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Private torrent trackers are some of the most elusive websites in the world. They are often shrouded in mystery, as they are so private, exclusive, rigorous, and difficult to become a part of. For many private torrent sites, all that one can do is guess at what the site looks like, how effective it is, whether it is worth the time and energy that you will have to put into it.

Make no mistake about it … private torrent trackers, although technically free in a monetary sense, will cost you quite a bit in terms of time and energy. Not only can it be difficult to come across an invite code in order to gain access to one of these sites, but most of them also have activity requirements of some sort that you must meet in order to stay in good standing. This, of course, only adds to the allure of these sites – imagine, if you will, a torrent site where you never have to worry about a file not having enough seeds because, well, every user is required to seed pretty much 24/7.

How to be successful on a private torrent tracker – Each private torrent tracker, of course, comes with its own set of rules and regulations. But all of them tend to be very strict about these rules and regulations being adhered to. Some are slightly more lenient than others … but in general, on the whole, private torrent trackers do not mess around or give out second chances. Some will throttle your download speeds. Some will place debilitating limitations on your account. Some will straight up delete your account without warning. No matter what kind of tracker you look at, private torrent sites are not for the novice torrent enthusiast.

In order to be successful on such a site, you really have to know the technical ins and outs of torrenting, at least moderately so. Some sites, for example, require you to use a VPN. Others only allow you to remain a member if you maintain a certain upload to download ratio (often set at a very high number). Some private torrent trackers have very specific requirements for what client you use, as well as how to configure that client’s settings.

Are these sites even worth it? – At this point, you may be wondering … okay, then, well, what are the benefits of using a private torrent tracker? It sounds like a lot of work. It is, for sure, but in many cases, it is worth the effort. I have already mentioned the high numbers of seeds, which help ensure more effective, successful, and faster downloads, for one. But private torrent trackers also tend to be much more specialized than public ones. That means that, no matter what your interest is – be it free indie music, movies, TV, education, anime, etc. – a private torrent tracker is much more likely to have torrents of those hard to find files because these sites are comprised of people who are just as knowledgeable as you are when it comes to a certain subject.

Bit Spyder: One of the most sought highly after eLearning trackers – If you are an avid reader, learner, scholar, academic, or general nerd (like me) who loves to torrent, chances are you have heard of Bit Spyder at one point or another. It is one of the largest private torrent trackers that specializes in free indie eBooks and online learning materials. If you play your cards right, Bit Spyder, according to some, could supplement your traditional education quite effectively. Bit Spyder has the potential to be an excellent resource for college students and professors alike.

But you don’t have to be involved in academia to enjoy Bit Spyder. Even though it does deal primarily with textbooks. Bit Spyder is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to learn more about topics that interest them, at all levels of education – the tracker even has a special section dedicated solely to free indie children’s books – making this the ideal eLearning torrent tracker for everyone from ages 5 to 105. Well, if you’re 5, chances are you are going to need a torrent savvy parent … unless you are a prodigy, in which case you should be writing the textbooks that are available on Bit Spyder!


Bit Spyder looks, more or less, like a lot of the other private torrent trackers that I have seen. Many of these kinds of sites tend to opt for a sort of half-forums, half-tracker hybrid format. And Bit Spyder has done the same. I will say, though, Bit Spyder is remarkably large and well organized compared to some other private trackers that I have seen, but the general layout is a fairly common one.

Home page – As soon as you log into Bit Spyder, you will be greeted with a shout box, allowing users to chit chat and communicate with one another in real time. This should be a good indication of the fact that Bit Spyder is going to be a bit more community oriented than a lot of other torrent trackers out there. That is always a good sign. Use the shout box to ask your peers questions – either about certain downloads, torrenting tactics, improving your standing on the site, technical assistance, etc. It is a great resource to have right on the home page.

You will also find a lengthy and helpful site menu bar at the top of the page. Here, you can access every corner of the site from one convenient location. Choose from Home, Downloads, Geek TV, Geek News, Upload, Request, Forums, Tech Forums, Chat, Member List, Top 10, User CP, Donate, Rules, FAQ, or Staff. I love how comprehensive and useful the site menu bar is on this site – it adds yet another handy component to an all-around user-friendly site.

Inner pages – Bit Spyder has a fantastic browsing layout. As you peruse torrents, you can filter by subject. At the top of the page, you’ll find a full menu of clickable subjects … click 1 or 30 of them simultaneously in order to find just the books and resources that you require.

The results, then, appear in a classic torrent index fashion. You can easily view the file name, file size, average user rating, number of comments, seed to leech ratio, and uploader. It is a familiar and intuitive torrent tracker, from the first page to the last.

Content and Features

Bit Spyder has tons of free indie textbook torrents, for starters. It also boasts a sizeable community. As of 2019, the site has 53,000 members and 17,000 torrents, to be exact. Of course, the numbers are likely higher by now, as sites like these are always growing. But it is not just the numbers that matter, the quality is just as important (if not more so).

I can confidently say that Bit Spyder has excellent download speeds, great free indie textbooks, and a top-notch community as well – all things that you expect from a successful private eLearning torrent tracker. Bit Spyder is one of the best-known ones for a reason.

Not just torrents … streaming, too! – Bit Spyder is very unique in the way that it also offers streaming content in addition to thousands of torrents. The site’s Geek TV section is yet another great resource for curious minds. Supplement your textbook learning and studying with fascinating videos on many subjects as well. This is a great site, then, for the more visual learners out there. It’s additional features like this that really set certain trackers apart from the rest

Great community – Then there are the excellent community features that this site has to offer as well. Enjoy multiple forums, all of which are very active and full of interesting conversation and productive discourse. Connect with likeminded self-proclaimed geeks who love to torrent on Bit Spyder.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Honestly, this is the biggest disappointment as far as I’m concerned. The site definitely could be better optimized for mobile devices. The layout does not change at all. I recommend that you use Bit Spyder on your desktop computer if at all possible.

Likes & Hates:
Great seed, leech ratios
Fast downloads
Active, supportive community
Tons of free indie eBooks
Torrenting and streaming content
Not very mobile friendly
Accounts deleted for inactivity