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Private trackers are all about building a community and sharing indie content for free in exchange for the same. Some region-specific torrent websites follow the idea of building a community too seriously by sharing free indie content in the native language only. Masters-TB is one such website that offers high-quality free indie content while fostering a collaborative and active community.

What is Masters-TB?

Masters-TB is a private general torrent tracker from Bulgaria. The website was launched in the year 2005 and has been functional ever since. It has a massive free indie content library that comprises different categories of torrents. Since it’s a private website, the free indie content can be accessed by the registered members only. The website has a ratio system and failure to maintain a healthy ratio can result in account deletion.

Is Masters-TB safe?

For a torrent site to be safe for browsing, it needs to have an SSL certificate, which Masters-TB does have. By using tools such as SEOQuake and MOZ, you can easily check the credibility of a website by gauging Domain Score (DS) and Trust Score (TS). Based on my research, Masters-TB has a domain score of 9 and a trust score of 31 which is slightly underwhelming given that the website draws over half a million users each month. Sure, it’s not uncommon for torrent sites to have a DS less than 15 and a TS less than 40. But given that Masters-TB has been around for more than 12 years, it’s disappointing to see that the website hasn’t managed to surpass a DS of even 10.

What should you expect from Masters-TB?

The Bulgarian torrent tracker offers incredible benefits to the members of the community. These benefits make the website experience better and prevent them from leaving the community. Here are some of the top benefits offered by Masters-TB.

Huge content library – Masters-TB long operational years have helped the website garner torrents in huge numbers. This free indie content library keeps on expanding as the members of the community add new torrents to improve their ratio. Most of the torrents are in native Bulgarian language and some files are in other languages too.

User class – Just like most of the torrent websites, the user class system prevails on Masters-TB too. There is not much difference in the user classes as compared to the other website, the user classes on Masters-TB includes ranks like User, Super User, Star, VIP, Uploader, and Moderator.

The ‘User’ rank is only given to members who have joined the community recently and have access to the different pages of the website. Whereas, the highest ‘Moderator’ is given to the highest and longest contributing members of the community. The members with the moderator rank are allowed to delete torrents, raise ranks, and technically handle everything on the website.

Forum – The website has an active forum where the members of the community discuss different topics, share their opinions, and communicate with each other. The forums can be used for addressing the issues being faced by the community members. Masters-TB has more than 5809 posts and 715 threads in the forums. Members of any ranks are allowed to reply in the forum, however, they need to follow the rules of the forum.

Latest free indie content – Masters-TB has an active team of uploaders who ensure that the website stays updated with the latest free indie content. To which they scan the internet for any file that can be beneficial to the website and upload it as soon as possible. This not only helps them to keep the website on the top with the latest free indie content but also improve their ratio and rank.

Speed – Seeding is another effective way apart from torrent uploads to maintain a healthy ratio. This is one of the primary reasons that the website has a great seeder and leeches ratio and the torrents of the website download at a commendable speed. The latest torrents on the website can take time to download as there might be many other users (leeches) trying to download the file at the same time. In such cases, it is advised that you wait for a day or two to let the leeches turn into seeders and get a much better download speed.

Masters-TB in numbers

As per the SEOQuake rankings, Masters-TB is ranked #61,375 which makes it amongst the top 65,000 websites on the internet. It attracts more than 697,000 visits a month with an average of 14,700 unique visitors. The monthly visits are mostly from registered users. An average visit on the site lasts for more than 15.47 minutes with each user visiting 2-5 pages before bouncing off the website. In terms of engagement, Masters-TB does surpass all my expectations. Due to the incredible user interaction, it is able to maintain a commendable bounce rate at 35.75%.

How to access Masters-TB?

You can access Masters-TB by searching for the term ‘’ in your search engine. Alternatively, if you want to access the platform directly, you can use the following link: Masters-TB.


The website looks like it was designed to run on the older version Windows such as Vista or 95. It has a gradient yellow background that is common throughout the entire website. Masters-TB is mostly made up of elements like tables, links, buttons, texts, icons, search boxes, checkboxes, and dropdowns.

The website does not have a header, most of the options that lead you to inner pages of the website are placed on the sidebar.

Inner Pages – The inner pages of the website are designed according to their functionality and most of them have a similar layout. Pages that take you to the list of torrents on the website have links, tables, icons, and texts that let the users select the torrent they wish to download and take them to the page where they can get the file required for download.

Rules and FAQ pages have similar layouts as they have a lot of texts and links that can be used by members of the community. The forum page has a very different layout that is filled with tables, links, and icons.

Free Indie Content – The website has an extensive free indie torrent library that can be accessed by its members. They can download torrents from any category of the website, but they have to consider their ratio. There are specific rules that a member needs to follow when uploading torrents on the website. If the uploaded torrent file does not comply with the rules it will be deleted by the moderators.

Desktop/Mobile experience

Masters-TB works well on the different desktop screens and offers maximum convenience to the users. The aspect ratio of the website enables it to cover the entire screen and makes all the elements visible and accessible. All the functionalities of the website work well on the desktop with no delays if you have a high-speed internet connection of 10mbps.

The website does not have a dedicated mobile layout which can be a problem for members who prefer downloading torrents using their cell phones. They will have to scroll left to right to see the entire website and zoom in and out to select an option.

Suggestions I have for Masters-TB

Masters-TB is suitable for downloaders looking to download Bulgarian content. The only improvement the website needs is special benefits for the donors. Members who contribute financially to the website should get some exclusive benefits like free upload credit, Hit and runs, account immunity, and more. This will make them feel special and get good value from their contributions.


Downloaders who are looking for free Bulgarian indie content and become a part of a community of that region can surely give Masters-TB a shot. The website has a wonderful free indie content library with the latest torrents that you can binge-watch all day.

Likes & Hates:
Access to all parts of the website
Download speed
Easy navigation
No special benefits for donors