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Accessing sports for free may be one of the more difficult things to do on the internet. But it is far from impossible. More and more commonly these days, people are ditching their traditional cable providers in lieu of more modern solutions to watching televised events. Cable is becoming obsolete, a relic of the past. If you are one of the millions of people around the world who has ‘cut the cord,’ so to speak, you may have found yourself in a predicament. How are you supposed to keep up with your favorite sports, like tennis?

A classic, timeless solution – Well, there are a few options for doing watching sports events in our post-cable world. The first one is a classic, even if it is not quite as accessible these days (due to COVID-19). As the world starts opening back up, though, it might prove a useful strategy … and that is to simply head to the pub or a mate’s house to watch the matches and games that you crave. There is nothing in the world quite like a pint and a tennis match, if you ask me. However, this, of course, is a limited solution. It does nothing in the way of allowing you to watch tennis on your own terms. Plus, who knows when going to the pub (safely and enjoyably) will even be possible again.

Stream live TV with premium streaming services – Another option is to subscribe to a live TV streaming service, such as Sling TV or YouTube TV. Plenty of people have decided to go this route. It is, however, not a cure all. What sports and tennis matches you are able to watch, in other words, depends entirely on what is available on whichever premium live TV streaming service you end up choosing. In other words, you could end up spending upwards of $80 a month or so and still have to go without being able to watch certain tennis matches. And if watching tennis is what you are after above all else, this simply will not do.

What about all those free live sports streaming sites I hear about? – It is true that there are plenty of free live sports streaming sites out there as well. Wouldn’t one of these suffice in order to watch all the live free tennis in the world? Why not just go this route? Well, there are a few reasons why free live sports streaming sites are not ideal, if you ask me. First and foremost, quality is a big issue.

Free live sports sites such as these are very hit or miss when it comes to streaming video quality. Some days you will be able to find live tennis matches in HD. Other days, the stream will be pixelated, full of lags, and glitchy. These sites can be okay in a real pinch every now and then, but when it comes to video quality, they are far from reliable.

Another way that these sites are unreliable is in the availability of the live tennis matches. I cannot tell you how many tennis broadcasts that I have simply been unable to find on sites like these over the years. I don’t know about you, but I would rather watch a tennis match a few minutes after it has finished than not be able to watch it at all.

Free tennis and sports torrent sites are the way to go – This is why I swear by tennis torrent sites and sports torrent sites in general (surprise, surprise, I know). It is true that there is no way to torrent live sports (at least not yet … torrenting, though, is getting more and more advanced by the day…), but so long as you don’t mind waiting just a few minutes after a big match has ended, the best sports torrent sites will certainly ensure that you never have to miss a match again.

However, the real value of sports torrent sites lies not only in the fact that they make available just about every match almost as soon as they are finished, but the fact that they offer enormous archives of classic tennis matches, documentaries, interviews, and so many other items for the real tennis fan. Sites like T3nnis TV, for instance, are much more specialized and offer an extremely rare collection of new, old, and obscure tennis content that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere on the web.

Private torrent trackers like T3nnis TV are the best way to access your favorite sports torrents, by far. Sites like The Pirate Bay will never come anywhere close to providing users with the same amount of tennis content. Plus, these sites are for serious tennis fans (as well as serious file sharers). Users are often required to maintain a download to upload ratio, for instance, which means that download speeds stay quick and you should never run into any issues with accessing a file.

But enough beating around the bush, let’s take a look at everything that T3nnis TV has to offer for ourselves, shall we, and see whether it is the right torrent tracker for you.


Generally speaking, I tend not to love the way that torrent trackers are designed. They are often more utilitarian than anything else. Not enough attention gets paid, in my opinion, to user experience. They are, more often than not, simply indexes with downloadable torrents. And, unfortunately T3nnis TV is no exception to this rule.

Although T3nnis TV is not the worst designed torrent tracker that I have ever seen, it is far from the best. The site, on the whole, looks dated. It is clunky and looks somewhat sloppily put together. But, hey, I suppose a smooth and intuitive user experience is not the most important thing when it comes to finding a torrent site. What matters most is the number of torrents and how reliable they are.

Content and Features

Which brings us to the content and features available on T3nnis TV. You’ll be able to browse thousands of tennis torrents, in a wide variety of divisions and game types. Enjoy videos from ATP, WTA, International comps, exhibitions, or doubles (just to name a few). T3nnis TV also has a plethora of tennis documentaries, coaching videos, official videos, interviews, and eBooks. This is not just a great sports torrent site for the avid tennis fan, but an invaluable resource for the serious student of tennis as well.

It is not just the huge number of tennis torrents here that make T3nnis TV a formidable sports torrent tracker … Members also get to take advantage of a tightknit community of fellow tennis fans thanks to active and thriving forums and chat features. Connect with fellow tennis fans, discuss classic matches, speculate on upcoming ones, etc. There aren’t many tennis communities on the web that come close to rivaling that of T3nnis TV.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

It comes as no surprise that T3nnis TV doesn’t have an app – most private torrent trackers don’t. However, the mobile version of the site works well enough. To be clear, it doesn’t make the site better than the desktop version (it is still the same basic build), but it works well enough on your smartphone or tablet. So, sports fans that prefer to download torrents directly to their mobile devices should have no issue with T3nnis TV’s mobile capabilities.

Suggestions that I have for T3nnis TV

First and foremost, I truly hope that this site will consider undergoing a complete design makeover. I want the site to feel modern, I want it to actually look like the speedy and capable torrent tracker that it is! That is really the only downside when it comes to this site.

One way for this to happen, I’m sure, is if T3nnis TV acquires more money. So, if you do find yourself using this site regularly, I urge you to consider floating them a donation. Private torrent trackers provide so much for us for free, I feel like the least we can do is show our gratitude by helping them stay afloat (or, in this case, helping them make necessary renovations to the site!).

Likes & Hates:
Tons of tennis torrent files
Tons of tennis torrent files
Active and friendly community, forums, chat features
Mobile friendly
Poor site design
Weak ratio requirements