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There are 2 torrent sites that every racing fan should know about: Racing for Me and Racing 4 Everyone. The dream, of course, would be to score invitations to both of these amazing private torrent trackers. However, this is much easier said than done. Racing for Me can be especially difficult to get invited to. Luckily, as its name may suggest, Racing 4 Everyone is a slightly easier tracker, it seems, to become a member of, but it is still a private sports torrent tracker, so, “easy” is relative.

If you are able to land an invite to Racing 4 Everyone, though, you will be granted access to thousands of excellent racing torrents, an active and friendly community of fellow racing fans, and one of the lowest-key private sports torrent trackers on the web.

A fair ratio requirement – If we are talking about user requirements, anyone who has looked into private torrent trackers before knows all too well … these sites can be far too demanding of our time and energy. Some of the private sports torrent sites out there seem as if they expect their users to do nothing but seed and download torrents all day! Then if a user dips below the site’s required ratio (of seeds to downloads), his account is either restricted or (in more extreme cases) deactivated.

Although I totally understand why a private sports torrent site would want to maintain a certain level of performance – private torrent sites exist for the sole purpose of being exclusive, safer, faster, and more reliable torrent sites than the public alternatives – I do think that private sports torrent sites sometimes take these requirements a little too far. It is refreshing, however, to see that Racing 4 Everyone truly does seem to want to provide racing torrents for everyone, and their ratio requirements (as well as their entry points for improving your ratio) are designed with success in mind.

Racing 4 Everyone has a seed to download ratio requirement of 0.3, one of the lowest ratio requirements of any private sports torrent tracker. There is also an extensive bonus system in place which is sure to help anyone who seems to be struggling to meet the ratio. However, so long as you download and seed torrents (especially in the beginning) and you remain active, building an acceptable ratio with some buffer room should not be an issue here.


Those of you who have read a few of my sports torrent site reviews know well how much I tend to hate the way that they are designed. I am very happy to report, however, that this is far from the case with Racing 4 Everyone. Finally, a private sports torrent tracker that actually seems to have put value in providing dynamic, interesting, and graphical site design! I cannot stress enough just how rare this is – not just for sports torrent sites, but for torrent trackers in general. I am so stoked to finally be reviewing a private sports torrent site that looks good and is focused on offering a pleasant user experience.

The site, first off, has a minimalist and very useful list of icons spanning a thin bar on the left-hand side of the page, as well as a few more central menu items at the top, which results in a sleek navigational system that reminds me a little bit of Photoshop. It may take you some time to learn and become familiar with what each icon represents, but once you do, Racing 4 Everyone quickly becomes one of the most aesthetically pleasing and convenient to navigate sports torrent sites on the web.

Another way that Racing 4 Everyone has provided an exceptional site design comes in the form of interactive and image-heavy banners – something that is surprisingly rare when it comes to sports torrent sites like this. I very much enjoy this site’s clickable carousal banners that feature new or popular torrents, as well as its dynamic and experiential dropdown menus. It is about time that I find a site that is as fun to use as it is useful.

Content and Features

Compared to other private sports torrent sites out there, Racing 4 Everyone is a little bit on the small side when it comes to how much classic & royalty-free content it offers. Racing for Me (the site’s main competitor), for example, has tons of racing torrents for its users.

Many of the torrents are very high quality. This is a very impressive fraction – one that no other racing sports torrent site can boast. So, if you need your classic & royalty-free racing videos to be in HD, Racing 4 Everyone is definitely going to be your best bet, content wise.

In terms of the kind of classic & royalty-free content that can be downloaded here, there is definitely a decent spread. You will find BTCC, NASCAR, Formula 1, drag racing, Formula 2, Formula E, full seasons, motorbike racing, Indycar racing, Moto GP, stockcars, sportscars, WRX, supercars, WEC, rally, open wheelers, and much, much more. So, although the overall quantity of Racing 4 Everyone may not be all that impressive, as you can see, the diversity of the content offered (and the quality of it) is excellent.

There is also a good community for users to become a part of. You’ll find fairly active forums, as well as a shout box. Both of these elements of the site tend to be pretty active in-season. Naturally, though, they are bound to get a little quiet in the winter. That being said, you should have plenty of knowledgeable and friendly racing fans to chat with on Racing 4 Everyone.

My other big complaint when it comes to this site is that the torrents could be a little better seeded. As a result, downloads can be slow (and in some rare cases, impossible). Free leeches are not common here either. So, moving forward, I would like to see Racing 4 Everyone improve its technical specs a little bit. Perhaps this will have to be a result of tightening up their requirements after all.

Racing 4 Everyone, however, does have an extensive bonus system in place for users. Bonus points are rewarded to users for reviving dead torrents, seeding legendary torrents (older than 12 months), seeding large torrents, and seeding for certain periods of time. Users can earn more GB space to their ratio among other things to help improve their standing on the site.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

It may come as no surprise since we have already established that Racing 4 Everyone has the best sports torrent site design that I have ever seen, but the same holds true when we look at the mobile version of the site. I know I am starting to sound repetitive, but once again, it is very refreshing to see a sports torrent site that focuses on user experience, especially when it comes to mobile experience.

A growing number of us prefer to torrent on our mobile devices. Let’s face it, most of us do everything on our phones now. Downloading racing torrents should be added to that list, right? Well, thanks to Racing 4 Everyone’s sleek and well-optimized mobile site design, now it is not only possible, but enjoyable, too.

Pricings and Plans

Naturally, Racing 4 Everyone is free to use. However, it is important to remember that sports torrent sites, such as this one, survive solely on donations. Which is why I always strongly encourage my readers to, if they can afford it, please consider donating to their torrent trackers of choice. If nobody donated to sites like Racing 4 Everyone, nobody would be able to enjoy the high-quality free content that they make possible.

Usually, too, private sports torrent trackers will reward its users for donations. Perhaps Racing 4 Everyone will, in return, give you more GB space, invite codes, or cosmetic enhancements to your profile. Donations are the only thing that keep sports torrent sites like this one running.

Likes & Hates:
Incredibly dynamic torrent site design
Easy to maintain ratio
Extensive bonus system
Mobile friendly
Torrents could be better-seeded
Slow downloads sometimes
Invites are somewhat hard to get