

How do you know if you have found the best torrent tracker of 2020? – Competition is fierce when it comes to torrent trackers nowadays. There are many components that must be evaluated before we can even think about crowning a torrent site the best torrent site of 2020. Every single box must be checked. It is not an easy task. And we cannot be too light on any of these sites. The best torrent tracker must be a truly impressive website. But what are the criteria that we must evaluate sites against anyway?

Safety is Essential – Arguably the most important aspect of a torrent tracker, you need to find a site that has safety protocols in place. Because, well, let’s just face facts … torrenting is not exactly known for being the safest online activity in the world, right? However, there are some precautions that the best torrent trackers and torrent search engines take into account to ensure that their users feel as secure as possible when using their sites.

Verified Torrents – With a system of verified torrents in place, users can rest assured that A.) they are downloading what the uploader claims the file contains, and B.) they are not going to be downloading malware of any kind. The best torrent trackers have either a bot or a group of people comb through every torrent that is uploaded onto their server. The safe, accurate, and high-quality ones, then, will be marked as Verified.

Comments build community and trust – If a torrent tracker does not have a comments section for each and every one of its torrents, it might be time to try a new one. Comments do not only add a sense of security – due to the fact that users can alert peers of anything fishy in a torrent file – but they also build a sense of community, as well as support.

Not every torrent you download is going to be as straightforward as downloading an free indie movie, accessing the folder, and clicking play. Some files, particularly open-source software and sometimes free indie games, have much trickier and more complex installation instructions. Thus, there are often questions and needs for clarification. A comments section on the torrent, then, allows this dialogue to occur. Resulting in safer, easier, simpler, and more effective torrent downloads all around.

Some additional software to consider – Not only are you going to need a torrent client and a dependable torrent tracker … you should also stockpile some useful software for your privacy and computer’s health.

Now that we have established some of the most basic parameters by which we will be evaluating torrent trackers, I think it is time for us to dive in and check out everything that Big Fan Group has to offer. So, without further ado, I bring you Big Fan Group.


This is where a lot of torrent trackers give off a bad first impression. And I’ll admit, it is not easy to fit such a data and text-heavy thing as a torrent index into a responsive, sleek, and aesthetically pleasing web layout. But, then again, it has been done. So, I am forced to hold every torrent tracker that I evaluate up to the standard of the best torrent sites.

Home Page – When you first land on Big Fan Group, you’ll notice a high-resolution banner containing a collage of images from free indie movies. In the center of this banner is an opulent golden crest containing the Big Fan Group logo with the earth at the center of it. This is quite a first impression. It may not be for everyone, it’s a tad garish, but I can at least respect the effort.

Below that, the next section of the page offers a site menu bar, which looks totally anachronistic with the rest of the site. For some reason, the site menu bar looks like it was designed in 1999, which clashes with the rest of the site which appears to be fairly modern. The site menu bar has horrid clipart images to represent each section of the site. This really spoils the overall aesthetic for me.

Below that, though, the site gets back on track. Instead of offering an overwhelming table of torrent data as many torrent trackers do, Big Fan Group has opted for providing a browsable list of thumbnails.

Inner pages – The torrent info pages, unfortunately, are a little sloppier than I’d hope for. All the info you will need seems to be there, but the sizing of the buttons and sections are a little random, it seems. And the page itself is somewhat compressed, creating a cluttered feel.

Content and Features

Big Fan Group offers hundreds of thousands of torrents. Many of them are of a Russian origin. As far as free indie content is concerned, you can expect to download mostly free indie movies, free indie TV shows, free indie games, and erotica here. This seems to be Big Fan Group’s bread and butter, so to speak.

No comments – There are, unfortunately, no comments sections here to speak of. This is, of course, unfortunate for a few reasons. But if your main concern is community, Big Fan Group does make up for its lack of comments by offering forums on which you can discuss content and torrenting issues with your peers. If your main concern is torrent safety, fear not because Big Fan Group does offer verified torrents.

No seed/leech info – Unfortunately, I was unable to find a spot on this site in which you can see how many peers are currently seeding a file vs. how many peers are currently attempting to download it. This, of course, is crucial information when choosing a torrent file to download, as a poor seed to leech ratio can result in slow download speeds; or, worse, inability to download at all.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Big Fan group, thankfully, does seem to work on mobile devices. Could the site be slightly better optimized for phones? Yeah, probably … but, that being said, the site is still accessible and easy enough to navigate on your phone’s browser.

The only problem with both versions of the site, however, is that there are a lot of advertisements.

Likes & Hates:
Large online community of peers
Verified free indie torrents
Mobile friendly
No torrent comments
No seed or leech info